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Compound La Verde is located in the New Administrative Capital, which is receiving great care by

investors working in the real estate sector,

Only in the Arab Republic of Egypt, but in many Arab and foreign countries, as everyone is rushing to

implement projects there,

Due to its important location and various high-end services that are in line with the needs of investors,

That is why La Verde Egypt immediately sped up and launched La Verde New Capital,

In the end, it represented a huge attempt and start for the company.

Location of La Verde New Capital:

The space in which La Verde Compound is the Administrative Capital will be in the heart of the New

Administrative Capital immediately, and it is the space R8,

Which remains next to abundant vital neighborhoods and headquarters, on top of the Embassy District,

in which it is assumed that many embassies of various countries will rise.

Therefore, the best evidence of the sophistication of the place.

The compound is also in the heart of the cultural city, which is located on the Green River to be

established by means of two water lines from the Nile,

In addition to a line for desalination plants through the Red Sea.

It is also planned to plant the place surrounding the Green River, so it was called that name,

There are many prominent and important places and landmarks on the second side of the river, which are:

Presidential headquarters

Ministries district: It is planned that all Egyptian ministries will be established in it.

Conferences headquarters

The international airstrip: internal picnics are currently being prepared in it, and it is assumed that global

excursions began after the completion of the New Administrative Capital project.

Residents of La Verde New Capital will be close to all these important headquarters and facilities.

The matter that provides their livelihood within a very vital and service area at the same time and

completely safe.

La Verde Compound

Space of La Verde compound, the administrative capital:

La Verde New Capital acquires a realistic area of ​​35 acres, which is wide to the extent that

it offers many buildings and apartments.

Which occupies forty% of the total area of ​​the project, in addition to green spaces, landscapes and

industrial lakes, which occupy sixty% of the compound space.

It is likely that many personalities influence the availability of multiple alternatives in front of them so

that they can choose from them what suits them, and this is what La Verde actually provides,

It contains different areas for apartments that vary as follows:

Residential unit areas start from 130 meters up to 255 meters.

The areas of the penthouses start from 295 meters to 365 meters.

Duplex units’ spaces vary from two hundred meters to 270 meters.

Whatever area the investor is looking for, he will most likely find it within the La Verde New Capital


Thanks to this huge diversity between small, medium and large spaces.

Design of La Verde New Capital:

Laverde Company took over the design of the La Verde project.

She was keen so that all units of the compound would enjoy distinct designs of their style dominated by

the elegant and luxurious classic shape.

Mixed with modern touches of the new look as well, the compound finally has its own character that

distinguishes it from other compounds and projects.

The stunning view of the vast green spaces throughout the compound is one of the most interesting

features of its design.

However, other green spaces are available surrounding the compound from the outside, because it is

close to the Green River, which is characterized by the presence of green spaces as well.

La Verde Compound

Compound La Verde

Services and advantages of La Verde New Capital:

Security and guarding services extended throughout the day, In addition a commercial mall that offers all needs and

products with high quality and originality and famous brands,

A shared health club equipped with all devices and supplies to provide the best service to its visitors,

All this and more will be within the compound of La Verde, the New Capital, which provides investors

with a bouquet of the finest services and the most prominent privileges,

As it has the next:

A huge fully equipped medical center, with specialists in various fields available, next to modern devices

to provide an integrated medical service to all residents of the compound.

Indoor car trucks can accommodate a large number of cars, the most prominent features of which are

the presence of full peace and a huge area.

A group of swimming pools with distinctive and innovative designs, In addition with a swimming pool for children alone.

Artificial lakes of various designs, all enjoying a breathtaking, In addition striking and impressive view,

It adds another aesthetic touch to the compound style.

Compound La Verde

The possession of the various buildings built within the compound, a distinct view of the common green spaces.

Allocating many places for entertainment and picnicking, so that they are an outlet for the residents of

the compound, allowing them to prevail over boredom, break the daily routine, In addition and spend a good time.

Tracks for simple and healthy exercise, as there is a track dedicated to jogging and a track dedicated to cycling.

An administrative building with many units and offices that provide various services to the compound’s residents.

A huge social club in which a variety of activities can be practiced,

It is equipped with a method to provide a truly distinctive service to the residents of La Verde New Capital.

International nursery for children, providing them with distinctive educational and entertainment services,

And it is possible to go to it quite simply because it is in the vicinity of the compound

i.e. next to their residential units.

It provides security and guard services during the day and seven days a week.

Prices of La Verde New Capital project:

The prices of La Verde New Capital units vary to a huge extent.

Because each unit has an area that varies from the other and then the price varies,

Except that, in general, they are competitive prices to suit and satisfy all investors,

Because it ensures that they enjoy many services within the scope of their housing unit in return for a

reasonable payment.

Compound La Verde

Payment system in the La Verde New Capital project:

It is not a one-way payment when buying a unit inside La Verde New Capital,

However, the investor will find 3 payment systems that he can choose the method that he likes,

These systems are:

There is the first method: a 15% downpayment, with the remaining amount in installments over 5 years.

The second method is available: an advance payment of 15%, then 5% after the lapse of six months after

the first payment,

With the remaining amount in installments over 6 years.

There is the third method: an advance payment of 15%, then 5% after the lapse of six months after the

first payment.

5% after a year has passed, with the remaining amount in installments over 7 years.

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