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Last updated 2023-02-05
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Kenz Compound 6th October


Kenz Compound 6th October, or as it is known as Kenz Project

6th October or Kenz 6th October is one of  first group Real

Estate Development Company’s, which will be explained below:

Kenz Compound English

About Kenz compound 6th October:

Kenz 6 October project is considered one of the important residential

projects in 6th of October City.

Kenz compound in 6 October has a lot of features.

It is located in close proximity to many vital areas.

The design of the residential units inside shall be in a modern and upscale

design, To meet all the needs of the population and wonderful design, Therefore,

the project gives residents more privacy and comfort.

Kenz compound was executed on an area of ​​30 acres.

Kenz compound in 6th October consists of a group of modern buildings.

The facades are designed with glass and a lot of modern facilities are installed

Of elevators and private underground garages, Security, and guard

service is available in the Kenz 6th October project throughout the day.

Kenz Compound 6th October location:

Kenz 6th October project is located in October Gardens in the 6th of October City.

It is on Fayoum Road and is located near many vital areas,

Among them are the following:

Kenz Compound is located just 10 minutes from El Remaya Square.

It is close to the Ring Road and the Oasis Road, as well as the 26th of July Road.

Kenz compound in 6 October is one of the village projects in

Al Ashgar neighborhood.

Kenz compound will be located next to the city of Dreamland.

It is distinguished by its prime location from the Mall of Egypt and

the Media Production City, And a lot of malls in that area.

Kenz Compound 6th October location

Kenz Compound 6th October units


Starting from 105 meters to 291 meters

core and shell finishing


Starting from 105 meters to 291 meters

core and shell finishing


Starting from 105 meters to 291 meters

core and shell finishing

Kenz Compound 6th October services:

The executing company of kenz 6 October project has put in place a lot of services,

For customers inside Kenz 6 October, residents of the neighboring

Areas There is a gym and social club available in Kenz 6 October.

Which is equipped with one of the best hardware and settings.

It contains football and basketball courts.

A social building was equipped for the family gathering.

A large commercial area is also available, which is far from residential areas.

Which provides more privacy for those in Kenz 6 October.

There are many shops and pharmacies in the area.

To serve customers and nearby areas as well.

There is a large shopping mall.

The compound has an area dedicated to industrial services.

The executing company of Kenz Compound 6th October:

The First Group Company is the executing company of the Kanz 6 October project.

It is reported that the company took over the project land during 2014.

She worked during the last period to do her best,

For the delivery of housing units to their owners,

All units will be delivered to citizens by 2019.

The company has all the facilities and services and has a lot of important

business inside Egypt.

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Features of Kenz Compound 6th October
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains