The Waterway village North Coast

Prices start from 17,903,000 EGP
7 installment years
Down payment 10%
Delivery 2022
Spaces starting from 275
Last updated 2023-10-14
Details The Waterway village North Coast
project nameThe Waterway village North Coast
project LocationNorth Coast
project unitsChalets and villas.
Delivery date2022
Payment Systems10% dp and rest over 7 years
Finishing typeFully finished
Spaces starting from275
Prices starting from17,903,000
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plan of The Waterway village North Coast
The Waterway village North Coast
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Project details

The Waterway village North Coast Living by the sea and enjoying the luxury of the sea is no longer just a summer season, as you can enjoy all the features of the resort all year round. Sahel Village Here you will feel a state of calm and sobriety, free from the crowded streets of Cairo and the hustle and bustle of many parts of Egypt.

We are now talking about one of the largest tourist villages in the heart of the North Coast. This is the charming place owned by Equity Development Company, one of the largest companies in the Al Suwaidi Real Estate Group, which is keen to emulate the most luxurious international tourist village, the Water Village, in design.

The Waterway village North Coast

The Waterway village North Coast

The Waterway village North Coast

Information about the project The Waterway North Coast is one of the most powerful tourist villages in Egypt, as the combination of beauty, luxury and tranquility makes it one of the most attractive tourist villages for customers due to the uniqueness of this wonderful village, as it has a wide range of features that distinguish it, which we will detail The Waterway for you in The following lines, so stay tuned until the end.

The Waterway Village

The Waterway village North Coast, is one of the finest places for tourism and entertainment, and if you are looking for sophistication, luxury, and exquisite privacy in a place, then you must have The Waterway Village immediately. The village offers  views of the northern coast of the Mediterranean, where the quiet beach extends to a relaxing view of the sparkling waters. All of this not only provides all the logistics for the village owners and guests, but also provides a variety of payment methods to suit the needs of your space, as well as after-sales service waiting for you 24/7.

Waterway North Coast Resort

You can consider North Shore The Waterway village North Coast the most luxurious tourist destination in the charming North Shore region, with its clear waters and pleasant weather all year round, a destination for the wealthy and high society. It is known that the company has made great efforts to secure an innovative and luxurious design for the village, making it an unparalleled architectural icon among its peers in other North Coast villages in 2019.

Location of The Waterway village North Coast

It occupies a unique location that makes it distinct from other tourist villages on the North Coast, and the importance of the location becomes clear as follows:

  • The Waterway North Coast Village is located in the Sidi Abdel Rahman area, specifically at Kilometer 186, which is located near Ras El Hekma, which is considered one of the three most beautiful beaches in the world.
  • The Waterway North Coast project is a short distance from New Alamein City, taking a third of an hour by car.
  • Getting from the village to Alexandria Airport takes approximately an hour and a half, and the time it takes the customer to move to Burj Al Arab is one hour.

All these advantages of the location make the village the best choice for customers and investors to own a summer unit there.

The Waterway village North Coast

The Waterway village North Coast

Designs of The Waterway North Coast Village

Designs of The Waterway village North Coast The Waterway Resort was designed to serve as a tourist residence serviced at the highest level.

  • The designs are designed based on the latest international designs that have been well received all over the world.
  • But the old and the new are combined in a wonderful harmony rarely found in other North Coast  projects.
  • Choosing a summer house in The Waterway is the best choice.
  • The village will offer you the most luxurious summer units in the best location on the North Coast.
  • Get rid of tension and psychological pressure and create an atmosphere of privacy and luxury for you.
  • In particular, The Waterway is located in the heart of Ras El Hekma, a world-famous tourist destination.
  • Ras El Hekma Bay is distinguished by its clear turquoise waters and rock-free sandy beaches.
  • As well as water games and noisy nights.

Area of The Waterway North Coast Village

The waterway’s 56.86-acre northern shoreline allows the company to provide full-service, primary green space and specialized recreational services. The village is characterized by green spaces, water bodies, and artificial lakes everywhere, and the various buildings and facilities next to it add more beauty to the village with their wonderful design. The area of green areas in the village is 83%, while the area of buildings and sidewalks is 17%.

