Apartments For Sale in Venia New Capital | 3 Steps Towards Sophistication – Available For Up To 8 Years

Apartments For Sale in Venia New Capital | 3 Steps Towards Sophistication – Available For Up To 8 Years

Apartments for sale in Venia is a residential compound that offers a unique opportunity to live in the New Administrative Capital, which is distinguished by its excellent location and close to the upscale neighborhoods and industrial areas. Vinia also offers unique and distinctive designs with many facilities and services within it.

The Vinia project enjoys a strategic location that makes it close to vital places and prominent landmarks in the Administrative Capital. The project also includes various residential units at competitive prices and flexible payment systems that suit different purchasing capabilities. Join Vinia, the New Capital, and get the opportunity to live in a compound that combines comfort and luxury at special prices and flexible payment capabilities that suit your needs.

Apartments for sale in Venia

Apartments for sale in Venia

Apartments for sale in Venia

The geographical location of any residential complex is vital, which is why the developer implemented its giant project, Vinia, in the heart of the New Administrative Capital. The project is located specifically in the seventh district, R7, on plot D4, surrounded by all service areas, vital neighborhoods, and upscale urban communities. It also enjoys proximity to upscale cities and prominent landmarks.

Besides, the Vinia New Capital project is located in close proximity to the Diplomatic Quarter, making it an ideal place to stay. The compound is not located far from prestigious universities such as the British University, the Russian University, and the Swedish University, as the distance between it and these universities is a short distance that facilitates access. Apartments for sale in Venia

In addition, Viña is distinguished by its direct view of 60-meter-wide streets, which gives the place a special appeal. The distance between the Vinia project, the Green River, and the Central Park is only about 10 minutes, making it a prime location. In addition, it is located near Mohammed bin Zayed Northern Axis and the famous Al Masa Hotel.

Finally, Vinia New Capital is an ideal place to stay thanks to its proximity to famous urban communities such as The City Compound and Revan Compound. With all these landmarks nearby, the Vienna project has an unparalleled strategic location.

The unique features of Vinia New Capital Compound

Apartments for sale in Venia The Venia New Capital residential complex project was implemented in cooperation with a group of experts and the most skilled engineers. The company made great efforts to make it a unique project of its kind and distinct from other projects. It is equipped with a set of high-end features that make it distinct, including:

  • Vienna, the Administrative Capital, is characterized by the highest levels of security, as there are modern surveillance systems in all units, in addition to the presence of well-trained security forces to maintain safety and security.
  • Spacious garages have been designed within the Vienna Compound to provide solutions to the pollution caused by car exhausts, making it capable of accommodating the cars of residents and their guests.
  • The project is distinguished by its prime location in the 7th District, close to many vital places, major cities, and main roads, making it easily accessible from all directions.
  • Vinia Compound includes swimming pools of different depths and sizes, suitable for children and adults and providing high privacy within the project.
  • The residential buildings are surrounded by large green landscape areas, containing gardens and parks that provide a strong feeling of comfort and tranquility for the project’s residents.
    There are artificial lakes with unique designs, located among the green areas with calm crystal waters, which adds beauty to the project.
  • Vinia Compound contains a smart infrastructure that includes all necessary facilities and services such as energy, electricity, gas, sewage, drinking water, and others. Apartments for sale in Venia
Apartments for sale in Venia

Apartments for sale in Venia

Services available within the Vinia New Capital project

  • Apartments for sale in Venia The wonderful facade, distinguished services, and luxurious facilities that the Vinia project enjoys, reflect the developer company’s desire to provide the best experience to its customers and fully meet their needs.
  • In search of quality of life and peace of mind, residents of Vienna, the new capital, can enjoy trails for sports, walking, and practicing various sporting activities away from the hustle and bustle of the city and amidst the charming nature.
  • The project also contains a sports club that includes an integrated field for various sports, in addition to gym units containing the latest sports equipment and equipment to meet the exercise needs of the guests.
  • In order to enhance communication and entertainment, social areas have been allocated within the project containing a range of recreational and cultural activities, in addition to halls for holding meetings and private celebrations. Apartments for sale in Venia
  • In addition to all this, guests in Vienna can enjoy distinctive green places that allow them to practice reading in a quiet and comfortable atmosphere. Apartments for sale in Vienna
    Vinia Compound works to provide everything its residents need in terms of entertainment and services, starting from the food court area, which is equipped with upscale restaurants and cafes, to
  • the various commercial centers and the Kids Area area, which provides many games and entertainment activities for children.
  • Vinia Compound provides excellent cleaning and maintenance services for all units to ensure a comfortable and satisfactory experience for residents. Vinia New Capital Compound is an ideal place to live and enjoy the highest level of comfort and luxury.
Apartments for sale in Venia

Apartments for sale in Venia

Disadvantages of the Vinia New Administrative Capital Compound

Apartments for sale in Venia  The “Vinia” project in the New Capital City is characterized by many facilities and features that make it the focus of attention of many investors and those looking for upscale housing. However, some clients expressed concerns about the condensation of units within the same area, which could impact privacy and comfort. Apartments for sale in Vienna

The company understands these concerns and pays special attention to them, as it ensured the provision of wide separations between the buildings in the project. This measure aims to ensure the privacy and comfort of residents, in addition to enhancing the quality of life in the project in general.

Thanks to this move, customers can enjoy luxurious and comfortable accommodation without having to sacrifice privacy and privacy. Thus, the “Vinia” project appears as a model that achieves the ideal balance between modern equipment and respect for the privacy of residents.

Apartments for sale in Venia

Apartments for sale in Venia

Real estate developer

Apartments for sale in Venia Gates Real Estate Company was established in 1996, and since then it has been working within the Egyptian market to implement many luxury urban projects. Thanks to innovation and creativity, the company has gained extensive experience and has become one of the leading companies in the field of real estate.

One of the most important goals of Gates Real Estate Company is to meet customer needs with utmost precision, and to commit to delivering all units on the specified dates. The company also aims to provide attractive prices and flexible payment systems that suit different purchasing powers. The company’s investments are estimated at 4,000,000 Egyptian pounds.

Among the urban projects implemented by Gates Real Estate Company, which enjoy high investment rates, include:

  • Audaz Mall in the New Administrative Capital.
  • Brave Compound in Sheikh Zayed.
  • Catalan Mall in the Administrative Capital.
  • Westgate Mall, 6th of October.
  • Space Mall in 6th of October.

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