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Sea View Village North Coast


Sea View Village North Coast , or as it is known as  Project

Sea View North Coast or Sea View North Coast  , is one of  Jdar Real

Estate Development Company’s, which will be explained below:

Sea View English

Sea View North Coast:

The largest and most famous tourist village and the first one that stood on its feet in the heart of the North Coast place on the most beautiful beaches of the sea

The Mediterranean, which is characterized by clear clear water, soft sand, and the environment, the Mediterranean, which released above the plateau of the North Coast

The owner company launched it Jedar Real Estate Development Corporation, which is a well-known institution and one of the pioneering institutions in the Egyptian buying and selling place in the abundant amount of yards

Residential and tourist and one of the pioneers of establishments in the Arab Republic of Egypt and has a large number of practices.

It is a commercial and commercial village, and it represents the village of Sea View from the distinguished villages in the North Coast. The establishment stood on its feet by doing, performing and completing about 18 projects.

It presented in them everything that is modern and advanced, in which the increase in the economy was made in its projects, and it has lands and large projects, and it has risen.

With the help of Bnaah, a contracting institution, to carry out its project, and it worked to upgrade the degree and social standard in a decent manner.

Sea View Village North Coast

units Sea View Village North Coast


Project area: 137 a quarter meters
The space of the chalets starts from 72 square meters to 140 square meters.
The units are delivered semi finished.


Project area: 137 square meters
The area of the villas starts from 285 square meters to 360 square meters.
The units are delivered semi finished.

Sea View North Coast location:

North Sea View Village is one of the mega and original projects that Jadar Group has promoted, which has promoted many attractive urban projects, as it works to be one of the features, so it chose the Sea View site in the north, on the 187th kilometer of the Alexandria Matrouh Sabil.

Sea View Village is located beside El Dabaa Road on Ras El Hikma Bay.

Sea View is characterized by being located between the original villages in the range of the North Coast, including:

The Shore Village.

Coral Hills Village.

Which continues to Seaview Village the splendor and brilliant shine that she enjoyed.

The location of the Seaview North Coast project

The Seaview North Coast project occupies a place of 137 acres, and the equivalent of 20% of the place has been allocated to apartments and the remainder is divided among the services that each person searches for.

The 20% of the apartments were divided into, so the area starts from 72 meters to 360 meters, and the spaces varied between:



Twin House.

With its residence on 5 terraces with varying heights ranging from 25 meters to 41 meters, which allows direct insight into the sea, clear waters, crystal lagoons and the services that the village enjoys for all units.

The Jadar Group Corporation in the Sea View North Coast provided a beach with distinct characteristics, especially for all the residents of the village, enjoying a length of 1300 meters and clarifying one thousand meters, which made watching the sea not limited to the front units only while enjoying the white sand and playing with beach ball.

Location Sea View Village North Coast

Sea View North Coast services:

Sea View Village includes the North Coast on the large number of services that everyone dreams of, as the commercial establishment aspired to the services that everyone lacks and worked to implement it with a different strategy in order to give the resort a different picture of the neighboring villages and resorts, from the services provided The commercial facility in Sea View North Coast on the place that reached an increase of 80% for the location

The total that the project enjoys:

Aqua park.

An amusement park for children.

beauty Center.

Swimming pools that reached 23 bathrooms, including a private covered swimming pool for women.

A private beach for the owners of the village.

Lots of different sizes for apartments.

Outstanding location.

And there is also a Jim.

There is a spa.

Sports courts area.

Roman Theater.

In Sea View North Coast a 5-star hotel.

Golf Car supports you to travel and move around the village without getting tired.

A commercial mall that embodies the safe economy for all store owners.

Industrial lakes are spread over all terraces within the village.

Diverse payment systems.

The spread of green spaces in the village in an engineering way.

Food Court in the middle of an artificial lake.

Commercial space.

Sports fields on a place of 40,000 meters.

A private park for all units.

Car lanes divided into two directions.

Security and guarding at the highest rate for 24 hours.

Monitoring cameras are common in the village.

Sea View North Coast project prices:

The Sea View North Coast Village was published and promoted with competitive amounts regarding the services and wonderful designs that the project possesses. When you compare the offered amounts and the enjoyment of the village, you will find that you only pay the unit value.

The establishment allows Sea View North Coast prices to suit all types of people. All that is required of you is the campaign to reserve the units within the village limited to choosing the unit located in the place that matches you.

Payment systems in the Sea View North Coast project:

The Corporation did not stop at the competitive prices of Sea View North Coast, but it provided in Sea View various payment systems on a convenient installment scheme, including:

Pay 10% of the contract provider and pay the rest over 7 years without paying any interest.

The owner establishment of the Sea View North Coast project

The Sea View North Coast project is one of the achievements of the Jadar Group, as it works to transform the resort’s life system into a contrasting look that enjoys luxury, comfort and design with distinctive specifications.

Jedar Group is one of the pioneers of real estate modernization practices and is known for its prestigious position through its introduction to Sea View North Coast, the village that has proven to be an honorable face as it has placed the institution in a prominent position among the real estate economy institutions.

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Features of Sea View Village North Coast
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains