Mostakbal City

Mostakbal City, Egypt has many beautiful places, including the new city of the future, which is characterized by beauty and wonderful charm, and it also consists of five phases, which makes this city the best new city in New Cairo because it is the first green city in New Cairo.

The new Mostakbal City in 2020, learn more about the new Mostakbal City below and understand the division, phases,

and advantages of the city because what distinguishes this city is that it was built for urban expansion and the revival of new areas for investment in Egypt.

One of the most important pieces of information about the city of the future

Mostakbar is one of the most distinctive and important cities in Egypt and the Arab world, and thanks to its strategic location,

it has many advantages, as it is located between New Cairo and Medina, as well as Badr and the center between Cairo and Al-Shorouk.

Ismailia Desert Highway, only 3 kilometers from Al Shorouk and 5 kilometers from Al Obour Market.

You can easily navigate between every place in Cairo and the surrounding area and other places with ease.

The most important characteristic of the city of the future

There are many wonderful jobs in the city of the future, by acquiring units in the city, whether it is a residential, commercial,

or administrative unit, it attracts a large number of customers to invest in the city, and the city meets all the needs.

The most important advantages from its customers are as follows:

Kabir City is one of the major cities With an area of ​​1.25 million square meters, which can include a large number of housing units,

which greatly helps to solve the urban congestion crisis.

The city contains a large number of residential areas, providing all amenities and recreational services,

and giving residents a sense of luxury.

There are different schools in the city that cater to all the needs of the family by educating children, because,

in addition to the January 25th school, there are also experimental youth party schools, military sports schools, and many international schools.

Rely on the latest lighting methods because it is achieved through solar energy.

It contains two gates, one on the Cairo-Ismailia Desert Road, and the other on Al-Shorouk City Road, and the gate occupies 50% of the city’s green area and landscape, which is why it was call the green reason for the city.

. Sun Mall is located in Mostakbal City, which is very important for shopaholics.

Mostakbal City

There are four sports clubs and all the stadiums are suitable for those interested in sports.

This city is the best place to play and play for kids. There are many restaurants and cafes in the city to suit everyone who loves change.

The city has a 24-hour medical center serving citizens around the clock. There is a 24-hour pharmacy.

The city is always concerned with safety and security, as cameras are spread all over the compound. In order to protect your car,

it provides a garage that always protects it.

Mostakbal City located

New Mostakbal City is located between several different housing projects in New Cairo and East Cairo,

such as Madinaty, Badr City, and El Shorouk City. The city is located 35 km from the Cairo-Ismailia Desert Highway.

The city is 3 kilometers from Al-Shorouk. In addition to being in front of the Ahmed Al Olabi Association for Land Reclamation,

the city is also close to the Obour Market which is 5 kilometers away.

The city is also famous for its two main gates, one of which is located on the Cairo-Ismailia Desert Road,

and the other is located in El Shorouk City on Mubarak Road, near Carrefour Al Sharq.

Who is the real estate developer of Mostakbal City?

The city was built by a group of real estate companies such as the Future Real Estate Development Company, Emaar Misr, SODIC,

and others, at a total cost of 14 billion pounds.

In addition to the contribution of many banks such as the National Bank, Banque Misr,

and the Arab Contractors Company in building a comprehensive city and providing all services.

Services you get when you live in the city of the future

Real estate developers in this city have always been interest in building a comprehensive city and providing services that meet all the needs of the population, including:

For instance…

  • Green spaces occupy about 50% of the city area, they are committ to giving the city an aesthetic.
  • Which gives psychological comfort. Wide streets in order to preserve privacy and ensure that all residential units enjoy the beautiful view, which certainly helps to accommodate more residents.
  • A variety of roads and transportation networks are available to facilitate transportation to and from the city.
  • Commercial outlets provide for all those in need.
  • Sports facilities, Mostakbal City has sports and social clubs with a total of 4 clubs.
  • High level of security and security 24 hours a day.
  • In addition, There are many restaurants and cafes, the most famous of these restaurants are Hadramawt, Shabrawy, Al-Baraka, etc.

Phases of the city of the future

For instance…

Mostakbal City is divid into five phases, the first phase covers an area of ​​1,490 acres and is also the best area to attract residents because the first phase contains comprehensive services and facilities.

This phase is also very densely populat because there are 114 individuals per acre.

As for the second phase of the city, it covers an area of ​​1,715 acres. It also contains many services and facilities, such as health services, administrative services, business services, and recreational services, in addition to the city’s luxury hotels, restaurants, and cafes.

The third phase covers an area of ​​1,655 acres, the fourth phase covers an area of ​​2,034 acres, and the fifth phase covers an area of ​​3,057 acres.

Types of units in the city of the future

Al Mostakbar City includes all types of residential, commercial, recreational, and educational units in Mostakbal City.

It is mainly characterized by its residential projects and high-level communities, and is was developed by more than one well-known company in the field of real estate.

The residential units vary between apartments in buildings, apartment buildings with a maximum of 6 floors,

duplexes, penthouses, townhouses, twin houses or standalone villas in Istikbar.

These stand-alone buildings and residential units are permeat with green spaces that provide privacy and wonderful views for all residents.

 Details of spaces and designs in the city of the future

In Mostakbal City, there are residential units that meet all needs and are suitable for large and small families, with spaces ranging from 90 square meters to more than 1,000 square meters.

 Units price in Mostakbal City

For instance…

  • The price of residential units in Mostakbal City is very suitable compar to similar homes in New Cairo Compound.
  • The average price per square meter in Mostakbar starts at just £5,000, and there is more than one payment system for the installment scheme.

Mostakbal City Projects, Fifth Settlement

Mostakbal City includes many unique residential areas in New Cairo that provide the highest level of quality and services, including residential units at competitive prices and payment systems.

Here are the 5 most popular of these complexes.

For instance…

The Address East Compound

  • Address East Courtyard is located in the center of New Cairo, close to Suez Road and 90th Street.
  • It features a spa and health club, a commercial area, restaurants and cafes, an underground garage, and a children’s entertainment area.

Hyde Park Compound

  • Hyde Park is located near the American University. It includes international schools, clubs, gyms and medical centers.
  • It is characterized by providing the highest level of security and protection services.
  • He is very interested in greenery and beautiful landscaping.

Aria Compound

  • It is located in the heart of Mustakbar, close to my city and the American University.
  • It includes a shopping mall, shopping mall, club, social club and a special area for children.
  • and It contains restaurants, cafes, social clubs, fully equipped hospitals, and clinics, private garages, and water parks.

Mostakbal City

Sarai Compound

  • From the perspective of the implementation of Nasr City for Reconstruction and Development.
  • Sarai Compound in New Cairo includes a variety of residential units from standalone apartments, duplexes, penthouses, and villas.
  • In addition, It includes comprehensive and recreational services to provide residents with a wonderful modern life.

Azar Compound

  • Azzar New Cairo compound was established on an area of ​​25 acres near the Golden Plaza area.
  • It differs from other complexes in terms of interior design and is very similar to the architectural features of the United States.
  • It is characterized by a precise geometric division of the space, dividing the space between greenery, water bodies and the pool, so that all units have wonderful and charming views.

Mostakbal City