Ezdan the administrative capital

Ezdan the administrative capital
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Ezdan the administrative capital, was implemented by the Taj Egypt Real Estate Development

Corporation as its latest project, following the tremendous success it achieved through

its largest project in the capital,

It is De Goia, the administrative capital, which is one of the most residential projects in the 8th district,

She continues her successful economic career in the capital, with the most important mall in

the Downtown area, and with a view of the famous Al Masa Hotel.

Ezdan New Capital Location:

The Misr Taj Real Estate Development Corporation has chosen a location intended for excellence,

for the Ezdan Mall of the modern administrative capital project, within the boundaries of

the Downtown area.

He immediately enjoys a view of the Al Massa Hotel, next to the main axes of

the Administrative Capital, the most important of which is the Mohammed bin Zayed Axis,

and the Axis of Hope.

It is minutes away from the regional ring road, the Suez Road, and the most important landmarks

of the Administrative Capital, the most important of which are the Green River, the new museum,

and the Monorail Central Station.

It is close to the presidential neighborhood and the government district, in which about ninety percent

of the construction percentage has been completed.

Ezdan the administrative capital

Services and spaces in Ezdan, the administrative capital:

It is a totally commercial mall, and it consists of a ground floor + 5 upper floors,

Ezdan, the Administrative Capital, is distinguished by its modern design, which allowed for distinct

facades; For most of its units.

The Arab Crown Foundation hired the consultant, Dr. Medhat Dora, who owns the Space Consultants.

  • There are entertainment places for children.
  • Water Fall Screen is available in increments of 2 m.
  • There are water fountains, waterfalls etc.
  • Basic gateway available.
  • There are small, large screens.
  • Entertainment corner available.
  • There are elevators and escalators.
  • Security, guard, and surveillance cameras are available at all times.
  • There are modern notice supplies.
  • Storage spaces available.
  • There are garages.

Spaces in Ezdan the Administrative Capital:

Available spaces start from 35 square meters, up to 140 square meters.

The mall is completely commercial, and you will find different spaces inside it;

To suit all forms of business endeavor.

The mall enjoys an amazing view of the Al Massa Hotel, with a very unique view.

Costs and payment systems in Ezdan, the administrative capital:

Meter cost of commercial units within Ezdan Downtown Mall,

It starts from 55 thousand pounds, up to 170 thousand pounds, which is one of the smallest

commercial prices in the capital.

The prices in Ezdan the Administrative Capital are among the best costs offered among businesses in

the same area, and they offer the same benefits.

Payment systems in Ezdan, the administrative capital:

Spending 5% downpayment, and installments over ten years.

The Taj Egypt Real Estate Development Corporation provided payment facilities;

You will not find it in any newer project in the capital.

Especially in the presence of the various advantages in the project, represented by the smallest cost per

square meter, in addition to of course the excellent location in the Downtown area, and in front of

the Al Masah Hotel.

The owner establishment and previous works:

The Taj Egypt Real Estate Development Corporation, which was established in 2006,

was implemented and is one of the institutions of the Egyptian International Corporation Group.

It is considered the parent institution of the Arab Crown Masr Foundation,

and it consists of many other institutions, namely:

  • Landmark Tourism Corporation.
  • United Agricultural Investment Company.
  • The Egyptian Corporation for Hotel Services.
  • Lun Star company in the State of Qatar.

Ezdan the administrative capital

Previous Taj Misr Developments:

The Egyptian government sought assistance from the Foundation’s expertise.

To establish a number of projects and therefore have great confidence in the expertise of

the Foundation and its efficiency in production,

The most important of these projects:

  • Established a court complex in South Cairo.
  • Established the social club for the employees of the Central Bank in Cairo.
  • Founded the Compound Diyar General Intelligence in New Cairo.
  • I established the Greens project for the Foundation (M / Hassan Dora).
  • The American School was founded in Sheikh Zayed.
  • established the Badr Gardens project.
  • Founded the head office of BLOM Bank Egypt in Cairo.
  • I established The Address Compound for a commercial facility (m / Hassan Dora) Sheikh Zayed.
  • It established 23 buildings belonging to the army, in the R1 region of the modern administrative capital.
  • It has established 15 residential towers supporting the Modern Urban Communities Authority,

in the R3 area of ​​the New Administrative Capital.

  • It established 3 buildings of various uses, in the R5 area of ​​the Administrative Capital.

Just as the Egyptian Foundation owns a group of residential towers in

the Arab Republic of Egypt,including:

  • It established 2 towers in Lebanon Street, Mohandessin, Commercial and Administrative.
  • Founded Ezdan Mall, the administrative capital.
  • Established 1 residential commercial and administrative tower in Al Falah Street, Mohandessin.
  • Established 1 residential commercial and administrative tower in Al-Hejaz Street, Mohandessin.

As for the commercial business of the Egyptian Corporation in the State of Qatar:

  • Established Panasonic Tower in the State of Qatar.
  • The Grant Tower and Al-Salih Tower were established in the State of Qatar.
  • Showroom founded the Hyundai Motor Corporation
  • Established Al Markhiya Mall in the State of Qatar.
  • Founded Twin Towers in the State of Qatar.
  • Ezdan established the administrative capital

Down Town MU19 features

Downtown is the largest area for shopping and hiking in the capital, and the occupancy

rate is 100% during 24 hours.

Be close to:

  • Monorail Central Station
  • Opera House
  • Al Massa Hotel
  • Central station
  • Ministries district
  • Ezdan, the administrative capital
  • Local Ring Road
  • Green river
  • the airport.

Ezdan the administrative capital

in addition :-

Information about the area of ​​MU19, the Administrative Capital, as follows:

It is bordered from the north by the government neighborhood or the ministries neighborhood,

which is nearly 95% complete.

The headquarters of the ministries and the original bodies will be transferred by the conclusion of 2020.

As for the western part of the Al-Masa Hotel, which  inaugurated, and is operating at

this moment, it  count among the best and most important hotels in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

On the south side, the Green River is the largest central park in the world.

Well-located Downtown retail space distinguish for all commercial endeavors,

as it has allocated in a clever, progressive manner.

Down Town will be distributed to many areas, all places devoted to a specific activity,

with an area ranging from ten acres to one hundred acres.

For example, you will find a whole place dedicated to all major malls,

another dedicated to fashion stores, and an area dedicated to artistic products.

In addition to that, a place dedicated to the gold market, an area dedicated to creativity,

music, and other artistic activities, and an area dedicated to gardens on the appearance

from the west, and from the east.

You will also find a space dedicated to security companies, and another dedicated to

electronic devices, technology, etc.

Especially after the huge success achieved by the Taj Masr residential project in the capital,

which is De Goia in the 8th district.

Other projects are also of interest (vye Compound Zayed

iris Mall new Capital)


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