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Laverde Company established the La Verde project, the administrative capital, to be within the R8 area,

on an area of ​​35 acres

It includes apartments (residential units – duplexes – penthouses and villas)

Laverde’s prices start from 1,710,000 EGP

Meter value starts from 11,000 to 11,500 EGP

The developed company is Laverde Egypt Real Estate Company, ten% downpayment and payment of up

to 9 years.

Location of La Verde, the administrative capital of La Verde:

La Verde New Capital is characterized by its unique location, as it is in the heart of the New

Administrative Capital

Therefore, because it is located in the most central places in the capital, the R8 region.

This space is considered very vital and is located next to the most prominent places in the New

Administrative Capital.

Very close to the Sefarat Neighborhood, the Presidency, the Ministries Quarter, and the Convention Center.

And close to the New Administrative Capital’s helipad.

Just as La Verde, the administrative capital, gives you an attractive view of its privileged location on the Green River.

It is also facing the opera house.

La Verde Police have chosen a privileged location to give you the opportunity to live in La Verde New Capital,

It gives you what you aspire to in terms of tranquility, tranquility and privacy amidst the picturesque natural view.

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Laverde’s engineering plan and project design:

La Verde has implemented La Verde New Administrative Capital on the newest and most wonderful

classic designs that combine simplicity and sophistication at the same time.

It was keen to ensure that the urban planning of the La Verde project, the new administrative capital,

was meticulously organized.

Nothing has been overlooked, as the units are close to the services and video they enjoy.

And also the distribution of units and the distances between them so that each unit enjoys its privacy,

and a main gate to the compound.

LA VERDE New Capital services and features of La Verde:

La Verde has offered the finest services that made the project a small

integrated city that will meet all your and your family’s needs.

As La Verde provided in La Verde New Capital:

  • Administartive building.
  • Shopping mall.
  • Shopping center.
  • International Nursery.
  • And for more luxury, a social club.
  • Laverde Company provided artificial lakes in the compound.
  • Hiking areas with bike paths, and for walking or jogging.
  • Just as the buildings within La Verde compound were provided with internal garages.
  • swimming pool
  • And entertainment areas
  • Cinema
  • La Verde company provided cafes in the compound
  • And restaurants
  • And the gym
  • Laverde provided areas for children
  • Super Market
  • And the pharmacy
  • La Verde provided a sauna and a jacuzzi
  • Playgrounds.

Spaces of La Verde New Capital compound of La Verde:

The project (La Verde New Capital) is being built on an area of ​​35 acres.

The La Verde project in the Administrative Capital contains various units of different sizes:

The units in our project consist of (residential units, duplexes, penthouses, and isolated villas).

As the residential units’ space starts from 135 m to 325 m,

As for the duplexes, it starts from 270 meters and reaches 346 meters.

And when we talk about the penthouses, the distinct units in the La Verde project, the New Capital

Which contains gardens of various sizes, mostly, and the penthouse areas reach 346 meters.

The dialogue about the merit came about the independent villas, which are of various sizes, reaching

510 meters

Laverde prices in the new administrative capital of La Verde:

The price per meter in La Verde, the New Capital:

La Verde, the heart of the Administrative Capital, is considered an opportunity to invest in the New Capital,

The minimum acceptable price per square meter starts from 11,000 EGP, and the villa price starts from 15,000,000 EGP.

But the prices of La Verde in the compound are as follows:

Residential Units: Prices start from 1,652,500 EGP

Duplexes: their prices start from 3,205,000 EGP

Villas: prices start from 15,000,000 EGP

Delivery date of the Laverde company:

It is distinguished by the interest in the finishing stage, as it contains clams, plumbing connections,

electric cables, and the apartment door,

That is, finishing 1/2 finishing.

For your convenience, the deadline for delivery is after three years, meaning the date of delivery is 2023

The company developing La Verde is the La Verde project in the New Capital

La Verde Egypt issued a decision to implement this major project.

Its biggest purpose was to create an integrated compound to facilitate the investor’s life and make him

live with the utmost luxury.

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La Verde Egypt real estate company has carried out

many supervising projects in the field of real estate investment,

However, with the La Verde project, it overtook itself, and the consultant for the project was Engineer

Salah El-Sharkawy.

Laverde Company provided excellent payment and installment systems:

The company that developed the La Verde project has a lot of payment and installment systems, which are:

8% downpayment over 6 years and equal 1/4 annual installments.

Ten% downpayment over 7 years and equal 1/4 annual installments.

15% down payment and 5% after six months over 8 years.

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