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North Edge New Alamein North Coast


North Edge New Alamein North Coast

Project Description

North Edge New Alamein North Coast

North Edge Towers New Alamein is one of the largest projects currently being implemented in the North Coast region.

And that is within the big global project on the land of Egypt, which is the new city of Alamein, which the government is implementing with the aim of creating an integrated residential, industrial, tourism, and entertainment city on the northern coast.

In order to relieve pressure on major cities such as Cairo, Alexandria, and others, the new city of El Alamein is very similar to the new administrative capital.

In terms of the form of the mega projects that are implemented, to be the first million-strong city on the North Coast.

New Alamein City North Edge Tower project

It is a city of millions on the northern coast, on which a group of mega projects will be built, with an estimated capacity of 3 to 4 million people.

The new city of Alamein is built on an area of ​​50 thousand acres, with a depth of more than 60 km south of the coastal strip.

Many residential, commercial, tourism and industrial projects, utility networks and water desalination plants will be built on it.

The first phase of the new city of El Alamein has an area of ​​about 8 thousand acres and is expected to accommodate about 400 thousand people.

That stage is divided into two sectors: a coastal sector divided into an archaeological and tourism sector, and the other sector is an urban sector, including the North Edge Towers project.

New North Edge Towers Alamein is surrounded by green spaces, crystal lagoons, lakes, and recreational areas.

Where all units of the North Edge project New Alamein enjoy a wonderful view either on the sea or on the quiet lakes and green spaces.

There is also a lake near the famous city of El Alamein, which will receive boats and yachts for cruise enthusiasts.

In front of North Edge Towers New Alamein, there is a huge commercial and entertainment complex, located directly on the sea, and includes more than 40 buildings.

And which is punctuated by many paths overlooking the sea, and includes a complex of cinemas, amusement parks, bank headquarters, cafes, and restaurants.

North Edge New Alamein project

Near it there is a seawater desalination plant that was implemented by a Spanish company located next to the Hamra port.

Also near the Hamra Port area, there is the largest industrial zone on an area of ​​8 thousand feddans, which includes several industries.

Most notably, petrochemicals, mountain salt industries, mining and supplementary industries for construction, and another industrial zone located on 80 acres of Petrojet.

There is also a variety of exhibitions that offer many activities suitable for all tastes, in addition to an international medical center.

Also near North Edge Towers New Alamein, there is a group of hotels on an area of ​​296 acres.

As for the cultural aspect, near the North Edge project, there are international schools, international universities, a cultural center, and an international conference center.

There are also the largest malls and commercial centers near the North Edge project, a huge library, a group of sports clubs, a mosque and a church.

Do not miss the opportunity to be part of the most luxurious tourism project in Egypt, by owning a luxurious residential unit in the most prestigious area on the North Coast.

Project Location

North Edge New Alamein North Coast location

The new city of Alamein will include North Edge Towers, New Alamein, which is a group of residential and tourist towers, surrounded by international commercial and entertainment centers.

City Edge Real Estate Development Company was established with the aim of changing the lifestyle of the North Coast.

From being a summer resort that tourists come to at certain times of the year, to a residential city that provides the greatest comfort to residents throughout the year.

North Edge Towers New Alamein consists of 15 residential towers with a height of 40 floors, each tower contains 230 housing units.

The North Edge Towers New Alamein units enjoy a wonderful view of the most beautiful beaches with crystal clear turquoise waters.

North Edge Towers New Alamein is distinguished by its vital location near Marina El Alamein, El Alamein Military Museum and El Alamein City.

The North Edge project, El Alamein, is 54 km from El Alamein International Airport, and about 89 km from Burj Al Arab Airport.

The towers are also located on the most important main roads, most notably the Petroleum Road, Wadi Natrun, El Alamein Road, and the International Coastal Road, and thus are easily accessible from any direction.

North Edge Towers in the new city of El Alamein, which administratively follows Marsa Matrouh Governorate, and is located 48 km long from Alexandria / Matrouh International Road.

Location of DE JOYA Compound New Capital

Facilities & Amenities

Facilities and amenities:

The services in the North Edge Towers project are the same services that the New Alamein City will provide to its residents.

Especially since North Edge Towers, New Alamein is located in the heart of New Alamein City, directly on the seashore.

As for the most prominent services of North Edge Towers, they are:

  • Swimming pools of various sizes.
  • Running and cycling tracks.
  • Gym equipped with the highest level of international sports equipment.
  • Children’s area.
  • Laundry and supermarket.
  • Parking spaces for cars.
  • A huge commercial area containing the largest number of international stores.
  • A neighborhood of hotels and Midtown that contains 6 hotels.
  • A cultural center, an opera house, and museums.
  • Fayrouzi Beach and a 14 km tourist walkway.
  • Al Alamein huge lake.
  • Exhibitions and outlets.
  • Amusement park at the highest level.
  • A library the size of the Library of Alexandria.
  • A huge park.
  • A mosque and a church.
  • Historic areas such as World War Cemeteries.
  • University and schools.
  • Sports clubs.
  • A global medical center on an area of ​​44 acres.
  • A global conference center prepared to receive important conferences.

Project Layout

DE JOYA Compound Layout & masterplan

DE JOYA compound new capital

Of course, a question may come to your mind, why specifically Taj Misr chose the eighth residential neighborhood R8; To establish its first project in the administrative capital?

The answer lies in the fact that the eighth district is one of the most important and prestigious residential neighborhoods in the capital, within the first stage of it, as this neighborhood, in addition to the seventh residential neighborhood r7, were allocated to real estate development companies.

The eighth district has been divided in a very modern way. Because of the abundance of green spaces, a service area close to all residential areas was also provided.

As for the advantages of the location of the eighth residential district, you will find that it is located adjacent to the diplomatic quarter, close to the regional ring road, and the axis of Mohammed bin Zayed.

It is also close to the cathedral, exhibition grounds, the capital’s administrative airport, the Green River, the City of Culture, the Arts, the Diamond Hotel, and the Convention Center.

Unit and Spaces

North Edge New Alamein North Coast Product Mix

North Edge Towers New Alamein offers a variety of units, including apartments and chalets.

With areas ranging from 183 square meters to 351 square meters, knowing that the units consist of one to 4 bedrooms.

With the knowledge that the units of the new North Edge Towers Alamein deliver complete finishing with adaptations.

North Edge New Alamein North Coast

Delivery & finishing Specs

North Edge New Alamein North Coast Delivery Date:

The Delivery Date in DE JOYA compound new capital is after 3 years From the Contract Date

Finishing in North Edge New Alamein North Coast:

Fully Finished

Prices & Payment Plans

Prices in North Edge New Alamein North Coast:

North Edge Towers New Alamein was designed and implemented to match the Dubai Towers, and celebrations will be held on various occasions.

North Edge Towers project There is in the new city of Alamein, one of the fourth generation cities, which will include many huge projects that make it the best tourist city in Egypt.

As for the prices of North Edge apartments, they start from 6,600,000 EGP. With a lot of easy payment systems, pay 5% and the rest over 7 years.

As for the price per meter in the first phase of North Edge Towers New Alamein, it is very distinctive.

Prices for New Alamein Towers, through which you will find luxurious units with a stunning view of the wonderful beaches of the North Coast, along with all the services you will need.

About The Developer

The Land Developers background and experiences

The owner Background and its previous Projects

The owner company of the North Edge Towers project in New Alamein City is City Edge Developments, which is well known.

It is the product of a partnership between 3 institutions affiliated with the Egyptian government, namely:

  1. New Urban Communities Authority by 60%.
  2. The Housing and Development Bank, by 38%.
  3. The Holding Company for Investment and Development, by 2%.

City Edge Real Estate has many projects in the Egyptian real estate market, most notably:

  • Etapa project in Sheikh Zayed, which is a smart housing project with 493 luxury housing units, with investments amounting to 3.5 billion pounds.
  • Zahia, the new city of Mansoura.
  • Al Maqsad New Capital Compound.
  • Barouk New Capital Compound.
  • Downtown New Alamein
  • New Alamein Gate Towers

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Features of North Edge New Alamein North Coast
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains