Villette compound New Cairo

Prices start from 2,340,000 EGP
7 installment years
Down payment 10%
Delivery 2024
Spaces starting from 180 sqm
Last updated 2023-10-14
project developerSODIC Development
Villette compound New CairoVillette compound New CairoVillette compound New CairoVillette compound New CairoVillette compound New CairoVillette compound New Cairo
Villette compound New CairoVillette compound New CairoVillette compound New CairoVillette compound New CairoVillette compound New CairoVillette compound New Cairo
Details Villette compound New Cairo
project nameVillette compound New Cairo
project Locationnew cairo
project unitsTwin houses - townhouses - villas
Delivery date2024
Payment Systems10%dp-up rest to 7 years
Finishing typefully finished
Spaces starting from180 sqm
Prices starting from2,340,000
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plan of Villette compound New Cairo
Villette compound New Cairo
map of Villette compound New Cairo
Project details

Villette compound New Cairo You now have the opportunity to go beyond your limits and enjoy comfort, luxury and relaxation in your life. If you want to have a wonderful and beautiful approach to your daily life for you and your family, then you should book your unit in Villette Sodic Compound, Fifth Settlement in New Cairo. The Villette Sodic New Cairo project is considered one of the best residential projects in New Cairo, as it is characterized by a strong and unparalleled infrastructure and a large-scale design that brings comfort, order and sophistication to its owners.

This project is a unique new real estate investment and a guaranteed investment in living. There are some units and apartments for sale in Sodic Fifth Compound. All you have to do is book a unit that suits your space now and seize the opportunity to become one of New Cairo’s most distinguished residents.

Villette compound New Cairo

Without a doubt, it is the best because it includes a distinguished group of residential units, ideal for lovers of good taste and those looking for a quiet life away from the hustle and bustle of the city and the beauty of nature. The Villette New Cairo project is an upscale, full-service residential community with an area of approximately 300 acres, with the largest portion allocated to services, green spaces, and water bodies.

In addition, all residential units in Villette New Cairo are designed in the style of the first sky condos in Egypt, an open glass facade of residential units with green spaces decorating the roof.Villette compound New Cairo also includes many residential units that vary between villas – townhouses – twin houses of different sizes to suit all tastes and needs.

Villette Compound Fifth Settlement

One of the largest clusters is in No. 5 Ton, covering an area of 300 m. If you want luxury, comfort and serenity, do not miss the opportunity to buy your residential unit in Villette Sodic Compound in the Fifth Settlement. SODIC has a long history in the real estate market in Egypt and abroad, and has excelled in the design and implementation of the Villette New Cairo project, especially attention to detail in terms of infrastructure, management systems, operations and maintenance.

Villette compound New Cairo

Villette compound New Cairo

Location of Villette New Cairo Compound

The basic elements that must be clearly provided for different purposes in any investment project. It is important to provide residential projects in close proximity to all important areas and most commercial projects to provide a comfortable and quiet environment for residents to pass through. Residential projects can meet their needs. This is why Sodic Real Estate Company is keen on Villette Sodic Compound, as it is interested in launching the project in one of the most prominent locations in New Cairo, near the main roads and important areas for easy movement between the compound and all Villette areas. Details of the Sodic Compound location are as follows:

  • Villette compound New Cairo is close to all service centers.
  • Villette compound New Cairo is surrounded by a large group of commercial centers and shopping centers.
  • Villette Sodic Compound, Fifth Settlement, overlooks the American University.
  • The compound is close to Nasr City, a 20-minute drive away
  • The compound is close to Teseen Street, 5 minutes by car
  • Close to Heliopolis, 20 minutes by car, from the New Administrative Capital, only 15 minutes
Villette compound New Cairo

Villette compound New Cairo

Services and features of Villette New Cairo Compound

Sodic Real Estate Company can distinguish the Sodic Compound in the Fifth Settlement with an exceptional set of services and facilities that allow all customers to settle in with a lot of comfort and luxury.

