Penthouse for sale in the city new capital | 3 modern features

Penthouse for sale in the city new capital | 3 modern features
Penthouse at Sky Capital View
4 2 1 245 sqm m²
fully finished
Delivery date 2022
Penthouse in Catalan Compound for sale
3 4 165 m²
semi finished
Delivery date 2024

Penthouse for sale in The City, the New Administrative Capital, “The City” is distinguished by being a private residential compound that combines luxury and sustainability, providing an advanced and innovative level of services and architectural designs. The project is located in one of the best locations in the Administrative Capital, making it close to the most important landmarks and real estate projects in the region, providing residents with easy access and communication with the surrounding environment.

Penthouse for sale in the city

Penthouse for sale in the city

Penthouse for sale in the city new capital

“The City” compound by Master Group offers a variety of residential units, suitable for the different needs of residents. These units feature a variety of spaces that suit residents’ desires for luxurious and distinguished housing. It also features modern designs that combine elegance and practicality, creating a comfortable and attractive environment for living. The City project is concerned with providing safety and comfort to its residents

The residential units enjoy the highest levels of security and privacy. In addition, the compound provides a range of entertainment services and public facilities that add value to residents’ lives, making them feel luxury and comfort in every aspect of daily life. The City Administrative Capital is a full-service project that combines luxury and security, and provides an ideal environment for housing and investment, making it an ideal choice for Master Company clients and those looking for quality of life and stability in an exceptional location.

Location of The City Compound New Administrative Capital

Penthouse for sale in The City The City area is distinguished by its distinguished location in the Seventh Residential District, which is considered one of the most attractive neighborhoods for residents in the Administrative Capital. This neighborhood is characterized by the rapid completion and delivery of residential units, making it an ideal destination for searching for a place to live.

In addition, The City area includes the most important high-level real estate projects, characterized by excellent services and luxurious designs. This neighborhood is one of the most distinguished places in the Administrative Capital, and is considered an ideal choice for individuals and families looking for comfort and luxury in an integrated residential environment.

The most important landmarks near The City Compound New Administrative Capital:

The Green River area, which hosts the largest central park in the world, is considered one of the most prominent and important landmarks in the New Administrative Capital. This wonderful area is only 3 minutes away from the location of The City Compound, the Administrative Capital, and provides a quiet and refreshing atmosphere for the project’s residents.

The area also includes the Cathedral of the Birth of Christ and Al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque, which are located less than 5 minutes away from the location of the Master New Administrative Capital project. This reflects the importance of the distinctive infrastructure and the diversity of services that the region provides to its residents.

In addition, The City project is located near the Diplomats District, and is only a few minutes away from Al Masa Hotel, the Exhibition Grounds, and Mega Mall. This distinguished location ensures easy access to various areas of the New Administrative Capital, making it an ideal destination for living or investment. Thanks to The City project’s direct view of the southern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed, its residents can easily move to various parts of the new capital. This strategic feature enhances the value and attractiveness of the project, making it an ideal choice for luxurious living and enjoying everything the New Administrative Capital has to offer.

The area of The City Compound the capital

Penthouse for sale in The City It is very important that you have accurate and comprehensive information about The City project in the Administrative Capital if you intend to invest in it or live in it. This project is distinguished by being located in a vital area in the New Administrative Capital, where an area of about 54 acres has been allocated for the construction of buildings and facilities.

One of the most important elements that distinguishes The City Compound is that the percentage of infrastructure and facilities in total does not exceed 30% of the total area. This means that the rest of the space is allocated to creating green and landscaped areas that promote tranquility and relaxation for residents.

There is no doubt that the environment surrounding the home plays a major role in the quality of life, and therefore the presence of green spaces and beautiful views in The City Compound is an important factor for enriching the residential experience in this upscale community. In short, The City Compound is characterized by providing an integrated residential environment that combines luxury, tranquility, and natural beauty, making it an ideal choice for those looking for comfort and stability in the New Administrative Capital.

Penthouse for sale in the city

Penthouse for sale in the city

Unit space within The City

Penthouse for sale in The City In The City Compound, there is a variety of units offered for sale, ranging from apartments, independent villas, and duplex apartments, to meet the different needs of customers. Starting with residential apartments, ranging in size from 115 square meters up to the seventh floor, where each floor includes four apartments of different sizes to ensure a variety of choices and perfectly meet customer requirements.

In addition to apartments, the complex offers independent villas surrounded by private gardens and swimming pools, with an internal area extending to 396 square metres, providing an ideal environment for families who desire privacy and comfort.

Hence, The City offers duplex apartments with spacious designs and spaces suitable for large families, making it an ideal choice for those looking for spacious spaces and divisions that meet their needs and provide them with comfort and enjoyment of the vast interior spaces.

Penthouse services for sale in The City

Penthouse for sale in the city  The developer company, known as Master Group, was keen to implement The City Compound project with great care, with the aim of providing all basic and recreational services to residents at a high level. This project is an ideal place to live in the New Administrative Capital, as it was designed to meet the needs of all age groups.

By continuing to cover the needs of residents on an ongoing and renewable basis, the project seeks to achieve an integrated residential experience that guarantees comfort and luxury for its residents. The services provided within the project include recreational facilities and basic services such as green spaces and sports fields, in addition to commercial centers, restaurants and cafes that meet all needs.

  • Penthouse for sale in the city enjoying a stunning view of wide green spaces and aesthetic bodies of water
  • It contains the largest dancing fountain illuminated with attractive lights, and is surrounded by an entertainment area for children and adults that includes a number of cafes and restaurants.
  • Swimming pools spread throughout The City Compound, the New Administrative Capital
    The City Compound, the New Administrative Capital, has wide streets ranging from 18 to 24 metres.
  • This space helps provide a high degree of privacy for residents and provides the necessary traffic flow.
  • The City includes gyms equipped with the latest sports equipment, a spa center and a health club.
  • A huge shopping center with an area exceeding 16 thousand square meters, which includes many shops that provide a variety of goods and products.
  • Medical services are among the indispensable basics for completing the civilized image of upscale residential neighborhoods
  • The City has an international school and a children’s entertainment area that includes indoor and outdoor play areas that help provide children with fun and entertainment time and nurture their skills.
  • The City Square area inside The City Compound has a wonderful view of the expansive green spaces and the dancing fountain. There are a number of cafes and restaurants that offer the most delicious and varied recipes to satisfy all tastes.
  • Securing The City Compound using the latest surveillance and security systems, including all parts of The City Compound, the Administrative Capital.
  • Providing maintenance services of various types to all residents when needed. Penthouse for sale in The City
Penthouse for sale in the city

Penthouse for sale in the city

Owner company and previous works

Penthouse for sale in The City  The City Administrative Capital Compound was established thanks to the Master Group Real Estate Company, which is managed by business personality Mohamed Lashin. The company was established in 2006 but has a rich history in the field of real estate development dating back to previous years.

Master Group is distinguished by assembling a professional team with extensive experience in the field, and these key experts were behind the success of many previous projects undertaken by the company. Among the most prominent projects that have achieved great success are:

The City Administrative Capital

Although the company is relatively recently established, it has been able to make its mark in the real estate market by designing and implementing high-quality projects that meet the needs and aspirations of customers. The company is distinguished by its professionalism and dedication in providing the best services to its customers. Penthouse for sale in the city

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