Capital care mall new capital

Capital care mall new capital
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Capital care mall new capital is the only professional medical complex in the new capital and one of the largest medical real estate projects,

It is licensed by the Ministry of Health

And is expected to serve more than 2 million residents.

In addition to you can also find equipment

At different prices in the capital project

The Nursing Department has all the different spaces

Of a medical clinic at the highest level.

Capital care mall new capital

Capital care mall new capital services:

Stores and clinics provided by Capital Care new capital

It will serve most residential areas of the capital.

What distinguishes the Administrative Capital

Of Nursing is that it includes

many well-established medical units sold

In the capital and various regions

In addition to many hospitals and a medical center.

Also the presence of many other services

Such as analytical laboratories

Centers and clinics in the administrative capital

In addition to many other endless services.

Provides services for this huge medical building executed

In accordance with international engineering standards

And licensed by the Egyptian Ministry of Health.

The area of Capital care mall new capital:

Also The Capital Care new capital mall covers

The first medical center in the capital,

In addition to the area of ​​3600 square meters,

This large medical building consists of two garages.

The building has three floors,

Two of which are medical clinics.

Capital care mall new capital mall includes

Approximately 44 medical clinics

In the administrative capital

Also 4 hospitals equipped to the highest level

According to engineering standards set

By the Ministry of Health.

The total area of ​​the clinic for sale

In the new capital ranges from 48 square meters

And 62 square meters, 77 square meters,

152 square meters and 214 square meters.

The area of ​​medical centers and hospitals ranges

From 452 square meters to 2000 square meters.

Specifications of the nursing clinic

In the administrative capital covers

An area of ​​48 square meters

In addition to approved by the Ministry of Health.

The interior design of the clinic is carried out

In accordance with design standards

That meets the quality of medical premises.

A flexible space that allows medical equipment

Also functions to be used in all medical activities.

Separate air conditioning unit

To reduce the spread of infection.

In addition to the patient control room in the clinic

And the corner for preparing drinks.

Wash sinks to prevent the spread of infection,

In addition to restrooms for doctors or patients.

The antibacterial substance

completes the entire clinic.

Also new Administrative Capital of Nursing

Capital Care project services:

Within the administrative capital of Capital Care,

Egypt has established for the first time

A center for radiology and analysis.

Designed to meet international standards

For laboratory design and radiology center,

It features a private entrance

on the main street.

Also there are many pharmacies

In this huge medical building

Which can provide services to all hospitals,

Medical centers

and clinics located in Capital Care.

This huge medical building contains

Many other services, including

Central kitchen –

Central kitchen meeting room –

There is a meeting room

Public waiting area

Waiting area available

Fire protection system

ECO Structure Intelligent System –

Also ECO. Intelligent Structure System

Features of the Capital Care project:

For the first time in Egypt,

There is a professional medical center

(Satellite medical center)

with a private entrance

Capital care mall new capital

overlooks the main street,

In addition to There is

an entrance overlooking

The main street and

an entrance to the square.

You can get a public service membership

In Capital Care Complex

Which includes many services, including:

In addition to Laundry, sterilization of clothes,

Management of medical waste and mortuaries.

There are many engineering, electrical

And mechanical facilities

There are many air conditioning installations

In the Capital Care complex,

Including heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

All elevation and floor plans are designed

To meet a wide range of

medical equipment requirements,

Such as catheterization laboratory, class a surgery,

Dialysis and advanced medical diagnostic equipment.

Capital Health Clinic and its most important features

Are all Capital Health Medical Center clinics

It has private toilets for doctors and patients.

In addition to There are several waiting areas in the clinic.

Each clinic within Capital Care

Also Polyclinic has its own digital panel.

All clinics of the Capital Care Medical

Also Building feature natural light.

Capital Care medical clinics are equipped

In addition to complete materials

Also that meets all international standards

It takes all preventive measures related

In addition to hygiene

And infection control systems.

There are many well-equipped public toilets

Which can meet all requirements

Of patients and disabled visitors.