  • It includes a group of places of worship, a large mosque, and a church for religious celebrations.
  • It provides one of the largest sports clubs on an area of 30 acres
  • Sodic Villette Compound features designated walking and cycling paths to enjoy and smell the air, as it offers a group of distinct gardens over a large area.
  • With bodies of water that give the units wonderful and stunning views
  • In addition to many services and facilities that you can enjoy when purchasing a unit in Villette Sodic, Fifth Settlement
  • Area of Villette Compound New Cairo
  • The issue of space is one of the most important issues in any investment project, whether it is
  • offering residential, commercial, administrative, or other real estate projects for various purposes.
  • Here, SODIC Development Company is keen to provide a distinct and diverse group of units as
  • there is room, and we know that SODIC offers a diverse group of units.
  • Villette compound New Cairo consists of apartments for sale in the Villette Sodic Compound, and
  • townhouses for sale in the Fifth Settlement next to the twin and separate villas provided by the
  • company, and it is able to offer such great diversity in its units as the land area in which the compound is located,
  • The company announced that the unit area starts from 180 square meters to 427 square meters, providing various options for all investors.
Villette compound New Cairo

Villette compound New Cairo

Apartment spaces in Villette New Cairo Compound

SODIC’s combined area consists of 300 acres divided into a group of residential units and large green spaces, the latter occupying the majority of the project, creating a comfortable and tranquil internal atmosphere. The compound consists of five different phases, the last phase is about to be completed, so the project is divided into four residential areas, varying between small, medium and large spaces to meet the needs of all customers, and all units have glass curtain walls and green spaces on top of the buildings. There are a number of residential spaces within Villette New Cairo, divided into:

  • Twin houses, areas ranging from 257 m2 to 314 m2.
  • Townhouse areas range from 260 m2 to 307 m2.
  • Independent villas up to 750 square meters.

Payment and installment systems

It is worth noting that Villette compound New Cairo offers many high-end services and wonderful features in addition to its distinguished location; The owner company offers unparalleled prices and a unique payment system, which provides the project with an important competitive advantage:

  • Clients 10% of the unit value is paid to the contract supplier and the remainder is paid in equal intervals over 7 years.
Villette compound New Cairo

Villette compound New Cairo

The company that owns the project

Sodic development as the executor of the fifth district of Villette compound New Cairo, has provided the projects with more than 20 years of experience in this field, providing an integrated residential community that serves its customers and provides them with all basic, leisure and entertainment services. And the job they are looking for. The company was established in 1996 and is now considered one of the most important and largest real estate companies in Egypt. SODIC is passionate about providing distinguished residential communities that attract the attention of businessmen and investors.

Focuses on the level of quality provided to customers. Outside the field of real estate development, it also had a clear impact in social life, and played a prominent role in material donations to various social institutions through the company. Among the most important works of Sodic Real Estate Company are the following:

  • New Caramel Zayed Compound.
  • Vye Sodic Sheikh Zayed Compound.
  • Mraz North Coast Resort.
  • Caesar North Shore Resort.
  • Allegria Sheikh Zayed Compound.
  • 6 West 6 October Compound.
  • Portal Sheikh Zayed project.
  • Sheikh Zayed Complex, Weston Medical Center.
  • Westown Hub Mall 6 October.
  • Las Vegas Strip Mall, October 6.
  • Sheikh Zayed Polygon Project.
  • Beverly Hills Sheikh Zayed.
  • West Forty 6th of October Compound
  • . October Square.
  • Weston Yard Compound.
  • Weston Sheikh Zayed Compound.
  • Dongsheng Park Compound, Fifth Settlement.
  • Sodic East Heliopolis Compound.
  • Sodic East Shorouk Compound.
  • Manor Sheikh Zayed Compound.
  • Eastown New Cairo Compound.
  • Spectral Compounds, 5th Clearing.
  • Sky Compound, Fifth Settlement Apartments.
  • Kataya Plaza Compound.
  • Caesar Bay project.
  • John Sudick North Shore.
  • Rhododendron Sodic East
  • Villette compound New Cairo

Please note that the prices and spaces mentioned in the article are for the first half of 2023, so they are subject to change. We at Masharef Real Estate are keen to update the spaces, price and type of listings for both residential and commercial units to keep them. Informing clients about the real estate market.

You can contact us on sales number +201270970000

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Features of Villette compound New Cairo
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Villette Sodic Compound located?
Fifth Settlement
Who is the real estate developer of Villette Sodic Compound?
Sodic Real Estate Company
What is the finishing type in Villette Sodic Compound?
fully finished
What is the type of units in Villette Sodic Compound?
Twin houses - townhouses - villas
What are the payment systems in Villette Sodic Compound?
Down payment starting from 10%, installments up to 7 years
What is the project area?
300 acres
What is the sales number?