Residential Compound

Residential Compound many of which are available within the nearby new administrative capital, a bouquet of projects with Integrated services and facilities

and residential communities built with the finest unique layouts

The site of Residential Compound :

The administrative capital located on the barriers of Badr and Najd towns in Residential Compound ,

on the north side of the capital, the Sabil of the Egyptian capital Cairo / Suez,

while it is bordered on the south by the Sabil of Cairo, the capital of Egypt / Ain Sukhna,

in addition to in the east, we find the modern city of Cairo, Madinaty, the Fifth Settlement

and the Al-Ahly Ring Road, about sixty How far from downtown Cairo, the capital of Egypt.

Map of the modern administrative capital:

Residential Compound has distributed over three necessary periods to be completed one after another.

first term:

It has an area of ​​up to forty 1,000 acres and contains a bouquet of

Residential Compound in new administrative capital that includes 71 townhouses,

in addition to 190 independent villas with unique designs, in addition to many residential units of varying spaces,

and it expected that this period will expand to Over 7 1,000,000 inhabitants.

second term:

With an area of ​​47 1,000 acres, this period of the plan has to contain many residential towers,

in addition to fifty townhouses, and 139 independent villas included

within the framework of Residential Compound in the modern administrative capital.

in addition to The budget for this period is estimated at about 3 billion US dollars,

and it will It is implemented by the Chinese CSCEC in coordination

with the largest real estate Residential Compound in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Third term:

With a massive area of ​​97 1000 acres.

in addition to The vast majority of the total location of the new Administrative Capital will devote to green spaces and styles,

as Residential Compound will include 13 green valleys,

in addition to the largest central park (the Green River) in the world with an area of ​​8 km,

and will end the sufficiency at a rate of forty percent of the total place for Residential Compound.

More important landmarks of the modern administrative capital:

Residential Compound contains with it a group of internationally important landmarks,

which expected to be a solid target and stimulant for international and local tourism,

whether for recreational, educational, health or service purposes:-

Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque:

It is huge in size and is considered one of the largest mosques in the region worldwide,

as it was built on 106 acres with impressive architectural designs,

and the mosque is topped with 21 domes and 4 minarets.

Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ:

It built on a place of 7500 square meters in a Residential Compound,

which means that it is the largest cathedral in the Middle East,

with a capacity of 1,000 people, and it contains a reception and meetings room,

in addition to the property of the Papal Center.

Canadian University:

The first foreign university to be built on the land of the Arab Republic of

Egypt pioneered in its establishment by the decision of my fans,

and it is built on a place of thirty acres in a Residential Compound,

and it includes the University of His Highness Prince Edward Island.

Government District:

It is the space for companies, establishments, and official headquarters,

as it comprises 18 ministerial arrangements,

in addition to that, the real estate of the House of Representatives,

the presidential facilities, the seat of the presidency, and also the Council of Ministers.

Integrated Service Cities:

Among the most prominent landmarks on the map of the Administrative Capital are the exhibition town,

the seminars’ headquarters, the Olympic town, the medical town, and the Al-Fatna town.


The recent Residential Compound are among the best features visible on the map of the new administrative capital,

because the residential projects of the administrative capital, in general, enjoy the sophistication

and luxury that did not happen before in terms of construction and architecture in the Arab Republic of Egypt

and considered the finest in the 7 residential neighborhood,

which characterized by a view Excellent above the Green River area with the largest central park in the world,

in addition to twenty residential and commercial towers offering units with all services.

Global helipad in the modern capital:

The airstrip formed on a massive place estimated at about 16 kilometers.

The infrastructure of the modern administrative capital:

The plan of Residential Compound implemented according to the highest international standards,

in terms of infrastructure planning and infrastructure networks

that provide the services required for the population

and those in charge of them at the highest rate that competes with the most granting

and developing countries in the world.

Water, electricity, gas, communications, etc.

networks have implemented in underground tunnels To facilitate the process of repair

and renovations when needed without having to excavate and damage the traffic journey.

Just as the power plant that feeds Residential Compound performed

by the German commercial enterprise Siemens according to advanced standards

that includes 12 great fans in the framework of the air cooling system,

and this framework followed for the first time in the country within Residential Compound.

What is the new administrative capital?

There are Residential Compound in the new administrative capital is a housing project announced

by the Egyptian government at one of the important conferences

It is a conference to support and develop the Egyptian economy, which it established in 2015

About the Seventh Residential District:

The seventh residential area

That you did not know is the seventh district R7

One of the most prestigious residential areas

Also In the new Administrative Capital

It covers an area of ​​1500 acres

And is divided into 33 plots of land.

The community includes a group

Of the most important residential areas

Also In the capital,

It is in addition to a group of commercial

In addition to service facilities.

Many of the capital’s main landmarks are

In addition to the seventh residential district,

The most famous of them is the government district,

In addition to ministries and agencies,

Also The presidential palace

In addition to the diplomatic district.

The seventh district is also close

also the medical city, the railway station

And the convention center

In addition to Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque,

The Nativity Cathedral and the Opera House

Also The city of arts and culture

In addition to the green river.

Also, It can also overlook many main roads,

The most attractive of which are.

Also, There is a Residential Compound in the new administrative capital

In the seventh residential district.

The eye-catching area is the regional ring road,

In addition to This connects Suez Road on one side

And Ain Sokhna Road on the other side.

The seventh residential area has a series

In addition to integrated services,

The most famous of which is education services

Most notably international schools,

In addition to British universities

And Swedish universities.

In addition to Except for a huge mall,

This is being implemented

By the well-known Al-Futtaim Group,

Which are evaluated according

In addition to international standards.

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