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Masa Mall New Capital


Masa Mall New Capital, or as it is known as Masa Project new Capital

or New Administrative Masa , is one of Pyramids Real

Estate Development Company’s, which will be explained below:

Masa Mall english

Area of ​​Masa Mall new capital:

It is characterized by the multiplicity and abundance of its services,

due to its location on a large area estimated at about 45,000 square meters.

It has a main façade on a main axis 130 meters wide.

The Al-Masa Administrative Capital project consists of a ground floor

and five consecutive floors,

A variety of spaces are available in the Al-Masa Mall, the Administrative

 Capital, to choose from.

It starts from about 25 square meters. The company has also offered

additional internal and external spaces.

Inside the masa Mall, the Administrative Capital, there is a variety of units,

Where there are commercial units, administrative units, medical units,

In addition to hotel units, restaurants, cafes, banquet and conference rooms.

Location of Masa Mall new Capital:

It is characterized by a unique strategic location in the heart of

the Downtown area, the most popular and active area of ​​new Capital,

and the location is characterized by the following features:

It is located opposite the famous Al Massa Hotel, precisely in front

of the 6: 3 gates of the hotel.

A location close to the most important residential areas in new Capital,

especially the seventh and eighth residential areas,

And there are luxurious housing complexes in them.

A location near the Green River is the largest of the Administrative

Capital’s parks, which gives all units the most beautiful view.

A strategic location close to the important administrative neighborhoods,

especially the diplomatic quarter and the government district.

It is located near the central area and the People’s Assembly headquarters.

The distance from the administrative capital Al-Masa location to

the Monorail express is a few minutes.

A distinctive location with its proximity to the Central Bank and

the banking district.

The Egypt Mosque, built on 68 acres, is minutes away from the location.

The distance between the location and the Cathedral of Christ is

only a few minutes.

It is located in close proximity to public shopping and entertainment areas.

It is located near the famous iconic tower.

The distance between it and the government sectors was estimated

in a few minutes.

Especially the petroleum sector, administrative and economic

government sectors, real estate companies, tourism and aviation companies.

Location very close to the Administrative Capital Airport.

The Opera House is steps away from the mall.

A few minutes interval between him and the gold, fashion, fashion,

computer and technology markets.

Masa Mall New Capital units

commercial store

Starting at 25 meters

Finishing core and shell

administrative office

Starting at 25 meters

Finishing core and shell

medical clinic

Starting at 25 meters

Finishing core and shell

Masa Mall New Capital location

Services and features of Masa Mall new Capital:

The Al-Masa project is considered the largest and most beautiful

administrative and commercial complex in the New Administrative Capital.

It is characterized by amazing integration of its services and facilities,

among the most important of these services are the following:

In the Al-Masa Mall, the Administrative Capital, there are green areas,

gardens, and the most beautiful landscapes overlooking the mall units,

providing psychological comfort and relaxation.

There is a large food court in the Al-Masa Mall, the Administrative Capital.

It includes famous chains of restaurants and cafes that offer the most

delicious and delicious meals, with a classy service.

There are great entertainment services for adults and children

, most notably water skiing games,

It also has the largest aquarium in the Administrative Capital.

Halls for parties, meetings and conferences are provided, and

they are equipped with the latest equipment and devices.

Masa Mall has a large cinema complex that presents new Arab

and foreign films.

Al Masa Mall has 3D hologram screens for advertisements.

There are entrances for administrative units, others for medical units

and clinics, and entrances for hotel apartments, which provide privacy

and ease of movement.

It has unique architectural designs in an elegant French style.

The gates of the Al-Masa Mall, the Administrative Capital, are excellently

secured, and the guard and security services work non-stop 24 hours.

The mall is equipped with an integrated system of modern surveillance

cameras that work throughout the day.

Prices and payment systems for Masa Mall new Capital:

After referring to the services and features of Massa Mall,

the Administrative Capital, the feeling that customers leak out is

that its prices are exaggerated.

And investing inside him is a difficult dream to achieve, but the owner

company announced the prices, which were reasonable with

the highest return on investment.

It also introduced flexible and easy payment systems to provide

convenience to all customers.

The customer pays a 5% downpayment in the Almasa Mall,

the administrative capital, then 5% is paid after three months,

With the rest of the amount being paid in equal installments at Al-Masa Mall,

the Administrative Capital, for a period of 8 years, and 10% of maintenance

added in installments.

in addition:

There is a 10% downpayment, the rest of the amount paid in equal

installments for 10 years, and 10% for maintenance in installments.

The customer pays 25% in advance and pays the first installment after

receiving, and it is possible to pay the down payment in installments.

There is a 30% downpayment, with an investment return of 12% per year

until the unit is received, and the first installment is paid after receipt.

The customer pays a 35% down payment, gets an annual investment

return of 14%, and pays the first installment after receiving the unit.

40% is paid in advance, and customers get a 16% return on investment

until receipt, and the first installment is paid upon receipt.

The owner company always announces new payment systems and it is

expected that more easy methods will be disclosed with the start of

booking the mall units.

It is worth noting that the units in the Al-Masa Administrative Capital

project are delivered semi-finished on the clamshell.

So that each customer can choose the type of finishing that suits his desire

without restrictions, while providing floors of the finest types of marble

for all units.

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Features of Masa Mall New Capital
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains