Darvell mall new capital

Prices start from 668,800 EGP
7 installment years
Down payment 20%
Delivery 2026
Spaces starting from 25 sqm
Last updated 2023-10-31
project developerWhite Eagle Developments
Darvell mall new capitalDarvell mall new capitalDarvell mall new capitalDarvell mall new capitalDarvell mall new capitalDarvell mall new capital
Darvell mall new capitalDarvell mall new capitalDarvell mall new capitalDarvell mall new capitalDarvell mall new capitalDarvell mall new capital
Details Darvell mall new capital
project nameDarvell mall new capital
project Locationnew capital
project unitsCommercial units and administrative units
Delivery date2026
Payment Systems20%dp-up rest to 7 years
Finishing typeFully finished
Spaces starting from25 sqm
Prices starting from668,800
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plan of Darvell mall new capital
Darvell mall new capital
map of Darvell mall new capital
Other units inside the compound
Project details

Darvell mall new capital was developed by White Eagle Real Estate Development Company within the best strategic location in Downtown, close to all the important landmarks in the capital and the main roads, in addition to providing the mall with various services that suit your needs. The company was keen to provide a variety of spaces and diversify the mall between commercial units and administrative units, with flexible payment systems that suit everyone and providing competitive prices.

Darvell mall new capital location

The company’s extensive experience has made it very familiar with the most important vital areas that suit projects to achieve the best results in the fastest time, and because one of the most important factors for the success of your project is choosing a distinguished and lively location. The choice fell on the Downtown area, which is the most important investment area in the Administrative Capital because of its location close to the most important… Vital landmarks and famous areas.

  • The most important places near the mall
  • It is located near the Green River.
  • Minutes away from the iconic tower.
  • It is easily accessible from the government district.
  • It is close to the Ministries District.
  • Near Bin Zayed Axis.
  • A few minutes from Misr Mosque.
  • It is separated from the gold market and the monorail station by a short distance.
Darvell mall new capital

Darvell mall new capital

Darvell mall new capital

White Eagle Real Estate Development Company was able to achieve diversity in terms of unit spaces, as it succeeded in exploiting the large area in the project and providing a distinctive division of the units, after it conducted a study to find out the most requested spaces by investors and provided them with them in Darvell mall new capital, as follows:

  • Commercial units: The area of ​​the commercial units starts from 26 square meters, with an outdoor area of 36 square meters.
  • Office units: their area starts from 29 square meters.

Design of Darvell mall new capital

Darville Mall, the Administrative Capital, White Eagle Real Estate Company was keen to present a set of unique architectural designs that were inspired by European buildings, and it contracted with engineer Yasser El-Beltagy to implement this in an ideal manner. The Darville Mall, the Administrative Capital, has a unique glass facade that allows a good view from the inside, and protects… The mall is protected from sunlight while allowing the flow of appropriate amounts of light and air.

Darvell mall new capital services

White Eagle Real Estate Company guarantees customers in Darvell mall new capital a comfortable experience, so it has provided the project with all the facilities and services that help them accomplish their work, in addition to the presence of entertainment and amusement facilities, and you can feel the ingenuity in choosing these facilities as follows:

  • Darvell mall new capital includes cafes and restaurants that provide the best food and drinks to those in the project.
    Supported by high-speed Internet networks so that unit owners can complete their work.
  • There is central air conditioning that adjusts the temperature.
  • It has gyms that contain the best sports equipment.
  • Providing spa and jacuzzi services that provide pleasure to customers.
  • There are parking garages that are fully secured and operate with the best technological systems.
  • It has electronic gates that facilitate entry and exit from the mall.
  • Panoramic elevators and escalators are available to facilitate easy movement within the project.
  • Security personnel work 24 hours a day to ensure calm in the mall.
  • Use of modern surveillance systems that increase the safety factor.
  • It contains automated teller machines to facilitate financial transactions.
  • There are firefighting systems and electric generators that can be relied upon in emergency situations.
Darvell mall new capital

Darvell mall new capital

Darvell Mall payment systems

The owner company has provided a sufficient number of facilities for investors during the purchase of units, so it has provided many convenient reservation and installment systems that start with the lowest down payment and extend over long-term years without interest, which gives customers sufficient flexibility in payment, and it has provided more than one system for customers to choose. What suits themAs follows:

  • The first system: without down payment with a payment system over 5 years.
  • The second system: 10% down payment with a payment system over 6 years.
  • The third system: 15% down payment and the remainder on a 7-year payment system.
  • Fourth system: 20% down payment with a payment system over 8 years.
  • Fifth system: 25% down payment with a payment system over 9 years.
  • Sixth system: Payment of 30% down payment with a payment system over 10 years.
  • Units will be received within 3 years.

