Penthouse for sale in atika new capital | 5 family innovations

Penthouse for sale in atika new capital | 5 family innovations

Penthouse for sale in atika new capital It is a place that embraces the concept of luxury in its ideal form, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a life full of comfort and development. Owning a residential unit in this compound ensures that you achieve an ideal vital balance between happiness and progress. If you are looking for quality of life and excellence, then you should hurry to reserve your unit now and enjoy many wonderful benefits.

Penthouse for sale in atika new capital location

The seventh residential district in the R7 area is ideally located next to the Midtown Sky Compound in the New Administrative Capital. Its modern and comfortable design makes it an ideal destination for living and investment. In addition, the 7th Residential District is also located near Serrano Compound in the New Administrative Capital. The 7th Residential District in the R7 area provides a variety of services and recreational facilities to its residents. From sports fields to beautiful green spaces, there is no doubt that this neighborhood provides an ideal environment for families and individuals alike.Penthouse for sale in atika new capital

The most important places near the compound

  • Ramattan Compound is distinguished by its distinguished location, as it is located directly on an axis parallel to the central axis linking the cathedral to the end of the capital.
  • The project is surrounded by two main streets, which makes it easy for residents to move in and out of the capital easily.
  • Ramtan is a short distance from the Diplomatic Quarter and the Government Quarter, which can be reached in just a few minutes.
  • In addition, the project is close to many of the leading compounds in the capital, such as Sky Capital View Compound, Residence 8, and The Curve.
Penthouse for sale in atika new capital

Penthouse for sale in atika new capital

Area of Penthouse for sale in atika new capital

Penthouse for sale in atika new capital was constructed by New Plan Real Estate Company, which developed it on a huge area, with an area of ​​35 acres, with the buildings and structures divided into a very small percentage of the compound so that the rest of the area can create the largest group of services between swimming pools and green spaces. Restaurants, cafes and clubs.

The spaces within the compound are as follows:

  • There is a one-bedroom apartment of approximately 70 square metres. This apartment features a contemporary design and modern facilities that meet the needs of residents.
  • A two-bedroom apartment, its area is approximately 110 square meters. This unit is characterized by suitable internal division and comfortable spaces for all family members.
  • For a 3-bedroom apartment, its area ranges from 140 square meters to 180 square meters.

Penthouse for sale in atika new capital services

The Attica New Administrative Capital project is distinguished by providing the best amazing services to its residents, as these services are distinguished by their great splendor and uniqueness in their kind. The entertainment services are designed specifically to provide a different and joyful life for customers, making them enjoy and relax in their free time. While basic services were provided to meet all the needs of the compound residents.

One of the most prominent services available within the compound

  • In the Attica project, you will find many large and vast green spaces that extend over the entire area of the compound.
  • The Clubhouse in Attica is designed with the highest level of perfection, and there is a private garage designated for the project’s residents’ private cars.
  • There is an artificial landscape in the Attica Landscape Compound, where the project residents are provided with the utmost comfort and luxury.
  • The swimming pools in Attica are characterized by luxury and sophistication.
  • The compound includes many restaurants and cafes that provide distinguished service and delicious food.
  • There is also a mall within the project that includes the most famous international brands.
  • There is a special track for exercising and cycling, in addition to the largest sports club equipped with the latest equipment.
  • The company provides excellent after-sales service to its customers.
  • The compound includes 24-hour security and guarding systems, in addition to surveillance cameras to ensure the safety of the project residents.
  • In its entirety, the entire Attica provides an ideal environment to live and enjoy all the amenities and luxury.
  • The location of the New Plan project in the New Capital is close to the government district, where it will become the headquarters of major government agencies in the future.
  • The park’s locations are close to vital areas, making the customer easily and conveniently close to everything he needs.
  • Attica Compound in the New Capital is located near the financial and business district, which makes it a unique destination with many banks, companies and stock exchanges.
Penthouse for sale in atika new capital

Penthouse for sale in atika new capital

Penthouse for sale in atika new capital design

Penthouse for sale in Attica New Capital is one of the most prominent luxury real estate projects characterized by its strategic location in the heart of the New Administrative Capital. The compound is characterized by wonderful designs and various spaces for luxury residential apartments that reflect luxury and sophistication. The Atika project is also considered one of the distinguished projects that were designed with great care, as the real estate developer allocated large areas of it for amenities and luxury. The project aims to provide a comfortable environment away from the crowding and crowding that plagues many other cities.

In addition, Attica Compound features a range of luxurious services such as a swimming pool, picnic areas, sports fields, and other recreational facilities that add added value to its residents. The project is designed to provide an ideal environment for living and relaxation, making it an ideal choice for those looking for comfort and tranquility in the center of the capital.Penthouse for sale in atika new capital

Penthouse for sale in atika new capital

Penthouse for sale in atika new capital

Prices of Attica Compound the new administrative capital

Penthouse for sale in atika new capital offers a variety of units at distinctive and amazing prices. These prices are considered very complete, as they cannot be beat due to the unique services and benefits that the project offers. The project development team strives to provide these services with the aim of achieving high well-being and ensuring that as many scholars as possible enjoy a happy life.Penthouse for sale in atika new capital

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Payment and installment systems

The developing company has provided a variety of easy and flexible payment systems to facilitate the reservation and ownership process for its customers. You can now benefit from our special offer that allows you to reserve, you can now achieve the dream of ownership in equal and appropriate installments. This offer comes as part of our efforts to meet your needs and make the purchasing process easier and more convenient for you. Whatever your needs and financial circumstances, we always strive to provide appropriate solutions that meet your aspirations and make the purchasing process an easy and comfortable experience. Contact us today for more information and don’t let a real opportunity like this pass you by.

Penthouse for sale in atika new capital

Penthouse for sale in atika new capital

The company that owns the project and its most important work

New Plan Real Estate Company is the owner of Attica Compound, the New Administrative Capital. The company is considered one of the distinguished and well-known real estate companies, as the Attica project is the company’s second project after its great success in the Serrano project in the same region. The company’s real estate investments exceed the barrier of 2 billion US dollars, and it works in very diverse fields. It is worth noting that the company did not enter the real estate sector until recently. Through the quality of its projects and its great successes, New Plan Real Estate is considered one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development in Egypt.

The most important work carried out by the owner company

  • A group of residential towers in Dubai.
  • Oil companies and shipping vessels.
  • A hotel and some residential buildings in Sharm El Sheikh.
  • Eleven Mall in the Administrative Capital.
  • Serrano Compound in the Administrative Capital.
  • Ecla project in Port Said.
  • Tonino Lamborghini Compound, Administrative Capital.
  • Granvia Mall, New Administrative Capital.
  • Tallah Compound, New Administrative Capital.
  • Penthouse for sale in atika new capital

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