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Badya project Palm Hills October Badya Palm Hills scheme Real Estate Development Company launched its new project

in Sixth of October City to consider the Badya Palm Hills scheme the largest integrated city to meet all


While the Badya Palm Hills scheme provides for everyone looking for a high-end residential community

and living at a decent level away from the noise of other urban communities.

badya Palm Hills Scheme: –

Badya Palm Hills October project

Badya project Palm Hills October location:

the Badya October Palm Hills project is located in a unique strategic location in the heart of October on the

Oasis Road in the Creative City area.

To become the most important areas to reach east-west Cairo, for easy access to the heart of Greater

Cairo, minutes away in every area that can be reached.

Badya project Palm Hills October area:

The Badya Palm Hills plan is being built on an area of ​​3000 acres, and there are 6 construction phases

planned for each of these stages,

also It is considered a self-contained private compound that has its own services to meet all requirements

and needs

in addition Badya Palm Hills Compound includes a variety of luxury villas, including separate and independent villas,

twin houses, townhouses, and distinctive apartments.

The units fit all levels and all categories and vary in spaces and prices to suit the potential of each

client and the number of his family members.

Badya project Palm Hills October designs:

The Badya Palm Hills plan is designed with the latest and most accurate construction and high-quality

architectural methods depending on the style

The conversation between modernity and urbanization

in addition The design  suits all tastes by using a team of experts and specialized engineers for further modern

urban development, upgrading, advancement of society and enjoyment of privacy.

Badya Palm Hills Compound services:

The Badya Palm Hills plan features a set of features and services to make it an integrated city to

meet all the owners’ needs

The project and the most prestigious residential projects

Badya Palm Hills Scheme

The following are the most important services for the Badya Palm Hills project, which are as follows:

  • There are green spaces and landscapes, which represent a large area of ​​the total area of ​​the project
  • in addition Crystal colored water lakes are available to give the most beautiful view
  • There are swimming pools evenly distributed throughout the project and are available in all sizes
  • Various entertainment spots are available for walks, hiking and various activities
  • There is an integrated commercial area and includes a wide range of shops and malls for shopping
  • also health and sports club is also available to practice all sporting activities with ease
  • It provides British universities and international schools to promote education and promote a better
  • educational level
  • It provides cafes and restaurants that provide the best hotel services.
  • in addition There are designated areas for children.
  • It provides 24-hour security and guarding equipped with surveillance cameras and the best methods and
  • security devices to send safety and reassurance to the compound’s residents.

The company that owns Badya Palm Hills Compound:

Palm Hills Real Estate Development Company is considered one of the leading companies in the

Egyptian market and has carried out a huge range of projects, whether tourism or residential.

Badya Palm Hills Compound is a new idea connecting East and West with an unparalleled location in the

heart of October City, Creative City.

It includes many facilities and services distinct from other residential projects to serve all residents of

the compound and to meet all life requirements,

The project combines urbanization and modernity, away from the traditional atmosphere found in other

residential communities, and you will live a life filled with the greatest amount of privacy and luxury.

Badya Palm Hills Compound is the best choice for you and your family to ensure a better life and

promote a sophisticated and civilized living standard between originality and sophistication.


Badya project Palm Hills October:

1- A bedroom is available starting from 80 m, and its price is one million and 45 thousand

and the price per square meter is 13,500.

2 – There is a bedroom starting from 129 m with a price of 670,000 million and a square

meter price of 12,500.

3 – Bedrooms are available starting from 172 square meters, their price is 2 million and 45 thousand, and

the price per square meter is 11,500.

Average price per square meter in Badya Palm Hills:

The method of payment is more economical now

0% and the rest for 8 years.

Receipt 4 years.


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