De Joya Compound
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De Joya Compound was established in a privileged strategic location in the heart of

the New Administrative Capital in the 8th residential neighborhood in the R8 region,

specifically in plot B2,

The most prominent features of its location include:

The compound overlooks the Diplomatic Quarter, the most elegant neighborhood of

the Administrative Capital.

It shall be on the tourist walkway and three wide main streets, with a width of between

seventy meters and up to one hundred meters, in order to avoid congestion.

The location is distinguished by its proximity to the service areas and the central park in

the 8 residential neighborhood.

De joya compound was established on a great area to accommodate all forms

of necessary and recreational services, with the aim of the peace and well-being of

all residents,

The percentage of residential buildings on the location is 19%, with the rest of the place

allocated to recreational services and green spaces.

De joya compound services:

  • In de joya compound, there are a lot of services, as it is an integrated project
  • with facilities and services to offer residents everything they dream of,
  • Among the most important services of the compound are the following:
  • There are 2 dog teams equipped with the latest new equipment, a gym, spa, gym,

spa, and a closed swimming pool for women.

  • A flooded fish tank is available which gives the setting a luxurious look.
  • There are commercial places with many stores and stores that provide all international

goods, products and brands.

  • There is an entertainment space dedicated to children’s games, which enjoys

the highest levels of reassurance.

  • There are security and guard services working in the compound for twenty-four hours.
  • A complete system of monitoring cameras is available all over the compound for the safety of all units.
  • There is solar energy as a pure and environmentally friendly source of energy in the compound.
  • There are swimming pools of different types and sizes to suit adults and children,

as there is an indoor swimming pool dedicated to women for more peace and privacy.

  • There is a secure garage for cars under the ground.
  • A special track is available for running, jogging and cycling away from the tracks of the vehicles.
  • There is a roof garden

De Joya CompoundDe Joya Compound

Previous projects of Taj Misr de Joya compound:

Founded de joya compound

Taj Misr Company constantly takes into consideration the use of the largest institutions,

so it has sought assistance from Dr. Medhat Dora (Space Engineering Consulting Office),

As an engineering consultant for the project, which is counted from the bright names in that field.

Tag Egypt Real Estate Development is one of the group of the Egyptian International Establishment

for Construction, and it  established in 2006.

The important thing to mention is that the mother institution of the Egypt Taj Foundation,

which is the Egyptian Foundation, has several other institutions, including:

Landmark Tourism Corporation.

United Agricultural Investment Company.

The Egyptian Corporation for Hotel Services.

Lun Star company in the State of Qatar.

De joya compound prices and payment systems:

Prices in de joya compound are the best and cheapest in the New Capital, to be suitable

for all customers,

Prices start from 9,500 to 11,500 pounds,

The units shall deliver semi-finished within four years of contracting.

It  characterize by a distinctive strategic location in the heart of the New Administrative Capital,

as it established in the eighth residential neighborhood, R8, specifically in plot B2.

De Joya Compound

Governmental projects in Egypt:

Founded South Cairo Courts Complex.

Established the social club for the employees of the Central Bank in Hodeidah Cairo.

Founded de joya compound.

It established the Diyar General Intelligence Compound in New Cairo.

She founded the Greens project for the company (M / Hassan Dora).

The American School  established in Sheikh Zayed.

Founded Badr Gardens project.

Established the head office of BLOM Bank Egypt in New Cairo.

The Address Compound  founded by (M / Hassan Dora) Sheikh Zayed.

It established 23 buildings belonging to the armed forces, in the R1 region of the New

Administrative Capital.

It established 15 residential towers belonging to the New Urban Communities Authority,

in the R3 area of ​​the New Administrative Capital.

It established 3 mixed-use buildings, in the R5 area of ​​the New Administrative Capital.

Other projects are also of interest (De Goia- the new capital

Apartments in installments in De joya)


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