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DE JOYA is one of the last projects of Taj Misr Real Estate Development in the heart of

the New Administrative Capital,

It is the first direction for those looking for comfort and residential quietness away from

overcrowding and pollution, and it is considered one of the largest areas.

De Joya Compound in the New Administrative Capital is considered a luxury residential project

that is in the capital’s most distinctive locations,

The compound contains a diverse and distinct bouquet of services and facilities that the

residents need, it takes place on a vast and large area.

Dejoya New Capital location:

The De Goia Compound in the Administrative Capital is characterized by the best distinctive

locations in a great way of its style, so it is in the 8th district in the R8 region in plot No. B2,

This particular area is characterized by the largest and most elegant garden, and is the most vital

area in the Administrative Capital.

The compound location enjoys a view of the tourist walkway and three large, wide main streets,

whose width varies between seventy meters to one hundred meters.

It stays next to De Joya compound, the central park and the services area in the 8th

residential neighborhood.

It overlooks the ministries neighborhood, the Green River and the Presidential Palace, just as it is

near the diplomatic quarter and is located near the Al-Zohour Sports Club.


Space of de Joya compound:

The area of ​​the compound is 23.5 acres and it has all the necessary services in all its forms

and luxury is available for the comfort of all investors.

The space was divided in a distinctive and unique way twenty% residential buildings from

the distinguished residential units,

The rest of the space was distributed among green spaces, various services and facilities,

and the Foundation provided distinct and different spaces and prices according to the unit area.

There are residential units.

Villas available.

There are studios

Duplexes available

The delivery of the villas shall be fully finished or semi-finished duplexes.

Project de joya services:

There are many distinct facilities and services provided by the de Joya project, to be an integrated

and distinct residential city of its kind

De joya offers all the luxury and variety of services that residents dream.

There is a commercial space that contains abundant quantities of various and varied stores

of international brands.

There is a 2 clubhouse, a 5-acre area of ​​purpose in Al-Smou that combines a gym, spa, ladies

pool and Jacuzzi.

There is a huge gymnasium and social club with halls for all games.

Tracks available for walking and jogging.

There is a private garage under the ground for cars for all buildings.

Special courses for cycling, jogging and walking are available.

There are security and guard services available 24 hours a day.

in addition, There is a huge aquarium that combines a distinct group of different fish with amazing scenery.

There are vast green spaces, artificial beauty lakes in Al Hassan and Al Wasf, and stunning

natural surroundings that please the beholder.

There is a periodic service function for safe and healthy disposal of rubbish.

There is a recreational space for children’s games dedicated to the highest ranks of peace,

encouraging them to be creative and develop their skills.

Swimming pools are available to suit everyone, from adults to children.

There is a roof for many and many services.

in addition, There are 2 dialogue elevators available in different housing units.

There is lighting with pure solar energy.

A new and improved HD and premium camera system is available.

There are the newest nurseries and schools at the highest educational level to ensure an

educational level with distinct characteristics to shape future generations.

A dedicated area is available on large areas for restaurants and cafes


Project de joya features:

The project distinguish by its green space within the Administrative Capital, and there are

different areas available, and the units vary and there are industrial lakes and large green spaces.

The project will be in a very special and unique location, so it is near a huge central

park and characterize by the presence of a terraced garden above each building,

There is a huge aquarium extending up to nine hundred meters, as if it were a masterpiece in drawing.

Designs of units within the project and spaces:

De Goia compound  built on an area of ​​about 33 acres to realize the largest area of

​​facilities and services that suit the residents.

The units within de joya project consist of residential units, villas, studios, and duplexes

of various sizes.

The space of the residential units starts from 85 meters up to two hundred meters.

The location of the villas starts from 310 meters up to 410 meters.

Studios space starts from seventy meters to eighty meters.

Duplex villas  deliver fully finished or semi finished.

The space of the excellent residential units J AC starts with a space of seventy square meters

to 410 square meters.

Delivery and finishing in the compound de Goia:

The deadline for the delivery of the de joya project is either fully finished or 1/2 finished,

and is canceled during four years of the contract.

Finishing properties in Dejoya compound:

Plumbing: drainage and insulation from the best and best local forms Dior Vet or Roca

in addition to mixers of the best forms Roca or Moravian

Electricity: Electricity or television shall be all of the approved cables, the sash, the main board

and the bits of the regional ideal.

Paint: ceilings and walls are shaped and finished with the best local shapes.

Ceramics: sleeping rooms, forges, bathrooms and balconies, laser cut ceramics or porcelain

from (Pyramids – Cleopatra – Venus).

Doors: Housing door, exterior door and Chinese import laminate, doors and closets made of musk

wood, MDF, o-veneer filler or dye.

Payment systems in De Joya compound:

The project calculate from the best prices, as it is the cheapest value per square meter

in the Administrative Capital, and the implementing institution provided the completion of

the project with the best payment systems,

In order for all investors to agree, the cost per square meter within the scope of the D-Air project

starts from 9,500 EGP per person,

The payment systems vary:

Payment method is available over 7 years without any down payment.

There is an 8-year installment and a downpayment of 8% to be paid by the investor.

Submission of a ten% payment and the rest of the amount in installments shall be

canceled in installments of up to 9 years without a down payment.

The repair payment is 8%.

Residential units amount to 65,000 EGP.

Club Mania for studio units 50,000 EGP,

Garage 100,000 EGP.

Why invest in Dejoya New Capital in the modern administrative capital?

Because De Goia Compound is one of the finest and most luxurious residential projects and

the most exclusive locations in the capital,

The compound is located on a very large area and has distinguished luxuries for the convenience

of investors,

Just as the costs are unique from the rest of the projects in the Administrative Capital,

just as the 8th District  distinguish  by its services and its distinguished strategic location.

Simple information about Taj Misr for real estate development:

It is the largest real estate institution in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and it is the executing

institution of the de joya project.

The Egyptian International Commercial Establishment for Construction  establish in 2006.

The Egyptian Establishment owns several other institutions, including:

Landmark Tourism Corporation.

United Agricultural Investment Company.

The Egyptian Corporation for Hotel Services.

Lone Star Company in the State of Qatar.

Previous projects in the Arab Republic of Egypt:

She established the Greens’ project for a commercial facility m / Hassan Dora.

It established a group of residential towers in the Egyptian state:

Founded two towers in Lebanon Street, Mohandessin, commercial and administrative.

It established a residential commercial and administrative tower on Al Falah Street, Mohandessin.

Established a residential administrative tower in Al-Hejaz Street, Mohandessin.

Previous projects in the State of Qatar:

Panasonic Tower  establish in the State of Qatar.

Showroom founded the Hyundai Motor Corporation.

Established Al Markhiya Mall in the State of Qatar.

Founded Twin Towers in the State of Qatar.

The Grant Tower and the Al Sailiya Tower were established in the State of Qatar.

The Egyptian Foundation also has the Snape Foundation in the Arab Republic of Egypt and promoted

the finishing and furnishing of both: –

Sheraton Dreamland.

The Movenpick ship in Luxor has also stood on its feet as well as the Egyptian Foundation

Sultanate of Oman tower in Zamalek.

And Villa Samih Sawiris, Zamalek, in arrangement with Orascom Construction.

Capital Residence, the modern administrative capital

Other projects are also of interest (Ezdan Mall New Capital space

De Joya New Capital city)


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