Ramblas Compound New Cairo

Ramblas Compound New Cairo
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Ramblas Compound New Cairo It is the classic life gate you always dreamed of,

located in an easily accessible and specialized compound in New Cairo where you can enjoy your life with an exclusive collection of unique homes.

Ramblas Compound New Cairo:

It is the classic life gate you always dreamed of,

located in an easily accessible and specialized compound in

New Cairo where you can enjoy your life with an exclusive collection of unique homes.

The Ramblas will provide the kind of life we ​​all dream of for our children one day.

A huge amount of facilities are provided at RAMBLAS

Information about the Ramblas Compound Fifth Settlement :

It is one of the most important projects of Badawy Development Company in the Fifth Settlement area in New Cairo,

which enjoys full services and also the prices of Ramblas apartments in Fifth Settlement,

as well as the spaces of the various units that suit all customers,

all this in addition to the distinguished location and

also the high-end architectural design that satisfies all residents from People of good taste,

and below we list together all the information about the compound.

Ramblas Compound New Cairo

Location of the Ramblas New Cairo Compound:

It is located on the main Mohamed Naguib Street, perpendicular to the South 90th Street,

as well as the American University, as well as the Canadian University,

and only 10 minutes from the airport.

Ramblas Compound New Cairo Services:

A gym and health club, a shopping center, fountains and water lakes, as well as Wi-Fi,

private garages, day care for children, green landscapes and security services. Also,

at RAMBLAS, you can enjoy birthdays as well as anniversaries,

social events and family gatherings at Club House

Compound Ramblas New Cairo units:

It contains a variety of units to suit all customers.

Ramblas Compound New Cairo

Prices of Ramblas Compound Fifth Settlement:

Ramblas New Cairo prices are considered one of the lowest residential prices in

the real estate field in the New Cairo area compared to many of

the services and facilities available within the compound,

which provide a wide range of entertainment and also amenities for

the residents of the compound so that the clients enjoy

the greatest amount of healthy life as well as comfort as well as luxury .

Payment methods in the Ramblas Compound New Cairo :

The owner company offers a range of different payment systems so that each customer chooses the appropriate system for his capabilities.

The company that owns Ramblas Compound New Cairo :

Badawy Development has been in the market for more than 50 years,

our mission is to serve the entire community through our products and

projects that we introduce a new concept for housing in the real estate market which is trust and privacy.

Note that the prices as well as the spaces mentioned in the article are for the first half of 2019, and therefore they are subject to change, and we are keen to update them constantly in order for the customer to be aware of the changes in the real estate market.

About New Cairo:

The Fifth Settlement area is one of the finest new cities, and the area contains all the services you need,

and there are many international companies’ headquarters.

Are you looking for a distinctive compound in the Fifth Settlement in order to live in it and enjoy privacy as well as luxury.

Map of Fifth Settlement Compounds

It is located near Nasr City, Carrefour, Maadi and the Ring Road.

It includes the most prestigious compounds,

as well as residential neighborhoods that provide all services and facilities,

government schools, as well as international schools.

contains both governmental and specialized hospitals,

as well as international institutions, including the National Bank, Bank Audi, Al Ahli Bank of Qatar,

Cairo Festival Mall, Downtown Mall, Meeting Point, and Seven Stars Mall.

Amenities of entertainment, including: New Cairo Park, Magic Stores amusement park,

Family Park, Games City, Magic Planet, and clubs such as: Al-Jazira Club, Royal Sports Club,

Wadi Degla Club, and Sky Club.

The most luxurious mosques, such as: Al-Farouq Mosque, Ebad Al-Rahman Mosque,

and Khatam Al-Morselin Mosque.