Unit space in The Waterway Resort

The Waterway village North Coast contains a total of 318 units, ranging in size from villas, chalets, and townhouses.

  • Some villas range in size from 200 square meters to 800 square metres.
  • The area of the chalets ranges from 128 to 134 square meters for the new collection.
  • The private beach at The Waterway North Coast is 430 meters long.

Therefore, it is possible to increase the number of facades of units overlooking the sea, which is appreciated and satisfied by all customers. Guests are looking for ocean view units as they provide a great outdoor view and provide a feeling of comfort while watching the beautiful water views.

The Waterway village North Coast

The Waterway village North Coast

Services of The Waterway village North Coast

It is provided with all the services that meet the needs of all our customers, which is our primary goal, so you will find the highest quality of basic and entertainment services that you need in the village, the most famous of which are the following:

  • The largest area was used to provide water bodies, which varied between artificial lakes and swimming pools.
  • In addition to the wide green natural spaces, the buildings and residential units occupy a small area, so that the customer does not feel stressed and psychologically uncomfortable due to crowding and overcrowding of buildings.
  • The percentage of buildings within the Waterway North Coast project is estimated at only 17%, while the percentage of green spaces, water bodies, and landscapes is estimated at 83%.
  • Equity Company was keen to provide all means of comfort and luxury to the guests of the village
    A large health club equipped to a high standard, containing (a large pharmacy and medical clinics).
  • A spacious mosque for prayer.
  • In The Waterway Village, North Coast, there is a garage underground to prevent cars from congesting.
  • A group of cafes and restaurants spread within the village, some of which are located on the beach.
  • Luxury hotels provide world-class service to guests.
  • A tight security system to maintain security and stability within the village.
  • Within The Waterway Village, North Coast, there are a number of huge malls.
  • There are a large number of swimming pools distributed everywhere, with different sizes.
  • Gardens, parks and landscapes spread everywhere in The Water project
  • On the North Coast and in the vicinity of the residential units to enjoy the stunning views.

The Waterway North Coast prices

Despite The Waterway village North Coast advantages and the availability of comprehensive services, the prices of the residential units within it are very suitable for different customer segments.

  • Prices for standalone villas within The Waterway North Coast village start from 4,300,000 Egyptian pounds only.
  • While the price of chalets starts from 3 million and 200 thousand pounds, and all units are delivered to customers in full
  • Super Luxe finishes and equipped with the necessary equipment.
  • The owner company also offers various facilities and different payment systems so that each customer chooses the system that is appropriate for him according to his financial capabilities, where the customer can purchase his unit and pay its price in convenient installments over several years.
  • The payment system for the chalets in the new phase consists of paying a 5% down payment and paying the rest in monthly installments for a long period of up to 7 years.
The Waterway village North Coast

The Waterway village North Coast

Payment and installment systems at The Water Way

The owner company has developed various facilities and payment systems for customers looking for a unit in The Waterway village North Coast, so that each customer can choose the system that suits him according to his financial ability, as the customer can purchase his unit and pay the rest of the unit price within a few days in comfortable installments throughout the year. We also accept installment payment system as follows:

  • It starts with a 5% down payment for 5 to 7 years, facilitates payments, and delivers the contract units within 4 years of signing the contract.

The company developing The Waterway North Coast project

Equity Real Estate Development Company is the developer of The Waterway village North Coast, and it is one of the real estate development companies that occupies the forefront in the Egyptian and international market, as it has implemented a good number of huge real estate projects in a number of cities, and through them it was able to gain customer trust and achieve successes. Unprecedented. The company has undertaken a number of huge projects.

Equity Company’s previous work:

  • The Waterway Compound in Fifth Settlement.
  • The Capital Way Compound, Administrative Capital.
  • Hotel Branded Residence New Cairo.
  • The Hub Mall New Cairo.
  • It implemented the Waterway Villa project in New Cairo
  • It is also currently adding to its previous works, The Waterway Village, North Coast.
The Waterway village North Coast

The Waterway village North Coast

For more information, you can contact us on the following numbers:

  • 01270970000

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Features of The Waterway village North Coast
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains