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Last updated 2021-09-20
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The Waterway village North Coast


The Waterway village North Coast, or as it is known as The Waterway Project

North Coast or The Waterway North Coast , is one of Equity Real

Estate Development Company’s, which will be explained below:

The company that owns the Waterway village North Coast:

Equity Real Estate Development Company is the developer of The Waterway

project North cost, and is one of the leading real estate development companies

In the Egyptian and international market, where it has implemented

a good number of Huge real estate projects in a number of cities, and was

able to through them Earning customers’ trust and achieving unprecedented


The company has built a number of mega projects, including The Waterway

A compound in the Fifth Settlement.

The Capital Way, the Administrative Capital, Hotel Branded Residence New Cairo,

The Hub Mall New Cairo, also implemented the Waterway Villa project

New Cairo is also currently adding to its predecessor the Waterway Village

 North Coast.

Location of the Waterway village North Coast:

The Waterway North Coast occupies a unique location that makes it distinct

From Other tourist villages located on the northern coast, and the importance

Of the location becomes clear as follows:

The Waterway project North Coast is located in the Sidi Abdel Rahman area,

Specifically in The 186 km, which is located near Ras El Hikma, is one of

The three most beautiful beaches In the world.

The Waterway North Coast is far from the new city of Alamein

A short drive that takes a third of an hour.

Getting from the village to Alexandria airport takes approximately an hour

and a half.

Also, the time it takes for the customer to travel to Burj Al Arab is one hour.

All these advantages of the location, make the village the best option

For clients and investors to own a summer unit there.

The Waterway Village North Coast Units.


It starts from 128 m2 up to 800 m2.

Fully finished


It starts from 128 m2 up to 800 m2.

Fully finished

The Waterway Village North Coast location

The Waterway Village North Coast services:

Equity has been keen to provide all means of comfort and luxury for

The guests of the village of The Waterway North Coast, by providing all

The services they need, Whether it is major or minor for the sake of

Entertainment only, and it is represented in the following:

A large and well-equipped health club that contains (a large pharmacy and medical clinics).

A large mosque in order to perform the prayer.

In The Waterway North Coast, there is a garage under the ground to

prevent car congestion.

A group of cafes and restaurants spread within the village, some of

which are located on the beach.

Luxury hotels providing world-class service to guests.

A tight security system to maintain security and stability inside the village.

Within The Waterway project North Coast there are a number of huge malls.

There are a large number of swimming pools distributed all over

the place with different sizes.

Gardens, parks and landscapes are everywhere in The Water project

Wai North Coast and in the vicinity of residential units to enjoy

the stunning views

Prices of the Waterway village North Coast:

In spite of the advantages of The Waterway project North Coast and the availability of

comprehensive services, but the prices of The residential units within

it are very suitable for different segments of customers.

Prices for standalone villas inside The Waterway North Coast start from

Only 4 million and 300 thousand Egyptian pounds, while the price of

The chalets starts and From 3 million and 200 thousand pounds,

All units are delivered to customers in full

The finishes are super lux with the necessary equipment.

The owner company also offers a variety of facilities and different

Payment systems for each one to choose Of the clients the appropriate

System for him according to his financial capabilities, Where the customer

Can buy his unit and pay its price in comfortable installments over several years.

The payment system for chalets in the new phase consists of a 5% downpayment.

And pay the rest in monthly installments for a long period of up to 7 years.

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Features of The Waterway village North Coast
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains