se-developers Compound established Blue Vert it has many activities, you can benefit from owning a store and doing activities through the store.

The location of Blue Vert se-developers:

The area in which Blue Vert se-developers located is a quiet yet lively area,

as well as it is close to some famous landmarks and important buildings.

Only 5 minutes from the Nativity Cathedral and the Diamond Hotel

because it is located on the Ben Bened axis in the center of the R7 E8 is located above, right above Il Bosco.

The most important thing that distinguishes the location of the new administrative capital is the presence of many important roads near it,

including the roads leading to it:

Regional Ring Road

Suez Road

Also, Ain Sokhna Road

In addition, the ring road

The area of ​​ Blue Vert se-developers:

Those who are looking for distinctive residential units within Blue Vert se-developers

have found a wide range of options.

As its large area may reach about 70 acres,

it allows greater creativity in constructing different units (villas or apartments) and diversification.

Villas occupy the largest share of the area of ​​​​the Administrative Capital, because they occupy 60%,

while apartments occupy only about 40% of the total area of ​​the project.

The area of ​​these units (whether villas or apartments) changes as follows:

The area of ​​the first floor ranges from 150 to 190 square meters,

which considered a medium to larger space, and is more suitable for small and medium-sized families.

The high-rise (recurring) space ranges from 140 square meters to 200 square meters.

Also, it is larger than the ground floor area, so if you want to live in a larger area, it is the best option.

The advantages of Blue Vert se-developers:

Blue Vert se-developers is a residential place for the social elites and the high-end classes.

So you will feel the splendor and accuracy of all the selected content

(from the design of the buildings and decoration to the entertainment services available),

and its most important features are:

By diversifying the spaces of apartments and villas,

it provides various options for customers or clients wishing to purchase residential units in the compound.

Providing comprehensive services, whether basic services or recreational services,

that help meet all the needs of the residents of the residence.

Excellent design for residential units with high standards and modern features.

Existence of business units.

In addition to the spacious green spaces as a safe park for children and families, there are also entertainment clubs.

There are many swimming pools, some for children and some for adults.

Provide multiple payment methods.

Compared with the service offered, the unit is provided with a competitive and cheap price.

The prime location makes it easy for residents to get around and provides all the services they need.

Blue Vert se-developers Services:

Blue Vert se-developers provides a distinct set of services and features, which are as follows:

International schools involve people of all ages and provide services to every family and every child.

And that is by providing a suitable learning environment near the home

so that the family is not burdened with many obstacles after school, troubles, and a waste of time.

The complex offers a group of swimming pools near the residential area,

which characterized by regular maintenance and is suitable for all ages in order to spend the happiest time with the family.

The landscape has a variety of shapes that start with many types of trees,

and these trees fill the project of different types and heights in Blue Vert se-developers.

You can ride a bike on the private sidewalk and run on the other sidewalk.

It also provides an administrative office and a private clinic for doctors so that you can invest invaluable places.

Also, there are scattered entertainment places as well as children’s amusement parks and areas designated for free children’s activities.

In addition to many famous restaurants as well as cafes,

where you can spend quality time with your friends as well as family.

se-developers that owns the project and its previous works:

Blue vert Compound is a project owned by se-developers.

It is a company that has a very large experience in the field of projects

that proves this property and its history.

se-developers was established in 1975

and it is considered a very large company with capital equal to millions of dollars.

It is clear from the name of the company that this is a joint venture

between the Egyptian government and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This is because the Egyptian Ministry of Housing provides the land,

and the Saudi Ministry of Finance pledges to build on these lands and provide funds for the implemented projects.

se-developers approved by the People’s Assembly

and then approved by the President of the Republic in Resolution No. 656 of 1975.

The company’s registered capital amounted to 50 million US dollars, divided equally

between the governments of Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and then tripled.

We divide evenly:

After entering the tourism investment activities within the scope of its activities,

the company’s capital amounted to 75 million US dollars.

in addition to The company’s capital rose again to $318 million in June 2014.

The company’s activities combine real estate and tourism investments in Egypt

and implement projects in accordance with national policies and plans approved by the Board of Directors.

In addition to creating residential areas, it also purchased land

and carried out some repairs in preparation for the sale of buildings.

The company also builds buildings to sell or use in the construction of some projects.

During its long history, the company built many businesses,

as the number of projects since its inception until mid-2014 reached about 50 projects.

The number of residential as well as administrative units in these projects has reached 15 thousand units.

With a total investment of 5.5 billion pounds,

se-developer’s previous work was to establish a group of residential areas in a new city in Egypt,

Of which:

Projects located in the city of New Cairo.

Lake Dream Compound.

Sikon Residence Alexandria project.

Also, the Riyadh project will.

Dora Assiut project.

In addition, the Damietta Resort project.

Otter City.

Prices of Blue Vert se-developers:

The price of Blue Vert se-developers units meets all customer expectations

of living in beautifully designed fully-finished apartments at competitive prices

or modern villas at the lowest possible price, because their prices are:

The price per square meter for residential units starts from 12,000 pounds and 13,500 pounds per square meter

Payment systems:

Although the prices of Blue Vert se-developers are very cheap, some customers may find it difficult to pay in full immediately.

Therefore,se-developers that own the project keen to provide convenience when paying.

The remaining amount is paid after 3 months.

You can prepay 5%. In addition to paying 5% of maintenance costs.