Prices of Darvell Mall Administrative Capital

Darvell mall new capital has a package of the best mall prices in the Administrative Capital, as the executing company succeeded in achieving the difficult equation when it combined diverse spaces and competitive prices, which makes it easier for investors to purchase the units offered for sale, which are considered reasonable when compared to the size of the features provided by the company. Can be recognized As follows:

  • Commercial units: Prices for commercial units start from 3,039,000 Egyptian pounds.
Darvell mall new capital

Darvell mall new capital

Features of Darvell Mall Administrative Capital

The company that owns the project was keen to have all the features that customers dream of, as it carefully:

  • chose the strategic location in the heart of the Downtown area, which is a vital and strategic location with a unique project design
  • in addition to competitive prices and convenient reservation and installment systems
  • all facilities and services were provided.
  • And entertainment facilities, which makes Darvell mall new capital one of the best malls in the New Administrative Capital.
  • It also made sure to diversify the unit sizes between small, medium and large units to suit the size of your investment you want and want.

The company that owns Darvell Mall

White Eagle Developments, the company that owns the project, is one of the real estate companies that has recently appeared in the real estate market. Despite this short period, it has succeeded in proving its worth due to its efficiency and the quality of the projects it has implemented. Its distinction is also increased by the fact that it is affiliated with EgyptAir. It chose the Administrative Capital to implement its first projects, so White Eagle became one of the best real estate development companies.

The company’s previous work

  • Blue Bird Compound, New Administrative Capital.
  • Darvell mall new capital

Advantages of investing in Darvell Mall

There are many investment advantages, especially within Darvell mall new capital, due to the availability of many public services and facilities inside it, which made the mall a great investment advantage compared to the rest of the projects located within the New Administrative Capital. The most important of these features are: –

  • The mall’s location is one of the best investment advantages due to the location’s strategy and its proximity to many important places.
  • The payment systems offered by White Eagle were facilitating for customers, which helped investors own their unit easily.
  • The price per square meter for commercial and administrative units was also competitive compared to other neighboring projects.
  • The company developing the project is White Eagle Real Estate Development Company, which is a well-known company and one of the best real estate companies.
  • Availability of all public services and facilities inside the mall.
  • The security and guarding within the project are among the best and most important investment features of the project.
Darvell mall new capital

Darvell mall new capital

An overview of the Downtown area

In addition to the distinguished location of the Downtown area, the most important thing is that it is a unique area, as it is the heart of the New Administrative Capital, like the Downtown area in Cairo, which will not be repeated when the second and third phases of the Administrative Capital are implemented. Therefore, this limited area will serve approximately 6 million people from… City residents.

No matter how many projects are proposed in the Downtown area, the population density will be much higher and the volume of visits to the various areas in the region will be high. I can say that it will be (crowded) like downtown Cairo currently, but it will be (organized) crowding, given the genius planning of the area, which includes an area Downtown has several main neighborhoods, which are:

  • The hotel tourist district, with an area of 138 acres,
  • Shopping and hiking district, 35 acres.
  • The administrative district is 27 acres
  • Heritage and Arts District, 17 acres
  • And fashion and fashion 40 acres,
  • Al-Sagha neighborhood or gold market, with an area of 25 acres
  • Also, 52 acres were allocated to include international oil and energy companies
  • 37 acres for pharmaceutical companies
  • 22 acres for computer companies and information centers
  • 16 acres for insurance companies,
  • In addition to two cultural parks and the second largest mosque after Al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque,
  • on an area of 68 acres.

Please note that the prices and spaces mentioned in the article are for the first half of 2023, so they are subject to change. We at Masharef Real Estate are keen to update the spaces, price and type of listings for both residential and commercial units to keep them. Informing clients about the real estate market.

You can contact uson sales number 01270970000

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Features of Darvell mall new capital
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Water Fountains

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Darvell Mall located?
In the heart of the Downtown area, the new administrative capital
Who is the real estate developer of Darvell Mall?
White Eagle Real Estate Development Company
What is the finishing type of Darvell Mall?
Fully finished
What type of units isDarvell Mall?
Commercial units and administrative units
What are the Darvell Mall payment systems?
Down payments starting from 20% and the rest on payment systems up to 7 years.
What is the sales number?