The area of the Blue Vert Compound project

The area of the Blue Vert Compound project
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The area of the Blue Vert Compound project, own your residential unit in it at premium prices

and various spaces in the heart of the New Administrative Capital in a unique location

with abundant and unique services that are unparalleled.

Details and space of the Blue Vert Compound project:

Shine for the Saudi Egyptian Foundation for Reconstruction in the heart of the new administrative

capital, which is the last commercial project of the company.

It is considered the most prestigious, unparalleled project, between the previous unique projects

in many places and the latest decrees of the Saudi Egyptian Foundation.

A compound establishe in Amiz, a location in the New Administrative Capital, and it has

a history in the Administrative Capital and is considered a brilliant work for the company,

which is owned by Engineer / Darwish Hassanein

The area of the Blue Vert Compound project

Among the projects of the commercial establishment, namely:

  • Founded the Nile Towers project in Maadi
  • I set up a project in Saudi Arabia.
  • Founded resort project in Damietta
  • It established the Durrat Assiut project in the city of Assiut
  • She founded the Dream project in Dreamland, October

The commercial enterprise made a decision to exercise its reconciliation in the most

ingenious place, which is the new administrative capital.

The Blue Fire project, the administrative capital, build on an area of ​​seventy acres,

and this area divide into twenty% of buildings.

Eighty percent will divide between services and green spaces.

The project consists of a variety of units to be commensurate with all represented in:

  • There are studios
  • Available housing units
  • There is a twin house
  • Available townhouse
  • There are villas

The area of the Blue Vert Compound projectThe area of the Blue Vert Compound project

in addition:-

The project area of ​​the Blue Vert Compound consists of sixty buildings and 98 villas.

Blue Fair is located in the modern capital, the first row of the Green River, on the axis of

Mohammed bin Zayed, which is in the south and near the Al Sefarat neighborhood.

It is next to the exhibition grounds, the regional ring, the cathedral, the government

and diplomatic district, and the financial and business district.

The project count in the best and most vital places in the New Administrative Capital,

which is one of the most distinguished locations.

Blue Fire, the new administrative capital, is one of the last commercial projects present

in the new administrative capital, which build on modern civilized standards.

High facilities are available to give you a new concept to live a more serene, privacy and luxurious

life of your choice, and you feel it is specially designed for you.

And to also enjoy the best services within the Compound Catalan, the administrative capital,

and the Saudi Egyptian Foundation provides a new vision in the real estate market,

Which succeeded in saving luxury living along with practical luxury and all the necessary

infrastructure and facilities.

It takes you to attempt a completely modern life and a newer world than you were determined

by the Saudi Egyptian Foundation to merge the new cultural heritage with the old.

The commercial establishment was keen on the best architectural designs in the Blue Vert space.

All units also provided you with a very unique view of green spaces and lakes, as well

as swimming pools,

Which gives a sense of comfort, pleasure, clarity of mind and relaxation so that you

feel more comfortable while you are within a compound

Blue Vert Compound project space services:

There are services and features provided by the Blue Fire project for you and your family, such as:

  • There are green spaces
  • Swimming pools are available
  • There is a shopping mall
  • Restaurants available
  • There are cafes
  • There is a spa
  • Gym available
  • There is a health club
  • Security and guarding is available 24 hours a day, equipped with the latest monitoring devices

that help in the security of the headquarters.

All of these and more will found in the Blue Vert Compound project area, only.

Because it distinguish and unparalleled, initiate this moment by reserving your residential

unit in the newest commercial projects of the Saudi Egyptian Foundation for Reconstruction

in the heart of the administrative capital.

Live a sophisticated weather in a distinct and unique location in the heart of the New

Administrative Capital in the Blue Fair of the Saudi Egyptian Foundation for Development.

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The De Goya project location – new capital city)


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