New Administrative Capital Location

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New Administrative Capital Location in the Arab Republic of Egypt on the barriers of Badr town in the place between Suez and Cairo, Sokhna,

New Administrative Capital Location:

in addition to New Administrative Capital Location made it distinctive and essential for all investors,

as it is located in the eastern corner of the Egyptian capital, Cairo, specifically on the barriers of Badr town,

in addition to near Ain Sukhna and the Ring District. The administrative capital is characterized by

being on an important geographical location that attracts all Visitors

in addition to tourists from all over the world to enjoy the tranquility and relaxation and the map of the administrative capital

Where is New Administrative Capital Location in the Arab Republic of Egypt?

New Administrative Capital Location is a developed town in the Arab Republic of Egypt

that aspires to create several opportunities for housing

in addition to work to address different issues facing the Arab Republic of Egypt and to provide a sweet

and smart life to adapt to the increase in population and civilization

by welcoming all profit rates And culture in a town twins continuous technological leadership

in addition to The project is one of the latest real estate development projects in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

This large building project is expected to grow its residents from 18 1,000,000 people to forty 1,000,000 people by 2050,

in addition to it is the project that, in its case, introduces a modern mind to residential life in Egypt.

And because the project incites the curiosity of a large number of investors and investigators about establishments

In addition to New Administrative Capital Location:

168 acres equivalent to the township area of ​​Singapore.

New Administrative Capital Location consists of the Mohammed bin Zabid community in the north,

a conference center, an exhibition town, an entire government, a residential neighborhood,

in addition to a medical town, a sports town, a central town, and the skilled town.

The capital includes a park of 8 km – which is two and a half times the size of Central Garden in New York.

in addition to The first is being built for the modern capital

On an area estimated at ten thousand acres, it is estimated that it accommodates the equivalent of 7 1,000,000 people.

Housing management for the establishment of 25 1,000 units.

in addition to The areas of the apartments vary from 100 square meters to 180 square meters.

The government consists of 18 buildings and a commercial facility The presidency

in addition to many institutions in the Arab Republic of Egypt participate

in the establishment of both residential and government in the capital

And among them:

Talaat Mustafa

The Arab Contractors

Allam’s children


Orascom Union next to Petrojet Contracting

New Administrative Capital Location next to Nile Valley Foundation

Egyptian-Spanish Federation

China CSCEC Corporation

It is the institution that was rated the highest among 250 international contracting institutions.

The first win will be completed by the 2018 Final Project.

The relocation of the headquarters of the following ministries will be completed:

Health and housing.

Education and supply.

Military production, endowments, and justice.

In addition to the House of Representatives

and the Ministers next to the property of the Presidency of the country.

It has the largest place of wealth and business in the Middle East and the embassies district.

A government district with a new presidential palace, parliament, and cabinet.

An expo town and convention town with gigantic and grand meeting rooms.

The town of knowledge and technology, a smart city, a town with universities, scientific research centers,

and factories to implement scientific research projects.

It has a 4800-megawatt capital power station, which is one of the largest stations in the world.

It has a modern international airstrip “Capital Airstrip” and a place for towers.

in addition to It will have two of the world’s ten tallest towers.

New Administrative Capital Location will link to the Suez Canal axis development project through axes and tunnels.

More important data about the upcoming administrative capital:

Where is New Administrative Capital Location in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and as we mentioned.

New Administrative Capital Location has chosen with great care

and great consideration in order to be a town characterized by development,

a loss that has been performed,

and so in order to eliminate the problem of the current imbalance in the official areas that exist now,

as it is not a scattered builder.

and also overcrowding, and the existence of Population in an individual’s residence,

and it is polluted and unclean streets,

That is why it rose to work on the transfer of the Egyptian People’s Assembly

and all the original companies, as well as the presidential palace.

From Cairo, the capital of Egypt, the ancient capital, to the government district,

which includes all the various official authorities,

and also ends the transfer of foreign ministries and embassies in Egypt.

A large number of businesses were started, including:

Script from Akam Foundation

Cyrano from New Plan

Entrada from Sorouh Foundation

La Capitale from the Pyramids Foundation

Oya from Edge Holding

New Administrative Capital Location

Capital Gate from the Rituals Foundation

Boca from the Master Builder Group Foundation

Midtown Condo from Better Home Foundation

The Capital Way from El Sewedy

The City, Administrative Capital from The Master.

Capital Heights from Al Safwa Foundation

Midtown Solo by Better Home

Midtown Sky Administrative Capital

What is the new administrative capital?

There are New Administrative Capital Location is a housing project announced

by the Egyptian government at one of the important conferences

It is a conference to support and develop the Egyptian economy, which it established in 2015

About the Seventh Residential District:

The seventh residential area

That you did not know is the seventh district R7

One of the most prestigious residential areas

Also In the new Administrative Capital

It covers an area of ​​1500 acres

And is divided into 33 plots of land.

The community includes a group

Of the most important residential areas

Also In the capital,

It is in addition to a group of commercial

In addition to service facilities.

Many of the capital’s main landmarks are

In addition to the seventh residential district,

The most famous of them is the government district,

In addition to ministries and agencies,

Also The presidential palace

In addition to the diplomatic district.

The seventh district is also close

also the medical city, the railway station

And the convention center

In addition to Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque,

The Nativity Cathedral and the Opera House

Also The city of arts and culture

In addition to the green river.

Also, It can also overlook many main roads,

The most attractive of which are.

Also, There is New Administrative Capital Location

In the seventh residential district.

The eye-catching area is the regional ring road,

In addition to This connects Suez Road on one side

And Ain Sokhna Road on the other side.

The seventh residential area has a series

In addition to integrated services,

The most famous of which is education services

Most notably international schools,

In addition to British universities

And Swedish universities.

In addition to Except for a huge mall,

This is implemented

By the well-known Al-Futtaim Group,

Which  evaluated according

In addition to international standards.

Do not miss this opportunity

Also to book your unit

In New Administrative Capital Location.

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