De Goia- the new capital

De Goia- the new capital
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De Goia- the new capital, is the lowest price per meter in the administrative capital,

and it is in the first plot on the Al Sefarat neighborhood.

And it will be in front of the tourist walkway immediately and the value per square meter

starts from 8,500 to 9,500 and in installments up to 8 years.

It is considered the first launch of the newest compound in the modern administrative capital.

The location is characterized by distinct specifications and overlooking the embassy

district and the tourist walkway beside the Green River

De Goia, the New Capital, is available at prices with distinct specifications that start from

700,000 thousand and have a payment period of 8 years without interest.

There are areas starting from 70 meters to 400 meters

The location of the Compound De Joya, the New Capital:

The compound has a very distinct and wonderful strategic location, so it is in the

8 residential neighborhood of exactly the area of ​​R8.

It is in plot B2, it is located next to the diplomatic area and immediately overlooks

the tourist walkway, the ministries district and the embassy district,

It is also located next to the central park and the presidential palace and next to

the Green River to combine all the regions of the Egyptian capital, Greater Cairo.

The compound has a very distinctive view of the main streets, among them there is at

the bottom of the compound a street of eighty square meters.

It overlooks Banaa Street, 44 square meters, and near the compound, an eighty meter wide street,

So you will be near all areas and the most vital and least densely populated places.

De Goia- the new capital

The space of the Compound De Joya, the administrative capital:

The compound is being built for the Taj Foundation of the Arab Republic of Egypt on

a place of 23.5 acres.

The total area is divided into residential space, service area, and green spaces.

It combines a variety of wonderful apartments of various sizes and prices,

as it combines residential units, duplexes and studios.

De Goia New Capital Compound is the best residential, service and commercial project,

It has all the various entertainment features and services at the highest rate

that you do not want to go outside the compound

Services of the Compound De Goia New Capital:

The compound is a residential and service community and one of the most important features

of any project, the services and features available in it,

The compound is distinguished by its variety of services that distinguish it from any

new project to meet all the needs of all investors

De Goia- the new capital

Among those services are the following:

  • There are various water bodies and artificial lakes
  • Excellent looking fish ponds available
  • There are swimming pools of all sizes, whether adults or juniors, for all ages,

and an indoor pool for women

  • It contains a large landscape of landscapes and green spaces, which helps to create favorable

environmental conditions in the atmosphere.

  • De Goia New Capital has a health team, clubhouse, gym, gym, spa and jacuzzi
  • There are areas for jogging, jogging, walking and cycling
  • A commercial space is available that contains a number of stores and malls with

all international brands and brands

  • Contains solar energy
  • Garage and underground parking are available
  • There is an integrated entertainment place for children to play and entertain
  • Security and guarding are available throughout the day to fully defend the compound

and for more security.

  • It is equipped with the latest security devices and monitoring cameras

Compound designs:

The compound was designed with the highest rate of luxurious designs to suit the spirit of

the modern era and suit all tastes.

Taj Misr implemented its project with the help of the engineering consultant office of

the engineer Medhat Dorra Malik.

And the Office of Space Consulting Engineers to design and establish this unique project to

the fullest in a distinctive way in a wonderful atmosphere of innovation and creativity

De Goia- the new capital

Prices and spaces for the compound:

There are many and varied prices and spaces within the compound scope of the Taj Egypt Foundation,

Because it mixes a variety of apartments from studios, residential units, duplexes, and villas.

It offers you huge or small spaces with various payment methods and systems 1/2 finished

and fully finished.

The meter’s value starts from 8750 EGP up to 10250 EGP, spaces start from seventy meters

The prices of the compound de Goia, the new capital:

  • There is a villa with an area of ​​382 square meters and a garden of one hundred square meters.

The cost starts from 4,380,000 pounds

  • A 129-meter plot of land housing with a 65-meter garden is available, a two-room compound.

The cost starts from 1.453,000 EGP

  • There is a ground housing 136 meters in a garden of 55 meters, consisting of 3 halls of sleep,

the value starts from 1.509,000 pounds

  • There is a 276 meter housing available, consisting of 4 rooms. The price starts from 2,756,000 pounds.
  • There is a house of seventy meters with a garden of 35 meters formed from one sleeping room,

the value starting from 905,000 EGP

Payment methods in De Goia New Capital:

Taj Misr for Real Estate Development in the Compound De Goia, the administrative capital,

provided payment methods and a system suitable for payment according to what is

commensurate with the nature and capabilities of each one.

In the following lines, we mention the variable payment systems:

  • Available without a down payment and with scheduled payments over 7 years and without

benefits, equal scheduled payments

  • The investor pays an amount of 5% to be submitted from the cost of the unit and

the rest by the scheduled payment over 8 years without benefits and equal installments

  • The investor pays ten% of the unit cost in installments over 9 years without equal

installment privileges

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