Ramblas Compound New Cairo

The most important advantages of living in the North of Rehab area in New Cairo

Many factors, as well as the advantages that met in the North of Rehab area,

led to an increase in its investment value, as well as an increase in the volume of demand for its various projects, and experts expected an increase in the price per square meter in the future, and the most important of these factors are:

Ideal location:

The North Rehab area is characterized by an ideal strategic location in New Cairo,

close to many major landmarks in this geographical range,

as well as high-end urban inhabited cities, as well as important service facilities,

as well as vital main roads; It is bordered by the city of Al-Rehab from the south,

and also by the family garden from the west,

and the Tolip Hotel is located on its western borders as well, a

nd it is bordered from the north by the Suez Road.

Ramblas Compound Fifth Settlement

Services : 

Among the advantages that branch from the ideal and also vital location of

the northern Al-Rehab area: the availability of all basic services as well as luxury,

in the south there is the city of Al-Rehab with its integrated services,

and there is also the eastern market of Al-Rehab,

which contains many banks as well as service facilities as well as shops,

in addition to restaurants Also, cafes.

In the west there is the family garden with a huge area estimated at approximately seventy acres,

and is considered the first garden of its kind in the Middle East; It contains a scientific and

cultural complex other than entertainment facilities,

as well as miniature models of many important cultural and recreational landmarks such as: the Library of Alexandria, and also the Military Museum, as well as the zoo,

in addition to the vast green spaces.

The North Rehab area is also located a few minutes away from the New Administrative Capital with its government facilities and the ministries complex,

which makes it likely that the value of this area will rise sharply with the launch of the Administrative Capital projects and the activation of its services.

Ramblas Compound New Cairo

Building requirements:

Building requirements in the northern Al-Rehab area require that the buildings include a ground floor and a maximum of three repeating floors,

and that one floor includes a maximum of two apartments,

which increases the investment value for units in this area,

for two reasons: because the number of available units will be few as well as limited.

And because the population density of the area will be somewhat low,

ensuring customers a calm atmosphere and also a classy community.

What are the finest neighborhoods of the Fifth Settlement?

ninth Street :

It includes many services such as banks, as well as schools,

as well as shopping centers and many international companies,

and important services and facilities.

 Narcissus neighborhood:

The most prestigious neighborhoods in the Fifth Settlement include: The American University,

as well as shopping centers, entertainment centers, Medical Park,

Seven Stars Mall, and Silver Star.

Lotus District:

It is close to the new cities, namely Al-Shorouk City and Madinaty.

It also includes many services such as administrative buildings, hotels, the Future University,

the American University, parks, and Americana Plaza.

Carnation District:

One of the best neighborhoods, as it contains: villas, as well as schools and hospitals.

Choueifat District:

The finest neighborhoods of the Fifth Settlement, where it is located at the entrance to the settlement,

and contains many services and schools.

Andalusia neighborhood:

It is also located at the entrance to the Fifth Settlement, and contains many services such as private institutes,

sports clubs, parks, recreational areas,

private universities, and a water station.

West Arabella:

It is located very close to the 90th Street, and contains many services such as: the German University,

as well as American schools, as well as the Future Mall,

and the Egyptian Language Schools.

American University District:

It contains many compounds such as Heights Compound,

Mena Gardens Compound, Kingdom Compound, and Riviera Compound,

as well as New Cairo Club, and Cairo Bank Club.

home house:

It contains the Tigris flute and also the Platinum Club.

Ramblas Compound New Cairo

Here are the most important features and services of the Southern Investors District:

One of the most important advantages of the neighborhood is its proximity to the most important streets of New Cairo, which is the famous Commercial Teseen Street.

The neighborhood is dominated by residential complex projects, the most famous of which are Moon Valley Compound, Zizinia Gardens Compound, The Village, Janty Compound, American University Housing, Concord … and others.

The neighborhood also features famous commercial malls such as Point 90 Mall and Galleria Plaza Mall.

The neighborhood is distinguished by the presence of Al Yasser Language School.

It also has several restaurants, cafes and shops.

It is also characterized by the presence of the most famous sports club, which is Al-Zohour Club.

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