Al Badya Palm Hills project

Al Badya Palm Hills project
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Al Badya Palm Hills project The Palm Hills Company launched the Badya project location, which is

one of the largest Egyptian real estate edifices, and is located in the heart of 6 October City,

The Badya project connects East Cairo with its west, and the most important main roads, and is

characterized by its modern designs, advanced services, and infrastructure that keeps pace with the


The Badya Palm Hills project is characterized by providing a life full of comfort, sophistication and

privacy, and it will create a very distinct real estate investment opportunity for you.

Al Badya Palm Hillsproject:

The location of the Badya project is considered the achievements of Palm Hills Real Estate Company, and the

company has a great name in the Egyptian real estate market. It offers outstanding projects.

The Badya Palm Hills project enjoys a unique and unparalleled location in the heart of 6th of October

City, a strategic location linking Cairo’s east and west.

The Badya project location is distinguished by its presence on Al-Wahat Road in the vital Creative City area,

and the project can be accessed via Dahshur Road.

It is located specifically after MSA University, 10 km in New October, and the location of the Badya

project has many advantages, as it is a residential and entertainment city.

Services and spaces in the Badya Palm Hills project:

Badya project location

The Badya Palm Hills project was established with a new and developed idea emerging with a team of

the largest consulting engineers within Palm Hills Company.

The Badya project location is built on an area of ​​3 thousand feddans, with a loading ratio of 20:25% only

because of the largest possible space for facilities and services,

As well as green spaces and lakes; To give the units within it the most beautiful view.

Al Badya Palm Hills Project:

A modern sophisticated project, will give you all the requirements of high-end life and comfortable for

you and your family and the presence of green spaces and lakes to give Alojdat landscape breathtaking.

All services have been provided within the Badya Palm Hills project location, in implementation of Palm Hills

’vision to improve customers’ lives, in all aspects.

Badya Palm Hills 6 October project services:

  • The Badya project location has green spaces and parks of vast areas, distributed in a balanced way

throughout the project.

  • It contains huge artificial lakes, crystal water; To give the units the most beautiful view on them.
  • The Badya project location has a huge central park.
  • It has hiking and cycling tracks, and places for parties, relaxation, yoga, etc.
  • The Badya project location has a sports club at the highest level, and has all kinds of playgrounds, football,

tennis, squash, etc.

  • It contains an integrated commercial area with a number of malls, which offer the most luxurious

international brands.

  • There is the location of Badya a health club equipped with the latest global sports equipment project.
  • It contains entertainment areas for children.
  • District Center, which is a huge complex of high-end restaurants and cafes.
  • The Badya Club House project location is located to give you the highest levels of luxury.
  • It contains 2 International Schools; To advance education.
  • The Badya project location has a 24-hour security and guard system, with the use of the latest technology,

using a facial print.

Areas of the Badya Palm Hills project:

The Badya Palm Hills project is a huge project in the heart of 6th of October City.

It will be implemented in 6 phases. To be a self-accompanying compound that provides needs.

Compound offers Badya October 6 units high between luxury apartments and villas, villas, ranging from

independent villas, townhouses and Twin House,

Badya project location

The areas of apartments and villas in Badya Palm Hills compound are:

  • There are apartment areas from 85 to 250 square meters.
  • The Middle Townhouse has 185 square meters of built-up area, and 215 land areas.
  • There are townhouse corners areas, 190 square meters built-up area, and 230 land areas.
  • Twin houses are available from 234 to 263 square meters of building area, and from 300 to 370 square

meters of land area.

  • There are stand-alone villas areas from 195 to 500 square meters of building area, and from 265 to 800

square meters of land area.

Badya Palm Hills Prices:

The Badya 6 October project location gives you all your privacy, whether you own an apartment or villa,

because it  separated by streets, green spaces and wide lakes.

Each role on 2 contains only 3 apartments, each building consists of a ground floor + 5 floors to avoid


Badya 6 October Compound is less densely populated and a new, quieter and more comfortable life will

start, away from pollution, noise and crowds.

The details of the average price of semi-finished apartments in 6 October are as follows:

  • There are one-bedroom apartments whose prices start from 1,200,000 up to 1,350,000 pounds.
  • It contains apartments consisting of 2 bedrooms, their prices start from 1,700,000 EGP up to 2,000,000 EGP.
  • There are 3-bedroom apartments, their prices start from 2,100,000 up to 2,300,000 pounds.

The average prices of the villas in Badya Palm Hills, in its various forms, are:

  • There is a townhouse, its prices start from 3,758,400 pounds up to 4,189,900 pounds.
  • It contains a twin house, its prices start from 4,887,600 pounds, up to 6,092,000 pounds.
  • There are independent villas with prices starting from 4,700,000 pounds, up to 11,000,000 pounds.

Delivery of super lux finishing units or semi-finished according to the client’s desire,

The delivery date is 4 years from the date of the contract and the payment systems available inside the

compound with 10% downpayment and installments up to 8 years.

Owner company and previous business:

Badya 6 October Compound is the latest launch of Palm Hills, which  well knew.

It  consideres one of the largest real estate companies pioneering in the Egyptian market, and it has

projects that made qualitative changes in the form of residential complexes in Egypt.

In terms of designs and services offered within it, as well as in the form and style of implementation, in

which the latest international architectural styles were followed.

Palm Hills Real Estate Company is the property of businessman Yassin Mansour, who is the owner of the

rights to distribute many famous international brands.

Such as: General Motors, McDonald’s, Kraft Foods, Michelin and others, as well as a former board

member for Al-Ahly Club.

Fors Middle East estimated his fortune in 2016 at $ 1.39 billion.

The most prominent previous works of Palm Hills:

  • Palm Hills Compound Villas PK2.
  • Village Veno project next to AUC.
  • Palm Hills Village Gate behind Point 90 Mall.
  • Capital Gardens
  • Palm Hills on October 6.
  • Hacienda Bay North Coast
  • New Cairo
  • Hacienda White.
  • Palm Hills Katameya VGK in the Golden Square.
  • Hacienda West project is “under construction”.

Al Badya Palm Hills project

Up to its latest distinctive projects in the heart of 6th of October City, which is the integrated services

Badya 6 October Compound.


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