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Last updated 2022-03-19
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Milano Mall New Capital is the first administrative, commercial and medical tower dedicated to pioneers of small and medium business.

It takes place immediately on the northern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed

and characterized by its direct view of the Green River to give an attractive panoramic view.

Simple information about Milano Mall New Capital:

Milano Mall New Capital, which is close to the latest business of Gosour Real Estate Corporation, Gosour Developments,

in the heart of the nearby administrative capital, to present a tower of diversified commercial,

administrative and medical uses within the downtown area of ​​the modern administrative capital

to preserve you the highest investment income.

Milano Mall New Capital counts the first administrative, commercial and medical tower in the administrative capital,

dedicated to the pioneers of procedures and small and medium business, Entrepreneurs and SMEs,

with areas starting from 21 meters, parking according to the requirements of the capital.

However, it is the first tower in the Administrative Capital with a CAU (Central Administration Units) service,

the first tower in the capital with services for people of determination,

and the first tower with electric vehicle loading stations.

The location of Milano Mall New Capital:

Jusoor Real Estate has risen to choose the best location with distinct specifications in Downtown, new capital,

as it happens next to all vital areas and major residential neighborhoods in the place of Downtown,

which is a huge commercial place that takes place in plot number MU 5-41 The project is on 3 corners

and on the main facade 65 meters on a ninety-square-meter street,

as happens near the most important main axes.

It located immediately on the northern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed

and characterized by its direct view of the Green River to give an attractive panoramic view.

in addition to two minutes away from the gold market.

And 3 minutes away from the mosque of the Arab Republic of Egypt,

which considered one of the largest mosques in North Africa and the Gulf.

It is just 2 minutes away from Monorail Central Station

in addition to It is two minutes away from Central Park

It is 3 minutes away from the government district.

The project calculates Milan Tower, the first Strep MALL in the Downtown, and it consists of 14 floors,

just as the project takes 98% of its facade,

as the floor located on a place of a thousand meters to some extent.

Spaces and prices of Milano Mall New Capital:

Milano Mall has prepared on a place of 4,850 square meters

with a distinctive and modern design according to the highest standards

and recent technologies in construction and mixes 377 units to complete in full finishing with air conditioning.

Milano Mall New Capital, consists of a ground floor and 14 consecutive upper floors

and remains In the tower there are 7 elevators,

as it is, the tower is divided as follows

(3 floors, garage), (ground, first, second and third commercial),

(and the 4th and 5th are medical), (and from the 6 to 13 administrative)

Just as the rise of the ground floor is 4.5 square meters and it designed on the latest engineering

and architectural strategies that are unparalleled,

just as the mall includes units with multiple spaces located in all corners of customers

and includes administrative offices,

medical clinics and distinctive commercial stores.

In addition to Milano Mall, New Capital is under the management of the KAD Foundation,

and Jusoor Foundation rose by contracting with them a number of the best consultants in the field,

Simple information about Gosour Developments:

Jusoor Corporation is an Egyptian joint-stock corporation for real estate development established

since 2008 through a number of experienced engineers and consultants.

The business was able to attract the most engineering talents to become a part of

the entity of this unique institution and has more than 12 years of experience,

through which it was able to build and form The highest real estate business

and the establishment has a large number of previous successful works in a large number of residential projects.

It has established real estate businesses with varying areas to suit all abilities.

The business has a lot of giant businesses infamous and distinguished locations in Cairo, the capital of Egypt,

including the 5th settlement, the Egyptian capital, New Cairo, Lotus, and Andalusia in the north of Rehab,

modern Narcissus, Manzil Al-Watan, and Al-Shorouk And the town of Obour and the town of Badr.

Finally, it presents the most prominent projects of the commercial establishment,

Milano Mall New Capital with investments estimated at 1,000,000 EGP 400.

And the contract has completed by Al-Jusoor Real Estate Corporation

with a specialized accredited institution, E.D.C., a professional consultant in (electromechanical),

and the institution has a great previous work since 2003 until now

Costs and units spaces in Milano Mall :

Jusoor Real Estate has offered a number of units of different sizes and prices

that embody the best prices that suit all classes of customers, as follows:

And spaces start from 21 meters, in addition to that the average value of

a commercial meter on the ground floor is about 95 1000 pounds,

in addition to it reaches 110 thousand pounds.

Just as the value of a square meter in the administrative area starts

from 18 thousand pounds and reaches 25 thousand pounds.

Medical units at a meter price range from 25 thousand pounds

in addition to 27 thousand Egyptian pounds per square meter.

Ten percent repair deposit.

The delivery of project units shall write off for 4 years from the date of the contract.

Payment and payment systems for Jusoor Corporation in Milano:

0% over 5 years

in addition to 5% over 6 years

Ten percent over 7 years

in addition to 15% over 7.5 years

Twenty percent over 8 years

in addition to 25% down payment of the unit value

and the rest in installments over 9 years.

Thirty percent is provided from the right of the unit and is paid in installments over ten years.

in addition to 35% down payment on the rest of the unit 11 years installments.

Forty percent down payment and repayment schedule over 12 years.

Advance lost the pattern and the first installment after receipt

in addition to 35% down payment + 15% upon receipt and the first installment

after receipt for a period of 3 years starting from the date of receipt.

Forty percent down payment and the first installment after receiving it

for a period of 3 years starting from the date of receipt.

Milano Tower services :

Milano Mall New Capital, as the owner institution of a different group project, allows you.

in addition to different services and infrastructure and a large number of features,

and among those services are as follows:

in addition to The first tower with electric vehicle filling stations.

It remains an elevator to carry goods.

Just as there are 6 electric lifts for individuals.

drive-thru services.

Just as there are escalators.

2 roof lounges.

in addition to Fire suppression arrangement.

solar panels.

3 floors of parking garages.

Double glazed facades.

in addition to an Electric vehicle service station.

Just as the cameras keep monitoring systems.

Security and protection 24 hours a day to completely protect the mall.

As it remains halls for meetings and meetings.

in addition to the Central shower.

Central air-conditioning.

Emergency generators.

Delivery services for people with disabilities.

As well as general cleaning services.

Milano Mall New Capital equipped with a sound system and smart lighting.

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Features of Milano Mall New Capital
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains