The De Goya project location – new capital city

The De Goya project location – new capital city
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The De Goya project location – new capital city, is planned by Taj Misr Foundation

for Real Estate Development in the best location in the New Administrative Capital.

To save a vital and unique location for investors next to the best services, facilities,

features and facilities available for all tastes.

Location of the De Goya New Capital project:

De Goia Mall is exactly in the R8 area, which is well known, and one of

the features of that location is easy access to it and to it,

It also has the advantage of being a vital location, being near basic services

and facilities such as the embassy district, as well as the tourist walkway.

It overlooks the green river, the central garden, and the presidential palace,

which makes it a distinctive location for its style

Areas of the De Goya project, the administrative capital:

De Goia Mall was established on an area of ​​about 23.5 acres that was divided with

the best distinctive appearance to provide stunning landscapes and provide green spaces.

In addition, many different units were provided within the De Joya project, including:

  • The spaces of commercial units at the De Goia New Capital project location start from

48 meters to 140 meters

  • Within the project, 38 administrative offices will be a first stage
  • The areas of the administrative units start from 35 meters to ninety meters
  • Fully finished administrative units delivery with adaptations available

The De Goya project location – new capital city

Prices and payment systems:

  • There are commercial unit prices starting from 86,000 to 111,350
  • Administrative units prices are available, starting from 37,000 to 42,000

As for the payment systems at the location of the De Joya administrative capital project

  • 0% down payment and installments over 7 years
  • 5% down payment and installments over 8 years
  • Ten% downpayment and installments over 9 years

Features of the De Joya New Capital project:

The most prestigious location was chosen for the establishment of the project,

with the important facilities and services available, and the distinguished vital location.

And also to provide various payment systems and different units to suit every investor

and provide the required needs.

The executing organization of the De Joya project was keen to establish a project

with international standards, so the finest engineering designs and the best materials

for construction were chosen.

The De Goya project location – new capital city

Services of the De Goya project, the administrative capital:

  • There are entertainment places for children with the best safety methods
  • Fully equipped security available at all times
  • There are different swimming pools to suit all ages
  • Green spaces are available that cover the entire project
  • There  designate running, walking and cycling lanes
  • Monitoring cameras are available with international technologies distributed throughout the project
  • There is a commercial area at the highest rate
  • Health and social club available with the best tools
  • There are fish ponds throughout the project to save a wonderful view
  • Solar energy system is available within the project
  • There is a dedicated garage for cars to avoid crowding and waiting

About Taj Egypt Foundation:

The Taj Egypt Foundation is the executor of the De Joya project, and it was established

in 2006 and it is one of the institutions of the Egyptian International Construction Company.

It has proven its position in the Egyptian market by presenting many distinct and successful

projects, and has been keen to provide its investors with the best and finest in terms of

many different prices and payment systems.

The De Goya project location – new capital city

Among the projects of the Taj Egypt Foundation:

  • Established the main headquarters of BLOM Bank Egypt in New Cairo
  • Established the location of the project de Goia administrative capital
  • The Address Compound founded by Eng. Hassan Dora Sheikh Zayed
  • It has established 15 residential towers in support of the Modern Urban Communities
  • Authority in the R3 area of ​​the New Administrative Capital
  • The American School founded in Sheikh Zayed
  • It established the Diyar General Intelligence Compound in New Cairo
  • It established 23 buildings belonging to the army in the R1 region of the New Administrative Capital
  • Established a court complex in the south of Cairo
  • Founded Badr Gardens project

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Ezdan Mall New capital)

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