Midtown Condo New Capital Compound

Midtown Condo New Capital Compound
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Midtown Condo New Capital Compound implemented by Better Home in the New Administrative Capital.

The New Administrative Capital was characterized by the recent period with services and

facilities distinct from any other project.

He proposed many projects and huge housing units to provide the livelihood of an upscale

residential community that merges modernity and urbanization,

For all who are looking for an ideal shelter with full features and the beginning of a recent life

Simple information about Better Home Real Estate Development:

Better Home Real Estate Investment inaugurated the Midtown Condo new capital project,

After its overwhelming success in completing its two projects in the new administrative

capital, Midtown and Midtown Solo Villas, there is no more.

Better Home for Real Estate Investment represents a pioneer in the field of real estate modification

and has made many achievements for many other projects

Midtown Condo New Capital Compound

Projects established by Better Home Foundation:

Better Home Real Estate Development was established by completing many giant projects and

achieving successes and winning the confidence of its valued investors,

The Foundation provides all that is modern and advanced in order to present an urban society

with all the features of the new life, including:

  • Founded Midtown opposite the American University in 5th settlement
  • Cairo Business Plaza established in the 5th settlement
  • in addition, Cairo Business Bay established in 5th settlement
  • Cairo Business Gate established in 5th settlement
  • Highland Park establish in 5th settlement
  • Highland Park established on October 6
  • Cairo Medical Center established on October 6
  • Cityscape Mall established on 6 October
  • Cityscape Mall established in Minya
  • Mega Mall was established on 6 October
  • Founded Midtown New Capital in the new administrative capital
  • Midtown Solo established the new administrative capital
  • Founded Midtown Condo New Capital
  • Midtown Sky established the new administrative capital

The location of the Midtown Condo Administrative Capital:

The Midtown Condo Compound is the new administrative capital – Midtown condo new capital

in the R7 residential district,

It is one of the distinct neighborhoods in the New Administrative Capital because it is located between:

Exhibitions City and the Embassies District, located next to the Regional Ring, the Mohammed

bin Zayed South Corridor, the Canadian University and the English University,

The compound will also be close to the Green River, which integrates the other regions of Cairo,

the capital of Greater Egypt

Midtown Condo New Capital Compound

Area of ​​the Midtown Condo Administrative Capital project:

The Midtown Condo Administrative Capital compound is being built on an area of ​​sixty acres.

The percentage of construction in the project is about twenty%, and the rest is occupied by

the largest size of green spaces and an integrated area for services and recreational activities.

To meet all the needs of the project, and to know more details about the location of

the Midtown Condo Administrative Capital

Services and features of Midtown Condo New Capital:

The Midtown Condo New Administrative Capital has many distinct services,

Which makes it one of the largest residential projects present in the heart of the

New Administrative Capital, and among those services are the following:

  • There is a health club that mixes other activities from a gym, spa and various sports fields
  • There are areas for children to play with their families, to play the games they prefer,

and to spend the best time with their friends

  • There are international restaurants and cafes that provide the most delicious and finest

foodstuffs of the highest degree and standard of sophistication and urbanization and

satisfy all investors

  • An integrated commercial space is available that contains the largest group of commercial malls

that contain various brands and famous international brands to suit all tastes.

  • There is security and guarding throughout the day to fully protect the compound, and it is equipped

with the best and latest police and security services

Prices and spaces of Midtown Condo New Capital:

The spaces and prices vary in Midtown Condo, the New Administrative Capital.

To suit the nature of each one and the number of his family, and your housing unit will have

payment scheduling and payment facilities.

Prices start from 120 meters housing, the value starts from 1.404,000 pounds

Midtown Condo New Capital Compound

Payment methods in Midtown Condo New Capital:

Ten% downpayment and a monthly installment of 7 years is available, without any interest

If you are looking for an adequate shelter and living in a decent rate and equal environmental conditions

You should choose Midtown Condo Administrative Capital, as it is a guarantee of a more worthy

future for you and your family

Midtown is one of the finest projects designed for the start of a contrasting modern life.

It established with the help of a group of specialists and engineers who provide us with

this tremendous effort an innovative architectural artistic painting

If you are looking for an elegant and unique haven, own your unit with distinguished specifications,

and you and your family are currently booking in Midtown Condo Compound

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Iris Mall the administrative capital)


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