Pyramids Real Estate Development

Pyramids Real Estate Development is an international organization that has a name and weight in the place of buying and selling real estate in Egypt

Business details of Pyramids Real Estate Development:

The various data about the institution.

You mention one of the largest and largest institutions in Europe,

an institution that has a long history in the field of economy and the field of import and export,

in addition to it has the experience that makes it the first in its field.

Pyramids Real Estate Development established in 1984 in the Arab Republic of Egypt,

in addition to a branch of the company was launched in the French Republic in 1989,

and it has practiced its abundant achievements until it has become today one of

in addition to the most successful institutions and contributes to the renaissance of Egyptian and French investment.

As for the founders of that entity, they are two of the owners of commercial establishments

who dazzled the place of buying and selling real estate with unique and different projects

between residential and commercial in the Arab Republic of Egypt, the state of the French Republic,

and they are:

Eng. Hisham El-Khouly.

in addition to the engineer / Alaa Al-Khouli.

Through this partnership,

they were able to perform extensive commercial business in the name of Pyramids Real Estate,

in addition to the commercial establishment has a number of investments amounting to two hundred 1,000,000 euros,

as it contains a partnership with the Egyptian army forces,

which participated in installing the name of the institution in the sky of the

Egyptian place of sale and purchase.

in addition to As for the projects that it implemented in the Arab Republic of Egypt,

they are diverse and varied, including the following:

Pyramids Real Estate Development:

Here, the commercial establishment rose by choosing the administrative capital

in addition to propose an investment project due to the expansions

that the modern administrative capital has faced in recent times.

in addition to The Pyramids Mall is located within the borders of the Downtown area,

the most famous neighborhood in the capital,

in addition to that mall consists of commercial units,

administrative offices and medical clinics equipped and fully finished.

The location of the mall characterized by a view of the Diamond Hotel,

in addition to the Green River and the wealth and business district,

as it is located next to the ring road and the main and important axes of the administrative capital.

in addition to  Pyramids Real Estate Development rose by choosing an area of ​​45,000 square meters for the construction of that edifice,

and designed this place in a way that makes it contain with it a number of different services

next to the shops and administrative and medical units that were applied in a modern

in addition to distinctive style that distinguishes it from the rest of the projects in the Administrative Capital.

Pyramids Real Estate Development provided the Pyramids Mall with different

in addition to multiple spaces in each of the different sectors that the project embraces,

just as it offered prices that do not compare with the privileges that each unit carries in it.

As for the payment methods, they are diverse, including a 5% down payment

in addition to facilities up to 8 years and without benefits,

and to know All details about the mall through Pyramids Mall, the modern administrative capital.

Information about Pyramids Real Estate Development Corporation:

And Pyramids Real Estate Development shined again in a distinguished downtown,

a skyscraper owned by the commercial facility in the most distinguished location in the Administrative Capital,

and it contains with it both (commercial stores, administrative and medical offices, and hotel housing units).

The Pyramids Business Tower is located behind the Wealth and Business District,

immediately facing the Talaat area and the Green River. It is close to the cathedral, Al Masa Hotel,

and the most important landmarks in the modern administrative capital.

As for the area that the establishment stood on its feet by defining the mall, it is 25,000 meters.

This place designed to be erected on top of a skyscraper with a height of twenty lofts,

just as it allocated an external area for a number of restaurants, cafes and shops.

The commercial establishment here gives you a real possibility for everyone

who is looking for a successful and safe economy in the nearby administrative capital,

your place to schedule the payment in an integrated mall in the most vital location in the capital,

own a medical clinic or a hotel house in a skyscraper and enjoy a view with distinct specifications through

which you see the most beautiful similarities Natural and green spaces,

and to find out the increase in data about the mall, Pyramids Business Tower, the modern administrative capital.

Paris Mall, Administrative Capital:

Pyramids Real Estate Development continues its achievements

with a modern project in the heart of the modern administrative capital,

Farid said, with designs that convey the splendor of the French architectural arts

that enchant you and take you to all that is distinct and distinct.

Pyramids Real Estate Development is that the Paris Mall site has a comparative advantage

that makes you not be confused in reserving your place in that edifice,

and it closed over the MU23 area, which is a place located between the R3 and R2,

and this site is characterized by its location on 3 major streets with an explanation of 120 meters,

as is unique It is located at the main and important gates of the modern administrative capital.

In addition to :

Pyramids Real Estate Development announced that the mall will be built on a place of 4 acres,

an area equivalent to 14, hundred meters.

This place contains many commercial and administrative units and wonderful hotel housing units.

The spaces in the commercial units start from 18 meters.

And its administrative offices start from 53 meters.

The cost per square meter for the commercial in Paris Mall starts from 65 thousand pounds.

As for the administrative units, the price per square meter starts from fifty thousand pounds.

Start your customized project and book your place in the Paris Mall, the modern administrative capital is not similar

and integrated into the heart of the nearby administrative capital, take advantage

of the possibility and do not be confused and invest with an international

institution that provides you with the largest investment project with full services

in the most vital location in the capital, Paris Mall is your real and safe investment in the capital modern.

Paris East Administrative Capital:

One of the most beautiful and luxurious businesses launched by Pyramids Real Estate Development

he said, with distinguished specifications in all the meaning of the word,

combining Paris East Mall with the largest aquarium and dolphin shows,

surrounded by similar natural and tropical forests,

as well as a complex of cinemas and some restaurants and cafes and many activities Diverse entertainment.

The mall is located within an area within the borders of MU 23,

which is a vital and distinctive place located between R2 and R3,

and is next to the Olympic town in which the handball sports competition will be held for the year 2021 AD,

in addition to its proximity to the Presidential Palace,

the Royal and Business District, the Axis of Hope, and the Ring Road in the modern capital.

The institution provides in that edifice a number of services that are present for the first time in the administrative capital,

as it has designed from the overall location of the mall a great part of the landscape and green spaces around it,

and the spaces in that edifice start from 26 meters for commercial units,

while the administrative starts from 24 square meters.

Grand Square Mall, Administrative Capital:

And he said the commercial establishment raised it with a huge amount

of investments amounting to 750 1,000,000 pounds.

It raised its investment with an integrated mall in the government district in the modern administrative capital.

Grand Square Mall is a modern campaign of the commercial establishment on the land of the capital

with designs with distinct specifications and countless services in the most prestigious location in the administrative capital.

The Champs Elysees Mall, the modern capital:

The mall is located immediately in front of the Presidential Palace on the R7,

and in front of Council of Ministers Street, steps away from the Ring Road and the Mohammed bin Zayed axis in the south,

as it is close to the largest entertainment park present in the capital and the exhibition town.