akam Development

akam Development is one of the largest and best real estate development companies, and it is an Egyptian-Saudi company consisting of four companies.

It is known as a partner of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,

as well as its company with the Ministry of Defense and Economy,

and owns many companies in Saudi Arabia, King Saud and Faisal University,

as well as many different companies in all countries.

About akam Development:

The residence is a real estate developer affiliated with Tulip Resort

in addition to Aroma Sokhna, which owned by its owner, Essam Mansour,

She has more than 20 years of experience in the Egyptian market and knows as a veteran real estate developer.

in addition to The Egyptian Real Estate Market Company is part of the Bayat Company, which was established in early 1968

To build several hotels in the Red Sea.

In addition to many complexes that built-in El Shorouk City and many buildings

Administrative and medical in the Fifth Settlement, the Middle and Fifth Settlement,

also akam Development know as one of the strong companies present in the real estate market,

in addition to This benefits its real estate and economy with rich experience in the field, including landscape projects,

The company characterized by many things related to construction and real estate.

Advantages of akam Development:

akam Development has many diverse advantages, making it one of the largest real estate marketing companies in Cairo,

Of which:

in addition to akam Development understands all the new things and innovative real estate in this field,

And always provide the best experience.

in addition to We have employed a group of engineers and professionals working in the real estate engineering design business,

Among them is the well-known engineer Yasser El-Beltagy,

who engaged in professional work in the field of engineering consultancy.

in addition to akam Development has a long precedent and a number of distinguished engineering constructions,

and therefore it committed to launching the first project through the first phase.

akam Development first project scenario:

akam Development committed to implementing its first project

in addition to has started the implementation of the first phase of the project.

We know that it one of the companies that keen to provide different projects,

Therefore, it considered one of the most important projects that enjoy excellence and luxury.

This is what we can achieve through the strategic location it provides.

in addition to The port in the administrative capital is the best project.

The project concentrated in the R7 district of the seventh residential district, on plot A2 in the Bue district,

Close to the British University and the International Expo.

Capital and the best residential project in the region is under construction, and it is a scenario from the Akam project.

Scenario area of ​​the new administrative capital:

akam Development started building a project scenario on an area of ​​39 acres

That is, with an area of ​​163,800 square meters,

because it based on the construction of the project.

in addition to Green, this is something you can’t enjoy anywhere else.

The project implemented in a completely different way to suit everyone

in addition to providing customers with the comfort and luxury they are looking for.

A private cinema established for all residents of the compound to ensure everyone’s comfort,

Because the company hopes to provide confidence and luxury to its valued customers.

Reservations can made in the lobby at any time of the day.

Features of the Administrative Capital Scenario Project:

in addition to The Akam Scenario project has a wide range of advantages, which makes it one of the first projects

Which customers are looking for and can benefit from it at any time.

These advantages are:

Many people are seeking the best and the best from the investor’s residential area.

in addition to Enjoying the entertainment services in the project, and the company committed to implementing them for customers.

The project includes a variety of green spaces,

As well as gardens and recreational parks that can enjoy with the family.

in addition to The project is very close to different and important areas that help all clients enjoy a luxurious life.

Situational composite service for akam Development.

This project contains a set of important services that most customers seek to enjoy in the strongest

And the best place to live and let them live the luxurious life they want.

These services are:

adults, children, women, for the purpose of swimming in winter and summer.

in addition to There are many artificial lakes scattered among the entire project and the green spaces.

Providing a comprehensive health club equipped with the best sports equipment and providing high-level services and has all activities.

Build a comprehensive gym equipped with the best sports and equipment that many people love.

in addition to It has a fully equipped gym, spa, and sauna for all.

This project provides a special place for children, and provides a series of interesting games that they love,

He spends the best time with family and friends.

in addition to Establishing a commercial area to provide all the needs and supplies needed by a large number of people

Throughout the day of clothing, brands, and daily needs.

in addition to The presence of the cinema shows all the exclusive movies that everyone wants and can be easily booked at any time.

A security guard and guards have been assigned to protect this place at all doors and entrances to the project,

In addition to having a set of surveillance cameras to maintain security, safety, and the safety of everyone.

That is why the Scenario project was called one of the distinguished projects in the Administrative Capital.

Because it meets all the requirements that everyone wants, it is a comprehensive residential area.

The price and space of the administrative capital scenario:

akam Development is committed to creating a large number of different spaces and prices

in addition to many customers are looking for in order to enjoy an integrated stay, space, and price with everyone,

So they provide you with:

Providing apartment housing whose space starts from 132 square meters,

in addition to Its price reaches 1.426.000 EGP.

It offers apartments with spaces starting from 147 meters, with a garden of 77 areas,

in addition to Its price starts from 2,245,000 EGP.

It offers apartments with an area of ​​154 meters and a garden of 74 meters, with prices starting from 2.275 million EGP.

in addition to Prices start from 2.267 EGP for apartments with a space of 175 square meters.

It offers apartments with an area of ​​183 meters

and prices starting from one million and 995 thousand Egyptian pounds.

in addition to Sin Seven New Capital Complex, The Sin Seven New Capital project is one of the newest

And the most prominent projects of Arkham Real Estate,

It is also the company’s second project after the success of the first, a scene featuring the Seven Sin complex.

in addition to The administrative capital located in a very special location in the area R7, plot G2

It overlooks the embassies area, the green river, and the shelves of the main street near the ministries area.

in addition to The payment method provided by akam Development,

The company committed to offering different payment systems that are very suitable for all customers.

The payment method is as follows:

5% down payment, installments over 6 years, without interest.

A 10% down payment is available and the rest in installments over 7 years without interest.

25% down payment and the rest in 10 years installments without interest.