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Last updated 2022-03-19
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Rixoz Mall New Capital


Rixoz Mall New Capital, or as it is known as Rixoz Project

new Capital or New Administrative Rixoz, is one of Four Season

Real Estate Development Company’s, which will be explained below:

Rixoz Mall

Spaces of the Rixoz New Capital Mall:

Four Seasons Group Real Estate Development Company is always interested,

through its projects, to achieve a successful investment opportunity for you;

Therefore, it provides you with world class operational services.

This will guarantee you in the Rixoz New Capital project the highest real return

on investment, from the first day of contracting, especially since its projects are

integrated projects at all levels.

The area of the Rixoz Mall, the Administrative Capital, is 3 thousand square

meters, and the percentage of construction is 30%, and the rest is for

Landscape, and services.

Location of Rixoz New Capital Mall:

One of the most important strengths of this project is its location in the

Downtown area (MU 19) in the New Administrative Capital, because it

is one of the most vital areas.

Therefore, the chances of success of any projects located in it increase,

especially as they approach the most important areas and facilities in

the capital, the most important of which are:

Opera House.

Al Massa Hotel.

The largest mosque in the Middle East.

Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ.

The corporate sector.

Rixoz Mall the administrative capital

Petroleum institutions.

Insurance companies.

Banks area.

Monorail central train station.

Governmental District: There are government institutions and agencies,

and major projects such as The Office Mall.

Many advantages available in the Downtown area make it a real addition and

a unique feature to any mall located in it, as it extends over a large area

of ​​about 1364 acres.

The Rixoz Administrative Capital Mall is located on important streets in

the capital and at the intersection of the northern axis of Mohammed bin

Zayed with the capital axis,

Besides its proximity to the most important residential neighborhoods, namely:

the seventh and eighth districts, as well as many other advantages such as

It serves as a link between the most important neighborhoods and regions of

the capital, such as the government and presidential neighborhood,

the financial district, the capital’s airport and the Green River.

Available for sale store in Rixoz Mall.

The availability of a wide range of services in it is rarely found in another region,

as it includes administrative offices, service centers and other educational

centers, in addition to the commercial market and data center.

The area is ready to start work and investment immediately, because more

than 95% of the government district has been completed and work has

already started at Al Masa Hotel.

It is supposed to be a major area for entertainment as well as shopping in

the New Capital, as this is constantly active in the sales movement.

Rixoz Mall New Capital units

commercial store

Starting at 21 meters

Finishing core and shell

apartment hotel

Starting at 42 meters

Finishing core and shell

Rixoz Mall New Capital location

Rixoz New Capital Mall services:

Advanced operational services, comparable to those found in the most

luxurious international malls.

You will also find in Rixoz Mall, the Administrative Capital, an attractive

design, and elegant from the outside, in a modern architectural style.

Wonderful interior decorations, and various spaces, suitable for all activities.

The most important international brands will also be available inside the mall.

There are restaurants and cafes in the Rixoz Administrative Capital project.

As well as a pharmacy.

Food Court.

Hypermarket is also available.

Children’s entertainment area.

Prices and payment systems in the New Capital Rixoz Mall:

The prices of the Rixoz New Capital project are among the very distinguished

prices in the Downtown area, and this is what the Four Seasons Group has

excelled in.

The price per square meter for residential units starts from 28.5

thousand pounds.

Medical units, the price per square meter starts at 35.5 thousand pounds.

There is a store in Rixoz Mall.

As for the commercial units in Rixoz Mall, the New Capital, the price per

square meter starts from 57,000 pounds.

Administrative units inside the mall were completely sold out.

We also note that the receipt of commercial units will be semi-finished.

As for receiving the administrative and medical units, it will be fully

finished with air conditioners.

The delivery date at Rixoz Mall, the New Capital, will be after two and a half years.

There is 0% downpayment, and the rest of the unit price is paid over 5 years.

Or 10% downpayment, and the remaining unit price will be paid over 6 years.

A 15% downpayment is available, and the rest of the unit price is paid

over 7 years.

Or pay 20% downpayment, 5% down payment after one year, and 5% down

payment after the second year, and the remaining unit price will be paid

over 8 years.

35% payment is available, the first installment after two years, and

the remainder of the unit price will be paid over 4 years, after two years.

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Features of Rixoz Mall New Capital
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains