location of Badya Palm Hills Compound

location of Badya Palm Hills Compound
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The location of the Badya Palm Hills Compound,  Badya Palm Hills October Compound

is located in the best locations in 6th of October City and provides the high-end life

you dream of and luxury for you and your family.

It provides all the main services and entertainment to provide all your needs, modern-style designs and

a wonderful view of all residential units within the Badya Palm Hills October.

The location of Badya Palm HillsCompound :

Badya Palm Hills October

Services and spaces for the geographical location of Badya Palm Hills Compound:

  • Badya Palm Hills October project, one of the huge projects with an area of ​​3000 acres, the proportion of

buildings up to 25% of the project area.

  • The Badya Palm Hills October project is designed according to international standards to be concerned

with increasing green spaces, and providing all entertainment services within the compound.

  • Palm Hills used the largest and most experienced engineering companies to implement this huge and

distinguished edifice, and to finish the facades in an elegant modern style.

  • The Badya Palm Hills October project is characterized by the distinct internal divisions of residential unit


  • Badya Compound contains vast green spaces, artificial lakes, and gives residents a wonderful natural


Among the most important of those services are the following:

the location of Badya Palm Hills Compound:

Green spaces are available between the units and the crystal lakes to give a wonderful natural view, and

make you feel comfortable.

  • In Palm Hills New October, there is an integrated service commercial area that includes a large number

of shops to sell the best brands.

  • It contains many recreational areas for children.
  • Inside the Palm Hills October Compound there is a health club equipped with the latest equipment, and

a gym for practicing all kinds of sports.

  • It has many tracks for running, hiking, and other cycling tracks.
  • There are two international schools in the Badya Palm Hills October, so Palm Hills was keen to improve

the educational aspect.

  • Badya Palm Hills Compound contains a clubhouse with a sauna, spa, and jacuzzi, for the residents of the

compound to enjoy luxury and comfort.

  • In Palm Hills October, there is a service area that includes a large number of restaurants and luxury


  • There is 24-hour security and guarding of the compound, and the compound is secured with the latest

modern technologies by using a face print.

The areas of the location units in Badya Palm Hills Compound:

Badya October Compound offers a variety of spaces and residential units among apartments,

townhouses, twin houses, and standalone villas.

Badya October Compound will be implemented in 6 phases due to the large area of ​​the project.

Each building in the Badya of October consists of a ground floor in addition to 5 upper floors.

Each floor consists of two apartments for three apartments, two elevators within each building, and

different areas of the apartments in Palm Hills October,

location of Badya Palm Hills Compoundlocation of Badya Palm Hills Compound

which is next:

  • There are apartments with areas ranging from 85 square meters to 250 square meters.
  • Townhouse villas have a building area of ​​185 square meters, and 215 square meters of land area.
  • The townhouse corner villas have 190 m2 building area, and 230 land area.
  • The Twin House spaces are available from 234 square meters to 263 square meters of building area, and
  • from 300 square meters to 370 square meters of land area.
  • There are stand-alone villas space ranging from 195 square meters to 500 square meters for a building

area, and from 265 to 800 square meters for the land area.

the location of Al Badya Palm Hills Compound:

Al Badya Compound is located in 6th of October City, and it is considered the most prestigious city in

New Cairo and includes a large number of luxurious and distinguished residential projects.

Al Badya Compound is distinguished from other projects in a unique and distinct location in the heart of

6th of October City on Dahshur Road,

The Badya of October is located on the Oasis Road in the Creative City area, and it is the most

important vital area connecting the west and east of Cairo.

A distance of 10 km separates the location of Al Badya Compound, Palm Hills, and MSA University in New

October City and easy access to it.

Badya Palm Hills Compound is very distinctive, and all services are available in it, in the middle of the

most prestigious urban communities, at unparalleled prices.

Badya October Compound is not just an ordinary compound, but rather a high-end residential

community, complete with services away from pollution and noise.

Owner company and previous business:

The company that owns the location of Al Badya Palm Hills Compound is Palm Hills, which is one

of the well-known companies with an honorable history in the real estate market.

The name of the company is trusted by many clients due to its honorable history in constructing many

distinguished and successful projects.

The owner of Palm Hills is a well-known businessman, Yassin Mansour, who is a former member of the

Board of Directors of Al-Ahly Club,

He owns many commercial agencies for many international brands, the most important of which are

General Motors, Kraft Foods, Michelin, McDonald’s, and others.

And businessman Yassin Mansour estimated the size of his wealth, according to what was reported by

Fores Middle East magazine, about $ 1.39 billion.

The most important previous works of Palm Hills:

  • New Cairo
  • Hacienda White.
  • Badya Palm Hills 6th of October.
  • Palm Hills Village Gate.
  • Capital Gardens
  • Palm Hills Villas PK 2 Compound
  • Hacienda West project is “under construction”.
  • Hacienda Bay North Coast
  • Palm Hills Katameya VG K in the Golden Square.

Prices and payment systems Badya Palm Hills compound geographical location:

Badya Palm Hills 6th of October has many features that are not found anywhere.

A wide street separates each residential building from another, and all units have a distinct view of the

landscape from green spaces and industrial lakes.

Badya October Compound is the least populated, which brings you the greatest amount of privacy and


The price per meter for the residential units in Al Badya Palm Hills October compound location starts from:

10,000 pounds for semi-finished units, and 14,000 pounds for units that will be delivered fully finished,

super lux.

The prices of apartments for sale in Badya Palm Hills October

The prices of the semi-finished residential units offered from apartments for sale in the Badya Palm Hills

compound location are as follows:

  • There are apartments whose prices start from 1,200,000 up to 1,350,000 pounds, consisting of one


  • It contains apartments whose prices start from 1,700,000 pounds to 2,000,000 pounds, consisting of 2


  • There are apartments whose prices start from 2,100,000 pounds to 2,300,000 pounds, consisting of 3


Badya Compound Palm Hills

Prices of villas for sale in Badya October

  • Contains townhouse prices from 3,758,400 pounds to 4,189,900 pounds.
  • There are Twin House prices from 4,887,600 pounds to 6,692,000 pounds.
  • It contains independent villas prices from 4,700,000 pounds to 11,000,000 pounds.

The date of receiving the residential units at the Al Badya Palm Hills Compound location will be within 4 years

from the date of the contract.

Take the initiative to reserve your dream residential unit in Al Badya Palm Hills project  New October,

where the luxurious housing is in the most prestigious locations,

And at the lowest offered prices, with providing all payment facilities, and repayment for the longest period of up to 10 years.


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