Laverde – the administrative capital

Laverde – the administrative capital
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Laverde – the administrative capital is one of the projects of La Verde, one of the companies that has a

pioneering and distinctive position in the real estate market, as it launched its first project in the New


The company launched the project, which is considered a modern start for the company as it is the best

choice for investment

Laverde Administrative Capital location:

The compound is in the heart of the capital. As it is in the “R8” area, and the compound

is located next to the Al Sefarat neighborhood, which is the best part of the New Administrative Capital.

Just as the compound is close to the Green River, the presidential palace, the meeting center, and near

the ministries neighborhood,

Thus, we find that the project has a wonderful strategic and vital location.

And the presence of the compound next to the Green River and it is one of the most important features

of the compound, as the river was called that name

Because all the lands surrounding the river will be cultivated, hence the name “Green River”.

Laverde - the administrative capital

Laverde Capital Administrative District:

The project area is 35 acres, equivalent to “147,000” square meters. 22% of the total area of ​​the project

has been allocated to buildings.

The apartments consist of “residential units, duplexes, penthouses, and villas”. The area varies from one

and a half square meters to 346 square meters.

The spaces are distributed among the apartments in La Verde New Capital as follows:

La Verde residential units in the New Administrative Capital start from one and a half square meters and

reach 325 square meters.

The ground residential units in La Verde, the New Administrative Capital, start from one and a half

meters square and reach 203 meters,

The garden measures from 45 square meters to eighty square meters.

Duplex La Verde in the New Administrative Capital starts from 270 square meters and reaches 346

square meters.

La Verde penthouse in the New Administrative Capital starts from 182 and roof space of 62 square


It is up to 255 meters, with a roof of eighty square meters.

The apartments vary in La Verde compound, the New Administrative Capital, allowing the investor to

choose the unit that suits his needs and capabilities.

Which makes La Verde Compound suitable for every investor.

La Verde is distinguished by its distinguished and luxurious design, as it blends between elegant classic

design and luxurious modern designs.

This made La Verde diverse at all from any compound in the New Administrative Capital.

Just as green spaces are distributed equally across the compound and between the apartments, in

addition to the trees and landscapes that permeate the apartments,

Of course, this is near the view of the entire compound on the Green River, which makes it a stunning

and charming view.

Laverde - the administrative capital

Laverde Capital Administrative Services:

The compound contains an administrative building, a commercial center, and a mall that includes the

most famous international brands and brands.

Entertainment areas for children, and there are the latest games that suit all age groups for children

With the provision of the greatest and greatest degree of peace and protection for children.

Swimming pools are distributed over the compound equally, and there are bathrooms with spaces

suitable for children.

La Verde, the new administrative capital, contains a very sophisticated educational system; As there is

an International nursery in the compound that provides children,

Educational services at the highest rate of excellence, just as they grant medical care to children.

An integrated medical arrangement equipped with the latest capabilities and medical devices to save

the necessary medical attention for the residents of the compound.

Vast green spaces, gardens, parks and artificial lakes, which makes the compound attractive weather

and excellent views.

Tracks for jogging, walking and cycling.

An effective security and guard system throughout the day, and modern surveillance cameras to save

the highest levels of peace and tranquility for the compound residents.

Garages in safe parking areas.

Prices for La Verde New Capital:

Apartment prices within Laverde guarantee non-competitive prices, especially when compared to the

distinctive services with the highest degree and standard of sophistication, privacy and luxury.

The cost per meter in the compound ranges from 9,500 EGP.

As for the price of the apartments, it starts from 1,350,000 pounds.

The owner of the project, “Laverde”, is working to provide the highest levels of privacy, comfort and

quality for investors.

As you will feel inside Laverde that you are living alone, as a result of what you enjoy of

the highest levels of tranquility and luxury,

And because the owner company is looking for investors’ tranquility, it has provided them with various

payment and payment systems, represented in the following lines:

It is available to pay 8% of the price of the housing unit, and pay the rest of

the amount over a period of 6 years.

There is a payment of ten% of the housing unit price, and the rest of the amount pay in

installments over 7 years.

A 15% payment is available to pay from the residential unit price, and the remaining amount will be

paid over 8 years.

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