Ezdan Mall New capital

Ezdan Mall New capital
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Ezdan Mall New capital Implemented by the Taj Egypt Real Estate Development Corporation and

launched two projects in the New Administrative Capital with investments of 3 billion pounds.

Details about EzdaN Mall New Capital:

The Foundation launched the EzdaN Mall New capital project, which is represented by

a ground shopping mall and 5 floors in the Downtown area of ​​the New Administrative Capital.

It will be on an area of ​​6,500 meters, and with investments estimated at about one billion pounds,

The project combines two hundred units, and the start of construction in 2021 is listed in the schedule.

He stressed that despite the diversified investment sectors affected by the Covid 19 pandemic,

But the real estate sector has proven that the safe fund for investment will continue despite

the emergency, as international investment has been affected by the critical situation,

the privacy of investors.

The government has provided an important role in supporting investors and providing

the necessary facilities to advance the wheel of development,

Stressing that the projects of the Administrative Capital, Majala, New Alamein City and the fourth

generation cities are in their status to build a new state that competes with major countries

and attracts investors.

Ezdan Mall New capitalEzdan Mall New capital

EzdaN Mall New Capital location:

The Taj Egypt Real Estate Development Corporation launched the DE JOYA project within

the R8 area in the New Administrative Capital, east Cairo,

It is with investments estimated at two billion Egyptian pounds.

The second project of Taj Egypt Real Estate was established in the modern administrative capital,

and the project will be in the most distinguished neighborhoods in the new administrative capital.

The most important characteristic of EzdaN Mall New capital is that it is located next

to the Al Masa Hotel in the New Administrative Capital, which is one of the most prestigious

hotels in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Down Town is close to:

  • Oil institutions.
  • Gas stations.
  • Entertaining parts.
  • Calf methods.
  • Gold district.
  • Eastern Cultural Park.
  • Various projects for commercial use.

Mostafa Khalil, head of the Taj Masr Council, stated that the DE JOYA project,

which will be built on an area of ​​23 feddans,

It is a residential complex with all services, designed with the highest technical characteristics

to suit the needs of the investor, with a built area of ​​19%.

Saving solar energy is available as a pure and environmentally friendly energy source in the compound.

Space of EzdaN Mall New Capital:

It consists of a complex of DE JOYA residential property and a commercial mall on

a place of 15,000 square meters,

It is planned to complete construction practices within a period of three years.

Khalil stated that the Foundation also intends to open the Ezdan Mall commercial project

within the New Administrative Capital.

It will be on a place of 6,500 square meters, with investments estimated at about one

billion pounds.

Its construction will start in 2021.

Ezdan Mall New capital

Services at EzdaN Mall New Capital:

EzdaN Mall New capital offers many services and facilities, including:

  • Security and guarding is available 24 hours a day with the latest police and security services.
  • There are international restaurants and cafes in all areas of the mall.
  • in addition, There is a dedicated entertainment space and children’s play areas.
  • There is fast internet savings for free in all areas of the mall.
  • Green spaces surround the mall from every direction for more psychological peace and relaxation.
  • There is central wind air conditioning throughout the mall.

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