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Stars Mall New Capital


Stars Mall New Capital , or as it is known as  Project

Stars New Capital or Stars New Capital  , is one of  Capital Real

Estate Development Company’s, which will be explained below:

stars Mall English

Stars Mall New Capital:

The first project of Capital Real Estate Development in the modern administrative capital with amazing services

The mall consists of 2 basement – ground + 3 floors.

About Stars Mall New Capital:

The largest commercial mall completely in the first residential space in the Administrative Capital, the first commercial mall entirely in the first residential place and the closest to receive

With the strongest payment system, starting from 0% in advance and installments up to 9 years

Stars Mall New Capital

Stars Mall New Capita

units Stars Mall New Capita

Administrative units

Project area: 3010 square meters

The administrative units’ space starts from 20 square meters

Commercial units

The commercial units’ space starts from 25 square meters

Receipt of commercial units without finishing

Medical units

he area of medical units starts from 20 square meters.

Stars Mall New Capital location:

Stars Mall is located in

a highly distinguished location

in new Administrative Capital,

in the heart of the R3,

the first residential place

in New Administrative Capital

Near the compound,

which is the first residential compound,

ready housing units and villas.

Location Stars Mall New Capital

Stars Administrative Capital services:


Area of ​​Stars Mall new capital:

The project area is 3010 square meters

Part No. R3-D7.

Stars Mall New Capital units:

The beginning of the spaces

from 25 m by the price of a meter,

starting from 45 thousand

No down payment

and installments of up to 9 years

Commercial units are delivered

without finishing

Receipt of the mall

within two and a half years

We have already started digging on the project

The R3 district is totally 1,100 acres

It has 4 main ports

(Suez Sabil – Bin Zayed Corridor

in the north – Axis of Hope –

Regional Ring)

R3 features:

It is located next to the government district,

the Presidential Palace,

Al Masa Hotel, the Opera House,

the Down Towne area,

and government

and specialist companies.

(International universities,

Canadian University –

International European University GIU –

9 International schools –

5-star tourist hotels to serve foreigners

and visitors to the Sports City –

Monorail station

and express train station,

a railway to ensure easy transportation –

the medical town,

the exhibition grounds

and the central park –

in front of it.

The Chinese towers directly

overlooking the Green River

(the happiness towers),

which is a tourist area

with the number of a person

in the capital,

in which there will be skyscrapers

and (Icon Tower) the tallest tower

in Africa and the Middle East

and its length is 385 m

And on it the sports town,

which is on a place of 93 acres,

and has tourist hotels –

next to it the smart village

that contains with it

the largest gathering of

multinational institutions in the planet,

the town of knowledge

and the town of culture and arts)

Prices for Stars Mall New Capital:

Prices start at 1,000,000.

Payment methods

Stars Mall New Capital:

Bedowon down payment

and installments up to 9 years

Taking into account that the prices

and spaces mentioned in

the subject are for the greater half

of the year 2020,

and thus they are subject

to modification,

and we take into account

the maintenance of updating the spaces

also the record of prices

and patterns of residential units

and commercial residential units

in a sustainable manner

so that the customer becomes aware

of the changes in the position of sale

and purchase of facilities.

Stars New Capital project

The company that

owns Stars Mall New capital:

It is one of the largest real estate

institutions in the market,

as it stood on its feet by

forming the most prestigious

commercial mall in

the modern administrative capital,

which is Stars Mall of

the modern administrative capital.

Stars New Capital project

The New Administrative Capital:

With the aim of modifying Cairo

into a proactive political,

cultural and economic arrangement

for North Africa,

the Gulf and North Africa

through thriving environmental investment

conditions supported

by heterogeneous investment efforts

and achieving permanent development

to ensure the protection

and preservation of

the unique historical

and natural sources possessed by Cairo,

the capital of Egypt,

and to facilitate living there

by efficient facilities.

The allocation of a place of

170 1000 acres for the development

of the administrative capital

in the east of the town of Cairo,

the capital of Egypt,

and this is for its distinctive location

and its proximity to the place

of the Suez Canal,

regional methods and main axes.

The number of people targeted

during the first round is ten.

Stars New Capital project

Map of the new administrative capital:

The map of the modern administrative capital

is your guide today to know

all the important details

about the most worthy

and largest project throughout this period,

you can access all the information

you want to know That swarming town

that has become the trend

of the Arab world

and the Arab Republic of Egypt specifically

after it was announced by

His Majesty the President of

the country The Egyptian

Mr. Abdel Fattah El-Sisi,

who is the safe haven

for all investors of all sizes.

Which has become the most important

and most famous investment project

for all investors in

the Arab Republic of Egypt,

the most beautiful

and finest global projects,

different and disparate

and endless features and benefits,

choose a compound, a space

and a location that suits you,

the prices in the

nearby administrative capital,

the New Era, do not agree Competition,

a distinguished and elegant arrangement

on the most beautiful beach in the world,

chose a wonderful finished residential

unit at the smallest prices

and the best and most beautiful designs,

here the town of

the modern administrative capital

near the era is truly a piece

of paradise on Egyptian land.

Stars New Capital project

The most important features

of the modern administrative capital:

The modern modern administrative

capital city project is distinguished

by providing all services

to all owners for an optimal life full

of luxury and tranquility.

Besides the presence of a central park

that represents the largest

and most famous park in the world

, the area of ​​this park

is towards 8000 square meters,

which is equivalent to twice

and half the size of

the New York Central Park,

and towards 6 times the headquarters

of Hyde Park,

the Central Park in London,

in addition to that of the Green River.

And to ensure the continuous access

of electricity and the absence of

power cuts to the capital,

the largest power station

constructed 4800 megawatts,

in addition to that,

there are stations to generate electricity.

As soon as the application

and modernization of

the natural gas extension plan

in nearby cities,

which is spread over a length of

sixty-five kilometers,

which starts from Ain Sokhna to

Center of the administrative capital city

This is to benefit from the generation

of electricity in the recent

modern administrative capital,

and so that natural gas reaches

all the towers and buildings

in the modern modern administrative capital.

What are the transportation routes

for the new modern administrative capital:

The project of new modern capital

is the loudest and largest project

that was established during this period,

The modern administrative capital city

linked to many residential neighborhoods

and cities around it and to Cairo,

the capital of the Arab Republic of Egypt

By the latest modern

and advanced means

of transportation,

that is why a train will build

to link the tenth of Ramadan with Qali

The ring road at the hands of Suez,

eventually reaching new administrative capital,

and upon knowing any location

in the vicinity of the capital

El Jadida, you can locate it

on the map of new Administrative Capital

near the modern era of Egypt,

to reach it with ease.

Stars New Capital project

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  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
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  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
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