Penthouse for sale in Park lane new capital | 3 steps to well-being

Penthouse for sale in Park lane new capital | 3 steps to well-being
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3 4 165 m²
semi finished
Delivery date 2024
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fully finished
Delivery date 2022

Penthouse for sale in Park lane The Park Lane compound in the New Administrative Capital is considered a unique architectural masterpiece, as it is characterized by a precise and professional design that reflects the aesthetics of the luxurious Dutch style. This huge project was created by Al-Attal Real Estate Development Company, and is the result of fruitful cooperation with experts in the field of engineering and architectural design.

Park Lane provides an upscale and distinguished residential experience, as it was carefully designed to ensure it meets international standards for luxury homes. The project includes all the basic and recreational services that residents need, providing them with an integrated and modern living environment.

Park Lane Compound is distinguished by its prime location in the heart of the Administrative Capital, as it is located near the most important landmarks and vital facilities. This strategic location adds exceptional appeal to the project, making it an ideal choice for clients and investors looking for apartments for sale with flexible payment facilities extending up to 8 years. In short, Park Lane New Administrative Capital is an ideal choice for upscale housing and real estate investment in Egypt, as it combines innovative design and integrated services in a lively and modern environment that perfectly meets the needs of families and individuals. Penthouse for sale in Park lane

Penthouse for sale in Park lane new capital

Penthouse for sale in Park lane new capital

Penthouse for sale in Park lane new capital

Park Lane Compound is located in one of the vital areas in the Administrative Capital, specifically in the R7 area, which is considered the seventh residential district. The compound occupies plot D2, located on the central axis, and is located near the Swedish University and the Diplomatic Quarter, making it in the heart of the activities and vital landmarks of the New Capital.

The compound’s location is distinguished by its distinction as it is located in the second of the Mujawar Bin Zayed plots, which is considered one of the main axes connecting the areas of the Administrative Capital. The location of Park Lane New Capital was carefully chosen, as there was no randomness in the selection, but rather the location was considered in the high density area, but while maintaining complete privacy and tranquility.

Designed by Park Lane Administrative Capital

Park Lane Compound has unique architectural designs. It embodies the height of Dutch creativity in architectural designs. Collaboration took place with a group of the best architects who worked on the Park Lane project, to create an architectural masterpiece that dazzles the eye.

The teams worked on designing the compound based on green spaces inspired by the Dutch style. Artificial lakes were included to add an additional aesthetic touch. The interior design of the units has also been detailed, separated by green spaces to ensure the highest levels of privacy and distinction for residents.

Penthouse for sale in Park lane new capital

Penthouse for sale in Park lane new capital

Area of Al Attal Compound Administrative Capital

Penthouse for sale in Park Lane New Capital  Park Lane Compound enjoys a distinctive strategic location where residents can enjoy tranquility and fresh air away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The compound also provides a wide range of distinctive services such as swimming pools, sports clubs, and commercial areas, making it an ideal place to live.

The beauty of Park Lane is not only limited to the magnificent architectural designs, but also includes beautiful green gardens and areas for strolling and relaxing, adding a touch of nature to the urban environment. Moreover, the compound has high-level security and advanced surveillance systems to ensure the comfort of its residents.

Park Lane Compound is the ideal choice for those looking for quality of life and luxury in a quiet sea of tranquility and beauty. Residents can enjoy all the services and facilities the compound provides at the highest level, making them live a life full of comfort and happiness.

The types of residential units are as follows:

  • Apartments.
  • Duplex.
  • Penthouse.

Unit spaces in Park Lane New Administrative Capital

Penthouse for sale in Park lane The Park Lane project is distinguished by the fact that the owner company has distributed the area of ​​the residential units in an ideal way that serves all the needs and desires of customers. The units are designed to suit different sizes of families, and provide a variety of spaces to ensure that the appropriate space is chosen for each person.

Do not miss the opportunity and reserve your unit now in the latest real estate projects within the New Administrative Capital. You can choose the space that suits you and meets your needs with all the features and services of the project.

The units have been divided neatly and appropriately, providing customers with multiple options that help them choose the ideal unit for them. Join the residents of the Park Lane project and enjoy the spacious spaces and modern designs that meet the requirements of modern life. Penthouse for sale in Park Lane New Capital

It is divided as follows:

  • An area of 95 square metres, consisting of one room.
  • An area ranging from 110 square meters to 135 square meters, consisting of two bedrooms.
  • Apartments ranging in size from 142 square meters to 200 square meters, consisting of 3 rooms.
  • The area of the 4-bedroom apartments is 196 sqm.
  • Duplexes have an area starting from 235 square meters up to 340 square meters.
Penthouse for sale in Park lane new capital

Penthouse for sale in Park lane new capital

Services and features of Park Lane Administrative Capital

Penthouse for sale in Park lane New Capital. Al-Attal Real Estate Company distinguished itself in designing the Park Lane compound in the New Administrative Capital by providing a wide range of services and features to ensure the comfort and well-being of residents. The compound features many entertainment facilities and services necessary for daily life, making it a quiet and comfortable oasis among many residential compounds in the area.

Park Lane Compound was exceptionally designed to provide a unique and distinctive residential environment for residents. The residential units feature a modern and elegant design that meets the needs of modern life, while providing open and comfortable living spaces.

Park Lane Compound provides an integrated community that includes sports facilities, an integrated health club, swimming pools, gardens, and playgrounds for children, making it an ideal place to live, relax, and practice sports and social activities. With great attention to the smallest details and providing the best services, Park Lane Compound is an ideal choice for those looking for comfortable and elegant housing in the heart of the New Administrative Capital.

  • Lots of green spaces spread with the latest scientific methods
  • Artificial lakes and shrubs give more relaxation within the Park Compound.
  • Many swimming pools with various levels to suit all ages.
  • Areas for barbecue parties and family gatherings to enjoy your time with family and friends.
  • A special track for cycling, running and walking. Penthouse for sale in Park lane
  • Park Lane Compound, the Administrative Capital, has an area designated for restaurants and cafes to serve the most delicious food and drinks. Penthouse for sale in Park Lane New Capital
  • A gym center equipped to the highest level, as well as a spa center and jacuzzi for more relaxation.
    Providing many commercial and administrative units.
  • A private park for each unit, where a private park has been allocated for each unit.
    Security and guarding are deployed at the location throughout the day.
  • Park Lane, the capital’s prime location, which witnesses entertainment attractions.
  • The spread of surveillance cameras throughout the compound.
  • An entertainment area for children that contains many safe games.
  • Continuous cleaning services throughout the day.
  • Maintenance services for the entire project.
  • Plant care services such as cutting trees, weeds, and watering roses.
Penthouse for sale in Park lane new capital

Penthouse for sale in Park lane new capital

The real estate developer of the Park Lane Administrative Capital project

Penthouse for sale in Park lane Al-Attal Real Estate Company was established in 1948 and has achieved great success in the field of real estate investment by offering a wide range of investment projects. One of these projects is Park Lane Compound in the New Administrative Capital. Al-Attal Company implements and develops many real estate projects inside and outside the country. Despite its involvement in various fields, its fame lies in the architectural field due to its strength in contracting, finishing, and iron. Penthouse for sale in Park lane

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