Iris Mall
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Iris Mall is one of the projects of Inmaa Real Estate Development Company, which is an Egyptian-Kuwaiti

company, and the company has a previous huge business in the State of Kuwait

Contains Create:

  • Kuwaiti Prince Hospital
  • Kuwaiti Culture Center,
  • Ministry of Home Affairs,
  • Kuwaiti Al Jahra Hospital
  • And other major projects in the State of Kuwait.
  • Kuwait University
  • Kuwaiti Al Salam Hospital

Iris mall new capital location:

The project will be in the New Administrative Capital in the MU23 service area on the axis of hope next

to the Olympic Village between the two residential areas R2 and R3

They include about fifty thousand housing units, and it is bordered on the southern side by the Green


On the northern side, the future is City, Madinaty, Badr City and Cairo Suez Road

Iris Mall

Space and design at Iris New Capital:

The area of ​​the Iris Mall in the Administrative Capital is about 6488 square meters, and the building

percentage in the project is about thirty% of the total area.

The building blocks of the project are 20400 square meters and the special area for commercial activities

is 4900 square meters and the administrative and medical activities are 14700 square meters.

The front open yard is 1,500 square meters and the back yard is 2,500 square meters. The project also

contains about 330 parking spaces

What the Iris Mall project consists of:

The project contains 3 floors of basement (garage), ground floor and seven duplicate floors. The ground

floor and the first floor have been allocated for commercial activities.

From the second floor to the seventh floor for administrative and medical activities, with a total number

of units of about three hundred units with different activities

Iris Mall project services:

The mall in the Administrative Capital enjoys many distinctive services to match the size of the project

and the huge population density that it is expected to serve

Among the services facing the project:

  • There is an integrated security system that contains electronic gates and monitoring cameras.
  • Fire alarm and fire fighting system is available with all advanced and new equipment.
  • Iris Mall has 24/7 reception and counseling services.
  • A specialized management company is available to manage the property and maintenance work.
  • There is a specialized play area for children.
  • A business service center is available (private rooms for meetings and waiting areas for investors).
  • There is an ATM location.
  • Available parking places for about 330 cars.
  • There is Wi-Fi services.
  • Central air conditioning available.
  • There are modern panoramic elevators and escalators.
  • Solar energy is available to operate most public places.
  • There are open front and back outdoor spaces.

Iris MallIris Mall

Spaces in Iris Mall:

Available in Iris Mall, commercial units on the ground floor and the first, starting from 62 square meters

There are administrative and medical units on the second floor until the 7th floor, starting from sixty

square meters

Payment systems:

There are many payment systems available at Iris Mall for up to 6 years, and their notice is as follows:

5% contracted and the rest over 3 years

Ten% contracted and the rest over 4 years

15% contracted and the rest over 5 years

Twenty% contracted and the rest over 6 years


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