Penthouse for sale in Tala 6 october | Elegance and luxury await you

Penthouse for sale in Tala 6 october | Elegance and luxury await you
Penthouse for sale in Tala 6th of October
3 2 1 133 sqm m²
Semi finished
Delivery date 2024

Penthouse for sale in Tala 6 october is a new boom in the world of real estate. The compound is distinguished by its diverse spaces and modern designs. It also includes units at a competitive price for everyone who wants to live within a developed compound with many advantages and provides the opportunity for many groups who want to settle down and live in comfort and tranquility.

Penthouse for sale in Tala 6 october

One of the most important factors that help the success of any residential project is the location in which it is located, which attracts many customers and investors. Therefore, the company that owns Tala 6 October Compound was keen to choose a strategic location for the project in the heart of the northern expansion area, which makes the Tala October project close to the most important roads, axes, and famous landmarks. .

The most important places near the compound

  • Close to Al Bashayer Housing and Eshraqa Compound.
  • It is located along the 26th of July axis.
  • It is steps away from the Tawny Hyde Park project.
  • From Tala 6 October Compound, you can reach Mall of Arabia.
  • A short distance separates the project from the 6th of October Club.
  • Very close to the Shooting Club and Mohandiseen Housing.
  • The compound is only a few minutes away from Fayoum Road.
  • It is located near Dabaa Axis and the New Egyptian Museum.
Penthouse for sale in Thala

Penthouse for sale in Tala 6 october

Penthouse for sale in Tala 6 october design

One of the most important things that draws your attention from the first moment of your visit to Tala Compound is the high-end designs presented by the largest real estate companies, which the owner company never overlooks, as every detail of Tala Compound was designed and finished with the finest and finest international finishing and construction methods, in terms of facades with distinctive colors. Which takes you out to another world of magic and beauty, and adds magical touches with a very distinctive Western character, and this is what the owner company has always unique in its residential projects.

Penthouse for sale in Tala 6 october

Services of Tala 6th of October Compound

The company that owns the project was keen to provide the greatest amount of services and facilities, whether basic or recreational, within its Tala October project, in order to strive for the integration of the project and make it the most appropriate choice for all customers, which is what was actually achieved in the great demand for the project after its launch.

The most prominent services within the compound

  • Tractors and paths designated for walking and jogging away from the car path.
  • Large garages are widely available to prevent overcrowding and congestion in front of buildings.
  • A large commercial area with various stores for all shopping lovers.
  • There is an area designated for barbecues and family evenings to spend the best times with the family.
  • There is a designated area for children that is fully secured to maintain the safety of children inside the compound.
  • There are swimming pools for all ages and they are organized throughout Tala Compound.
  • Wide green spaces on various lands of the compound to give an elegant appearance full of positive energy and activity.
  • The project also features the presence of a large mosque for performing prayers and religious rituals, which is one of the unique features of the compound.
  • There are also multiple seats overlooking the picturesque landscape for sitting and enjoying reading, contemplating, and breathing fresh and clean air.
  • Providing an integrated security system with an integrated security staff trained to deal with various situations.
  • The compound is also equipped with surveillance cameras spread throughout all areas, operating 24 hours a day.
  • The compound also contains a sports and social club for anyone who wants to exercise or sit.
  • Spending time with family, as well as football and basketball fields and more various sports.
  • Penthouse for sale in Tala 6 october with all the basic and entertainment services that all residents of the compound need.
  • Providing artificial lakes that increase the beauty and luxury of the Tala project and give an aesthetic appearance to the compound.
Penthouse for sale in Thala

Penthouse for sale in Tala 6 october

The most important features of Tala Compound

Enjoy a unique experience in the finest residential compounds that have increased in search recently in the heart of 6th of October City, especially penthouses for sale in Tala, a life designed with unique and unprecedented features in which you and all your family members can find comfort and relaxation, through a unique and wonderful package of… The features that the real estate developer sought to provide in this form of sophistication and prosperity.

Penthouse for sale in Tala 6 october

Area of Tala Compound 6 October

The company that owns the project was interested in choosing a plot of land with a large area and a distinctive strategic location, because this is one of the most important factors for the success of any residential compound, which must be on a large area. The compound was built on an area of about 24 acres, and the area was divided between the landscape and artificial lakes, in addition to public services and facilities. And various recreational activities, which include building a sports club to spend leisure time without having to leave the project.

Penthouse for sale in Tala 6 october

Units in Tala 6th of October Compound

The compound contains many residential units of various sizes to suit a large category of customers and gives freedom to investors when purchasing without tying them to a specific area or large price.

The units vary as follows

  • Duplex
  • Penthouse
  • Penthouse for sale in Tala 6 october
Penthouse for sale in Thala

Penthouse for sale in Tala 6 october

Tala 6 October project prices

The company that owns the project was keen to offer prices that suit the different classes of youth and families because it believes that every individual has the right to live a better life within a residential community that gives him a lot of freedom and security. There are Penthouse for sale in Tala 6 october at unbeatable prices.

The company that owns the project

The Housing and Development Company is considered the executor of the Tala 6th of October Compound, which established a real estate company in 2006. Since that time, the Housing and Development Company has undertaken many real estate projects in the Egyptian markets, through which it has achieved many successes, and this is what has made it continue to provide more to its customers.

The owner company also has extensive experience in the field of real estate investment and development. The company has worked to position and prove itself among its competitors and has been keen, through its projects, to provide an opportunity for all social classes to have the right to obtain investment units at prices that suit them, in addition to high quality and efficiency.

The most important work carried out by the company

  • Etlala Compound in Abbasiya.
  • Eshraqa project in 6th of October.
  • Pearl de Roy Mall, New Cairo.
  • Le Roy Compound in Fifth Settlement
  • A number of residential buildings in the Sheraton.
  • Al-Tameer Towers located in Qasr Al-Qubba.
  • Penthouse for sale in Tala 6 october.
  • Zoe Badia Sheikh Zayed project.
  • Palm Hills Katameya 2 Compound.
  • Woodville Compound 6 October.
  • Laguna Bay Village, Ain Sokhna.
  • Lake Yard North Coast.
Penthouse for sale in Thala

Penthouse for sale in Tala 6 october

Advantages of owning a unit inside Tala 6th of October

The Tala project, which has many distinguished integrated services that made it one of the best residential projects in 6th of October City.

Among the features it provides:

  • Competitive prices, which are one of the cheapest units in October, in addition to easy payment systems.
  • A vital location for Tala Compound, which is close to important main roads and axes.
  • Various unit sizes, as well as a variety of apartments, penthouses, and duplex units.
  • A real estate developer with a big name in the Egyptian market, Housing and Development Company for Real Estate Investment.
  • There is Penthouse for sale in Tala 6 october with a distinctive and wonderful view on spacious green spaces.
  • There is a variety of residential units within the compound, including apartments, duplexes, and penthouses.
  • Guarantee your family a life full of luxury and sophistication in the best location in 6th of October.
  • Moving towards a better future for himself and all his family members, with the enormous benefits and services.
  • All units in the compound enjoy a wonderful natural view of the green areas.

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