New Plan Developments

New Plan Developments established Atica compound in the unique R7 district, and provide a setting with distinguished specifications for the project.

Data about New Plan Developments Atika Compound:

New Plan Developments Atika is one of the most prominent and largest projects in the recent administrative capital,

which was built in a form that blends modernity and sophistication

with caution and scrutiny on the diversity of units spaces in it.

in addition to The Attica New Administrative Capital residential project was formed in partnership

between the New Plan Real Estate Development Corporation,

which has the Serrano compound in the modern administrative capital,

in addition to a green river commercial facility,

which participated in highlighting Atika in an ideal direction as a result of the two companies’ experience in the field of facilities.

Atika New Capital Compound:

Atika New Capital is located in one of the most vital areas in the heart of the modern administrative capital

in addition to therefore in plot G1 in area R7 on the central axis near the English University and Ali,

within 5 minutes of the Green River, the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ, Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque,

in addition to Ali so far A quarter of an hour from the presidential palace and the capital’s airstrip.

New Plan Developments Compound Atika area:

New Plan Developments Atika Compound, established on a place of about 35 acres,

in addition to which allows for the enhancement of green spaces,

artificial lakes and other services that allow rehabilitating the project

in addition to meeting and achieving the self-sufficiency of its residents.

The location of the units in the modern administrative capital Atika project:

The spaces of the units vary in New Plan Developments compound, Atika, the modern residential capital,

in addition to in a way that serves the diverse needs of customers, and this is as follows:

One-bedroom housing: the areas of this type of housing unit reach seventy square meters.

in addition to Housing with 2 sleep rooms:

The size of the housing area with 2 sleep rooms is about 110 square meters.

in addition to A house with 3 nap halls:

the residential units spaces in this category start from 140 square meters

in addition to ending with an area of ​​180 square meters.

The space of the family house starts from 160 square meters

v ends with a quantitative area of ​​about 280 square meters.

Atika Compound, the modern administrative capital:

The Atika new capital project enjoys many specialized benefits

as well as services that help provide all the needs of the residents in the atika new capital,

in addition to New Plan Developments, compound site is one of the most important and unique locations in

the heart of the new administrative capital, especially as it is located on the central axis immediately,

in addition to it is the most important street in space, next to the project’s proximity to many vital points around it.

Landscape: The commercial establishment executing the project of New Plan Developments compound Atika, the administrative capital,

in addition to being keen on the residential era until the green spaces dominated the area of the building,

which contributes to an increase in the psychological calm of the residents in the compound.

in addition to Artificial lakes: The commercial facility designed for the project took into account

that the planning of artificial lakes should be completed in various patterns,

which contributes to the stillness of the eye of the residents atika the new capital.

in addition to:

Commercial space: Within the scope of the commercial establishment’s keenness

that the Atika new capital project achieves self-sufficiency for the population,

in addition to it has promoted the formation of commercial space with an abundant amount of cafes and luxury restaurants

Completion: All units in New Plan Developments atika new capital will be completed with the Ultra Super Lux finishing system.

in addition to Security and guarding: As for security and guarding services,

they were provided in atika new capital for 24 hours, every day.

in addition to Gym and Spa: The Royal Institution was keen to provide a healthy life by providing a gym and spa equipped at the highest level.

Just as there are safe tracks for walking and running in atika new capital

Payment and installment system in New Plan Developments Atika Compound:

An increase in the payment and installment system has been approved in the New Plan Developments Atika New Capital Compound,

which is close to the residential era, and therefore it starts from not disbursing

any down payment and ends with the payment of only ten percent as a front-side payment for the contract.

In the largest form of payment, the customer does not pay any front payment,

in addition to he can pay in installments the cost of the housing unit over 4 years

(scheduled equal payments without benefits)

with the acquisition of a competitor up to 12%.

In the 2nd format, the customer pays a 5% front and pays the price of the amount

over 5 years (equal scheduled payments and without benefits)

instead of acquiring a competitor at a rate of only 10%.

in addition to In the 4th mode of payment, the customer pays 10% as a down payment upon contracting

and 10% upon receipt, with the rest of the amount being paid in installments over 9 full years.

In the 4th framework of payment, the customer pays 15% as a down payment

upon contracting and 10% upon receipt,

with the rest of the amount being paid in installments over a full ten years.

in addition to Repair Deposit: As for the repair deposit,

it amounts to 8% only of the total unit price,

in addition to the dates of receipt in New Plan Developments Atika,

it is planned to complete the delivery of all units in the compound over a period of 4 years.

About New Plan Developments Updater for Atika Compound:

New Plan Developments is the owner of Atika Compound, the modern administrative capital,

and the commercial establishment has a plentiful amount of residential

and commercial projects in the Arab Republic of Egypt, the Kingdom of Saudi

Arabia and various countries of the world. real estate, they are:

Mohammad Rashed.

Youssef Seddik.

Hussein Hammam.

Walid Al-Mansub Khalil.

He has the largest share, the procedural man, Walid, who is affiliated with Hebron,

and the percentage concerned with him from the institution is about fifty percent of the shares of the commercial establishment.

Among the most important projects undertaken by the Foundation in Saudi Arabia are the following:

The property of the Ministry of Health in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia.

Al-Batem Towers, consisting of 18 floors.

And the performance of the buildings of Almarai Corporation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The most important projects undertaken by t New Plan Developments in the Arab Republic of Egypt are as follows:

Serrano Compound, the new administrative capital.

Atika New Capital Compound.

Eleven Administrative Capital Project.