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water way resort north coast is A coastal project from the Equity Real Estate Corporation, as it takes place next to the town of El Alamein

for about a third of an hour. It takes place on the coast in the north at km 186

within the borders of the Sidi Abdel Rahman area.

Simple information about water way resort north coast:

water way resort north coast, as soon as you set foot in the place,

you will feel a state of stillness and mental serenity that relieves you of the echo

and noise that you feel in the streets of Cairo, the crowded capital of Egypt,

and many headquarters in the Arab Republic of Egypt,

It is one of the largest tourist villages located in the heart of the coast in the north.

It is that charming location owned by Equity development,

one of the largest institutions of the Al-Suwaidi Real Estate Group,

which mimics The Waterway Village in its designs, the most luxurious international tourist village.

The location of water way resort north coast:

The amazing setting and the high rate of services are among the reasons

for bringing the necessary attractions to water way resort north coast,

but it is not the only one, because its location with distinguished specifications makes

it much more unique than the rest of the other tourist villages located on the coast in the north.

It located at kilo 186 Sidi Abdel Rahman, which is not far from Ras El Hekma Bay,

which indicates that you can visit one of the 3 most beautiful beaches in the world,

and enjoy its fresh air and infested breezes.

The location of water way resort north coast, allows you to visit the town of El Alamein,

which can be moved to by car immediately within only a third of an hour.

The village is only an hour away from the town of Burj Al Arab,

and during ninety minutes you find yourself facing the Alexandria helipad,

all of which makes The Waterway Village a unique destination,

whether for those wishing to spend an amazing summer vacation or those who want to own a unit there.

The location of water way resort north coast:

The vast spaces crowded with buildings do not impress many,

because they suggest congestion and do not inspire peace,

but what distinguishes the area of water way resort north coast, which amounts to 56.86 acres.

It packed with green spaces, water bodies, and artificial lakes next to the different buildings

and facilities that are distinguished by their exquisite designs that give enough splendor to the village.

The landscaping area within the village is 83%,

while the buildings and walkway area is 17%.

Where there are 318 units remaining, which are not the same in their areas,

and vary between villas, chalets, cabanas, and townhouses.

The area of ​​a few villas varies from two hundred square meters to eight hundred square meters.

The area of ​​the chalets varies between 128 m 2 and 134 m 2 in the modern group of the village.

This is also available within the village of The Waterway,

as the length of the beach dedicated to it reaches 430 meters,

And then it allows upgrading the number of facades of the neighboring units to the sea,

a matter that enjoys the admiration and satisfaction of all customers.

Guests are constantly looking for units adjacent to the sea, as it gives a wonderful outside view,

and gives a sense of comfort in the eyes of the picturesque water view.

Services of The Waterway North Coast:

The services vary within water way resort north coast,

to meet all the needs of customers and give them all the means of serenity,

We explain some individuals from the village services in the following lines:

essential services

It contains a huge health sports team equipped with all the capabilities

and basic equipment, combining medical clinics and pharmacies.

The presence of a mosque in the village.

The presence of special premises (special surgeon under the ground) to park the carts,

to avoid the problem of overcrowding.

Saving food and different drinks for guests in the most luxurious hotels,

restaurants and cafes, some of which overlook the beach at once.

And providing the necessary ambitious works, such as the presence of security men and guards for 24 hours,

and providing the village with many monitoring cameras.

The presence of various malls and shops for the sale of international brands,

which are in line with the level and standard of the village’s guests and customers.

Entertainment Services

Providing recreational water games for children, so that they can enjoy their time.

Swimming pools are diverse and incidental to many, many ages and age groups.

Existence of similar picturesque nature and gardens in all the units of the village.

The presence of steam baths (sauna), spa, and gym for village guests.

Planning the Waterway Village in the North Coast:

The modern character and luxury is what dominates all things within water way resort north coast,

Although few of its designs tend to the unique antique shape

that joins the new settings and adds elegance and beauty to the top.

And increases the splendor of the village’s strategy, the large number of green spaces,

artificial lakes and swimming pools, the number of which is difficult to count.

Owning Corporation and Past Works:

As soon as we know that water way resort north coast owned by

a major commercial establishment such as Equity development,

this makes us sure that we are talking about one of the most wonderful

and luxurious tourist villages in the North Coast,

Because this well-known commercial establishment knows for its unique and successful mega projects.

Where it does not spare any burden or ownership in the way of reconciling its project

and making it harmonize with the most suitable and latest international plans,

and this was evident in the past business of that institution, including:

The current compound with one of the best locations in Cairo, the capital of Egypt, is the 5th settlement,

which takes the same name as the village, is The Waterway Compound.

The unique and amazing compound nicknamed (The Capital Way)

the water way north coast village prices:

The delivery of the units of water way resort north coast completed,

after they are completely finished and equipped with all the necessary supplies.

The completion is super lux in all units.

However, the costs are not the same according to the place and the category of the unit.

Most likely, she has a villa within the village at a cost of 4,300,000,

As well as chalets worth 3.200.000 Egyptian pounds.

The payment pattern varies according to the unit whose purchase is completed,

but in all cases, the owner business provides different facilities to its customers.

Payment systems in The Waterway, the North Coast:

Equity Corporation, the owner of waterway resort north coast, which located in the north,

allows customers to pay in installments when purchasing one of the units within the village.

However, the transmission in that format varies according to the units offered for sale,

for example, the modern period of the chalets put up for sale,

with a payment scheduling with a 5% down payment and an installment over a period of 7 years,

but it does not end the delivery of the chalet immediately, except during 4 years of the contract.

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Features of water way resort north coast
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains