The Midtown Condo Project-The New Capital

The Midtown Condo Project-The New Capital
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The Midtown Condo Project-The New Capital is one of the investment projects that you can invest in,

as the cost per square meter starts from 10,000 Egyptian pounds from the establishment

of Better Home Real Estate.

The best prices, many distinguished services, and the most important facilities

are available in the New Administrative Capital.

Whenever you search for the best compounds in the Administrative Capital, you must

find the Midtown Condo New Capital condo.

It consists of wonderful residential units in the heart of the Administrative Capital,

with various spaces and different distributions.

Data on the Midtown Condo New Capital condo project:

Better Home Real Estate Development established the Midtown Condo project, and it is one of

the first compounds to be established in the New Administrative Capital.

Midtown Condo Compound is a residential complex designated by Better Home for residential units.

In the wake of the victory of Midtown Solo for villas, the Midtown Condo compound is

divided into residential buildings of 7 floors + ground floor.

All buildings overlook green spaces and artificial lakes to give the residents peace and quiet.

The Midtown Condo Project-The New Capital

Renovated Foundation of Midtown Condo Project Better Home Foundation:

It was established by Better Home Real Estate Development and is one of its most prominent

projects, and it is one of the largest real estate development institutions in Egypt and the Middle East.

The corporation was interested in real estate development in construction, building and

construction methods, and it chose the finest locations for its projects.

Better Home was established in 1998, owned by Eng. Sherif Adly, and in 2003 Better Home

Real Estate Group witnessed great progress.

It is considered one of the pioneers in real estate development, as it has set its sights

on providing the best services to investors, to suit the Egyptian market.

Better Home Real Estate Development:

Better Home Foundation has attracted the highest human cadres to bring out the most remote

energies for the increase in commercial real estate projects assigned to it to the international level,

They are of selected locations, varieties of finishes, and luxurious designs to suit all tastes and needs.

Better Home Foundation sought to complete the largest amount of mega projects as soon

as possible with the highest quality,

It added a number of institutions loyal to it and specialized in yards serving the real estate

field; To provide a superior service job.

Better Home Real Estate and its most important projects:

Better Home has implemented many commercial projects, and the commercial facility has expanded

the terrain for its projects.

To become common throughout Cairo, the capital of Greater Egypt.

The commercial enterprise established a number of investment projects in the city of October 6,

such as Cairo Medical Center, and Cityscape Mall.

The commercial establishment established a large number of distinctive population gatherings

in New Cairo and the 5th settlement, such as: Midtown 5th Settlement.

Because of its distinction and huge investment capabilities, Better Home has succeeded in

a large number of real estate commercial projects in the New Administrative Capital, such as:

  • Founded Midtown opposite the American University in 5th settlement.
  • Cairo Business Plaza established in 5th settlement.
  • in addition, Cairo Business Bay established in 5th settlement.
  • Cairo Business Gate established in 5th settlement.
  • Highland Park establish in 5th settlement.
  • Highland Park was established on October 6.
  • Founded the midtown condo project, the new capital.
  • Cityscape Mall established on 6 October.
  • Cityscape Mall established in Minya.
  • Mega Mall established on 6 October.
  • Cairo Medical Center established on October 6.

Midtown Condo New Capital condo:

Midtown Sky Administrative Capital is located on an area of ​​122 acres.

The area has been distributed into various apartments, commercial and administrative buildings,

and the rest of the place is green spaces, swimming pools and other services.

There is a commercial mall with a distinct location in the mall facing a basic path by clarifying

ninety meters facing the exhibition grounds.

Services of the Midtown Condo New Administrative Capital:

  • There is a gym, spa and integrated health sports team.
  • A huge commercial mall that includes all the services that you require from a supermarket,

cafeteria or restaurants.

  • There is a variety of spaces to suit both small and bulky families.
  • in addition, There is a variety of payment systems available to suit everyone
  • There is a clubhouse.
  • More than eighty% of the project area is available for green spaces and water bodies,

which are swimming pools and artificial lakes.

  • There are green spaces and gardens for children.
  • Garage is available for all residential units.
  • There is a complex and a car park.
  • There are swimming pools for adults and swimming pools for children as well as separate

swimming pools for women.

  • There are restaurants and cafes.
  • It is located in a good location next to all the services it lacks, such as proximity to

the Opera, the exhibition grounds, the Ring Road and the Diplomatic Quarter.

  • Sports fields are available on large areas.
  • There is security and guarding at all times, just as the compound has been equipped with

monitoring cameras in order to save security.

The Midtown Condo Project-The New Capital

The location of the Midtown Condo Administrative Capital:

The Midtown Condo New Capital condo is located in the R7 residential district.

It is one of the distinct neighborhoods in the modern administrative capital because it is

located between the city of exhibitions and the embassy district.

It is located next to the Regional Ring, Mohammed Bin Zayed South Corridor, Canadian University

and the English University.

The Midtown Administrative Capital compound  distinguish by its distinguished

geographical location on the Suez Road facing the exhibition grounds and the Al Masa Hotel.

It is next to the central park, the mosque, the church and the green river, and  locate

next to the ring road, which makes it easy for the characters to reach to and from it.

Area of ​​the Midtown Condo New Capital condo project:

The Midtown Condo New Capital compound is being built on a space of sixty acres.

The percentage of construction in the project is about twenty%, and the rest is occupied by

the largest amount of green spaces and an integrated area for services and entertainment activities.

Which meets all the needs of the project, as there are one and a half meters, 260 meters.

The Midtown Condo Project-The New Capital

Prices and payment systems for the midtown condo project,

the new capital condo:

The Midtown Condo Administrative Capital compound is characterized by unique prices,

which start at a cost of 10,000 thousand pounds to 13,500 thousand pounds.

The commercial establishment offers payment systems that suit all investors within the Midtown

Condo compound.

The payment is 5%, and the rest is available in installments over 7 years.

If you have any inquiries about the prices of the Midtown New Capital condo project,

Or you want to reserve a housing unit at the best costs, call us at one of the following numbers:

Contact numbers with sales officials of Midtown Condo New Administrative Capital

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