Penthouse for sale in the curve new capital | Number 1 in your investment

Penthouse for sale in the curve new capital | Number 1 in your investment
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Penthouse for sale in The Curve New Capital We have witnessed the emergence of many diverse residential communities in different places. Corner Stone Real Estate Company stands out as one of the companies that cares about excellence and luxury in its projects. The upscale compound project “The Curve” was implemented within the New Administrative Capital with a high level of design and implementation, making it the ideal choice for those looking for a luxurious and exceptional life.

“The Curve” project is considered one of the most integrated compounds in the New Administrative Capital, where services and facilities were carefully chosen to ensure the comfort of its residents. Each service is meticulously designed to meet the needs and aspirations of residents, giving them a distinctive and comfortable residential experience.

The interest in different age groups in “The Curve” is considered a prominent strength of the project. It offers a variety of entertainment and green spaces that add calm and comfort. In addition, the facilities are innovatively designed to meet the needs of people with good taste, making them enjoy an exceptional residential experience. The available housing units are varied and offered at competitive prices to suit all financial capabilities. Penthouse for sale in the curve

Penthouse for sale in the curve new capital

Penthouse for sale in the curve new capital

Penthouse for sale in the curve new capital

Choosing the location for a residential compound is one of the main factors in the success of any real estate project. Therefore, real estate developers paid special attention to ensure that their project attracts the interest of investors and clients of different nationalities. “The Curve” was built in a strategic location within the Administrative Capital, specifically in the eighth district, R8, plot I6, where there is a vibrant and active life.

The Curve is considered a combination of luxury and sustainability, as it is located near the most important service and government areas in the New Capital, making it easy for its residents to meet their daily needs with ease and ease. In addition, the project location was chosen with great care to be close to all major roads and axes, making it easy for residents to move within the capital without being exposed to traffic congestion.

Through its prime location, residents of The Curve can easily access various areas of Cairo, saving them time and effort. In addition, the site has a number of other important advantages, such as:

  • The project is Suez Ain Sokhna Road, Ring Road, Regional Ring Road.
  • It is separated by a very short distance from the southern Bin Zayed axis, approximately 2 km.
  • It is approximately 7 km away from Bin Zayed North Axis.
  • It has a wonderful view directly of the Green River Park.
  • It is located a short distance from the British University, Christ Cathedral and the school complex.
  • The most important government neighborhoods near The Curve Compound are the Ministries
  • District and the Government District.
  • It is also located close to the Diplomatic Quarter and the Embassies Quarter.
  • The Curve approaches the fairgrounds.
  • The project is only 15 minutes away from the Administrative Capital Airport.
  • The most important compounds near The Curve New Capital are Midtown Solo Compound and
  • Menorca Administrative Capital Compound.
  • It is a significant distance from the largest hotel in the New Capital, which is the famous Al-Massa
  • Hotel. Penthouse for sale in The Curve New Capital

The Curve New Capital space

Penthouse for sale in the curve  The Curve Capital Compound has a wonderful view of two main streets, each of which is 60 meters wide. The project is distinguished by its area of ​​13 acres, as the real estate developer distributed this area among green spaces at a rate of 82% of the total project area. The green spaces include many tall trees and colorful flowers, in addition to artificial lakes and crystal lagoons that provide a wonderful view from all residential units.

On the other hand, the real estate developer was keen to create The Curve Compound away from the crowded places in the center of Greater Cairo, with the aim of providing a clean environment that contributes to the health and comfort of residents. The Curve Compound is considered a relaxing haven away from the exhausting pressures of daily life.

Penthouse for sale in the curve new capital

Penthouse for sale in the curve new capital

Various services in The Curve Administrative Capital

Penthouse for sale in The Curve Life in The Curve Compound, the capital, is ideal for those looking for excellence and comfort. The project is designed with great care to provide residents with all the basic and entertainment services they need. The integrated environment within the compound is considered a unique and enjoyable experience for living.

Thanks to the efforts of Corner Stone Real Estate, the latest and highest quality services are provided to the residents of the compound. These innovative and essential services reflect the sophistication and distinction that The Curve Capital enjoys compared to other projects. These services occupy a prominent position among the factors that distinguish and attract the project.

Penthouse for sale in The Curve, New Capital. The services of The Curve, New Capital, are distinguished by diversity and attention to detail. These services include a wide range of basic and recreational services that meet the needs of all family members. These services ensure a comfortable and happy experience for every resident of the compound. By choosing your home in The Curve Compound, you guarantee yourself an exceptional residential experience that combines luxury, comfort, and sophistication. This compound is more than just a residential complex, but rather an integrated destination that meets your aspirations and fulfills your dreams of an ideal life.

Penthouse for sale in the curve new capital

Penthouse for sale in the curve new capital

Real estate developer Lee Penthouse for sale in The Curve

Corner Stone Company is the owner and executor of The Curve Compound project located in the New Administrative Capital. The company is currently managed by Engineer Ashraf Boulos. Corner Stone was founded more than 30 years ago, giving it extensive experience in the field of real estate development and investment.

Corner Stone Company was distinguished by its keenness to develop its projects in line with the latest technologies and innovations in the field of urban development, which made them imitate what had been achieved in the West. The company always seeks to implement its projects in Egypt with the highest standards of quality and professionalism.

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