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Last updated 2022-12-20
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Solas Mall New Capital


Solas Mall New Capital, or as it is known as Solas Project

new Capital or New Administrative Solas, is one of vow Real Estate Development

Company’s projects, which will be explained below:

Solas Mall

Spaces of the Solas Administrative Capital Mall:

The Solas Administrative Capital project was built on an area of

​​8 thousand square meters,

The construction rate is about 30%, and the project includes

298 administrative units and 248 garages.

The areas of the administrative units start from 42 square meters

to 546 square meters.

The building will house many international administrative signs.

Solas Mall, the Administrative Capital, consists of 2 basement + ground

+ 7 floors of roof

The height of the ground floor is considered to be 7.5 square meters.

The height of the recurring floors in the Solas New Capital project is

4.3 square meters.

The depth of the corridor is approximately 2.2 square meters to

1.3 square meters.

There are special entrances for administrative offices,

and corporate headquarters.

The location of the Solas New Capital Mall:

The Solas New Capital project is located near the largest transportation

network, with a monorail metro line and an internal tram for

the financial district.

It is located near the ministries district and all these lines intersect at

the central train station of the New Administrative Capital.

The Solas Mall is the administrative capital near the Housing and

Development Bank.

It is located next to Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank.

in addition, It is near the Arab Bank.

It is located next to the Financial Institute.

The Solas Mall is the administrative capital near the Egyptian Gulf Bank.

It is located next to Misr Iran Development Bank.

The plot is distinguished by its large area that separates it from

the neighboring buildings, thus achieving a high percentage of

distinction for more than 80% of the interior spaces,

Natural light permeates most of the day, which reflects positive energy on

the residents of the building and helps rationalize energy consumption,

The capital is characterized by a modern infrastructure, and

the Administrative Capital includes upscale residential areas,

There are certain commercial areas for government agencies,

private institutions, and international companies.

Solas Mall New Capital units

administrative office

Starting from 42 meters up to 546 meters

Fully finished with central air conditioning


Solas Mall New Capital location

Services of Solas Mall New Capital:

Vast green spaces are available.

There is a landscape to provide you with psychological comfort

during your work.

A huge meeting center is available up to 500 square meters on

the ground floor.

In Solas Mall, the Administrative Capital, there are meeting rooms

equipped to the highest standard.

Designated parking areas available in each floor, and open work spaces.

There is a BMS smart facility management system within

the SOLAS project.

Meeting rooms available.

In the Solas New Capital Mall, there are luxurious conferences equipped

with the highest standards of quality and level.

There are many recreational facilities within the Solas project.

There is a large health club equipped with the latest equipment at

the highest level.

Restaurants are available in the Solas New Capital project.

There are cafes that offer delicious western and eastern food and drinks.

Cafe available on the roof.

There are designated prayer areas.

Multiple use rooms are available.

There are common workspaces.

There gymnasiums equipp with the latest games at the highest level.

Within the project, there areas designat for meditation and

relaxation in the open air.

Business services are available that include well-equipped business centers.

There is a garage under the ground for cars, enough to accommodate 248 cars.

Security and guard personnel are available to secure and protect

the project 24 hours a day.

Prices in Solas New Capital Mall:

Solas Mall is one of the most prestigious malls located in

the heart of the financial and business district in the New Capital,

Which is set to become the business and future center of Egypt.

Solas Mall, the Administrative Capital, features open views

and natural light for all offices.

There are 80 meters between buildings on left back.

Solas Mall offers more premium workplaces and a variety of landscapes.

In SOLAS you’ll find vibrant spaces and bright offices.

The Solas Capital Mall becomes the future business world.

This mall consists of two distinct buildings that merge seamlessly

to form a U-shape

It stands out in the New Capital with its artistic design that symbolizes

modernity, in addition to the spacious interiors that give you comfort.

Unit prices in Solas New Capital Mall are among the best prices.

If you compare it with all the unit prices in other malls in the capital.

The price per meter in Solas Mall starts from 34,500 EGP up to 43,500 EGP.

The floors consist of the ground up to the seventh administrative.

The administrative units are finished with central air conditioning.

Solas Mall is unique in a very privileged location in the financial

and business district, which is one of the most prosperous areas in

all major centers and institutions for businessmen and is located

next to banks and important institutions.

The price per square meter of the units in Solas Mall is considered

a great opportunity to start your successful project.

Various payment systems are available up to 8 years.

All units in the Solas Administrative Capital project will be delivered

fully finished in April 2023.

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Features of Solas Mall New Capital
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains