Compound Bleu Vert New Capital

Compound Bleu Vert New Capital
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Compound Bleu Vert New Capital consists of amazingly designed residential towers,

villas with international designs, wonderful shops and various administrative headquarters,

all of that and more, you will find inside.

All services are available in the residential compound and it was established by one of

the largest institutions in the field of real estate, which is the Saudi Egyptian Commercial

Corporation for Reconstruction,

Which has achieved many successes in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Arab world.

The Foundation chose the location for the project with sponsorship, as it is located

within the boundaries of the vital area, and all necessary services and entertainment are

available there.

It is located on the main roads and important axes to facilitate the process of moving or

traveling for residents of the compound. You will have more details about the Bleu Vert.

The location of the Compound Bleu Vert New Capital:

The Bleu Vert New Capital project is located in a quiet but vital area close to a limited

number of landmarks and important buildings.

It is 5 minutes apart from the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ and is near the

Al Masa Hotel, as it stays at E8 on the Bin Zayed Axis immediately in the heart of R7,

next to Bosco.

The Compound Bleu Vert New Capital location is characterized by the abundance of

important and vital methods near:

  • It is next to the local ring road
  • It is located next to Ain Sokhna Road
  • in addition, It is next to Suez Road
  • It is located next to the Middle Ring Road

Compound Bleu Vert New Capital

Area of ​​the Bleu Vert New Capital project:

The Foundation has chosen the various spaces that the investor is looking for to be

a distinct residential unit within the scope of the Bleu Vert New Capital project,

Because its vast area of ​​seventy acres allowed for more creativity and diversification in

the construction of its various units, whether villas or residential units.

The villas will have the largest share of the Compound Bleu Vert New Capital,

They occupy sixty% of them, while the residential units occupied forty% of the area

allocated for the project, and the areas of those units varied, whether it was villas or residential units,

As follows:

The areas of the ground floor vary from 150 to 190 square meters, which embody a medium

to relatively large area to suit small or medium families in a larger manner.

The upper floors (consecutive) areas start from 140 to two hundred square meters,

a relatively larger area than the ground floor.

Compound Bleu Vert New Capital

Features of Compound Bleu Vert New Capital:

It is a residential compound for the elite of society and the high-class classes, so we

do not marvel at the scale of sophistication and accuracy in choosing all things inside it,

starting with preparing buildings and decorations used,

Entertainment services available in it:

  • Various spaces are available for residential units and villas.
  • There are integrated services, whether necessary or entertainment services, to meet all

the needs of the residents of the compound.

  • Amazing apartment designs are available to a high standard and modern in character.
  • There are commercial units.
  • Recreational units such as a social club are available.
  • There are vast green spaces
  • A safe park is available for children and families.
  • There are swimming pools, some of them are for children, and others are for adults.
  • Various payment systems are available.
  • There are subtractive modules with competitive costs and of lower value to match

with front end services.

  • There is a unique location that makes it easy for residents to move around, and has

services that they need.

Compound Bleu Vert New Capital

The owner organization and the missed projects:

The Bleu Vert project own by the Saudi Egyptian Development Company, which is

an institution with long experience in the field of real estate projects.

Its history testifies that it founded in 1975 and is a major corporation with assets

amounting to millions of dollars.

It is evident from the name of the commercial establishment that it is a joint enterprise

between the Egyptian authority and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as the Egyptian Ministry

of Housing saves lands,

The Ministry of Cash, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, undertakes the construction on top of

it and the payment of business expenses that are terminated.

The commercial establishment obtained the acceptance of the elected council, and then

the acceptance of the president of the country issued above it in Decree No. 656 of 1975,

The foundation started with a wealth of fifty million dollars distributed equally between

the Egyptian and Saudi governments, then it increased two times and was divided equally

as well:

The ownership capital of the corporation reached 75 million dollars after entering the tourism

investment activity within the framework of its activities.

The Corporation’s ownership capital increased again in June 2014, to $ 318 million.

The Foundation’s activity is located between real estate and tourism investment within

the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The projects are implemented in accordance with the country’s policy and the plans approved

by the Utility Board, and besides the formation of residential neighborhoods, the land

purchase is completed.

A limited number of repairs are being made to make it ready to build to be sold.

The number of commercial enterprises since its establishment until mid-2014 will be fifty.

A number of apartments and administrative offices are available in commercial projects to

15,000 units, with huge investments reaching 5.5 billion pounds,

Of the company’s missed projects in new cities in Egypt, namely:

  • Obour town.
  • The city of New Cairo.
  • Saudi Capital Project.
  • Durrat Assiut Compound.
  • Damietta Resort project.
  • Lake Dream Compound.
  • Alexandria Residence project.

Compound Bleu Vert New Capital prices:

The prices offered for the units of the Compound Bleu Vert New Capital are suitable.

To meet the desire of all investors to reside in new residential units or villas with

amazing designs at the lowest possible prices, as the prices reach:

The cost of 50 meters is 13,900 pounds.

Available, the cost of 80 meters is 14 thousand and 500 pounds

The units will be delivered in 2022.

Payment systems:

Available prices for the Compound Bleu Vert New Capital, which are low-value.

A few investors may find it difficult to pay the full amount in time, so the project owner

was keen to provide facilities upon payment.

Compound Bleu Vert New Capital has a 5% downpayment and the rest spend after three months

5% will be spent for maintenance and park.

It is certain that you will find the villa or house you dream of within the Compound Flow

Vert in the Administrative Capital at the best costs.

So, do not be confused and rush to reserve your unit from this moment.

For reservations, inquiries and pricing you can speak to Bleu Vert sales

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