Capital care mall new capital website:

Also Capital care mall new capital is

Unique in its best location

And the unique among the best neighborhoods

In the New Administrative Capital.

Also it is the residential area R3,

In addition to it is one of the most

Residential neighborhoods in the capital

Which is characterized by a high population density.

It is located near many important residential projects

Such as the residential capital project

Of the Ministry of Housing,

In addition to Urban and Rural Development

And Al-Maqsad Complex Project,

This huge medical building is located

In addition to near many important facilities such as

Canadian Universities, Sports City and Knowledge City,

It includes more than 25,000 housing units.

Its construction will be completed soon,

This will make it the first densely populated area

In the new capital in the coming months.

The Capital Care new capital mall is located

A few minutes away from the Axis of Hope

The Suez Road, the Regional Ring Road

Also the northern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed.

This makes it very easy to visit the site

Of this huge medical building.

Owning company and previous works:

The developer of Capital care mall new capital

Is the Henda Real Estate Development Company

Which cooperates with one of

Also the largest real estate companies

In the United Arab Emirates

(Eye of the World).

The project invested more than 500 million pounds,

Also Capital care mall new capital

is the only medical project.

Its design complies with Ministerial Resolution

Also No. 402 of 2015 on Engineering Standards

For Egyptian hospitals and health facilities.

Hindasa Real Estate Development has always been keen

In addition to turn it into a giant medical building

With comprehensive services.

Capital care mall new capital will be equipped

With the highest level of accuracy

In addition to level of sophistication,

Keeping pace with the modern urban renewal

Of all facilities in the new capital.

Henda Real Estate Company is considered one

Of the most important and leading companies

In the field of real estate marketing and investment,

With more than 15 years of experience.

Also Handaza Company started its activity

In the Egyptian real estate market as a personal activity.

Also later, it became one of

The largest shareholding companies in Egypt.

Its projects have been implemented since 2016.

Xindasa Real Estate Development is known

For its highly trained cadres

Also strong team of management companies,

As well as the diversity of projects

Also very high accuracy.

In addition to the company’s use

Of the largest engineering consultants

To choose the best design

In addition to suits all customers’ requirements,

The company is keen and constantly strives

To meet the needs of customers.

In the Capital Care new capital mall,

Hindasa fulfilled your dream of having the highest clinic

Or a medical hospital in the best location

In the densely populated new capital.

Capital care mall new capital

Prices and payment systems in

Capital care mall new capital:

The prices of medical clinics

In Capital care mall new capital are the best.

This is in comparison to all the services

In this huge and advanced medical building.

It is distinguished by its unique location as

Also it serves the largest residential area

In the New Administrative Capital.

Also the price per square meter starts

For medical clinics

in Capital care mall new capital.

From 42 thousand Egyptian pounds.

Payment and Payment

System Hinza Real Estate

Development offers its customers a variety

In addition to payment and payment methods.

Where can you book your

medical unit from a clinic,

Also medical center or hospital.

10% installment up to 7 years.

Or 15% down payment,

In addition to installments up to 9 years.

Or 20% down payment,

Installments up to 10 years are available.

So do not miss this opportunity to fulfill your dream

Of owning a clinic or medical center

Or a hospital in the only medical complex

In the Administrative Capital that has a license

From the Ministry of Health.

The most prominent services

Of the new administrative capital:

In addition to there is the government district

That combines among the most prominent services,

Pioneer Plaza mall new capital

Like many important official properties,

Also nearly 18 ministerial properties,

In addition to the presence of the Presidential Center

And other presidential buildings in it

Also parliamentary buildings and cabinet buildings,

In addition to all of them enjoy

The latest architectural styles

Also are equipped with

The latest advanced equipment

In addition to the government

district is the most prominent

Among the other districts in the new capital.

Also Universities are available

in the new capital,

There are divisions of a group

Of international universities,

In addition to at

its top is the Canadian University,

Which spreads over an area of ​​thirty acres.

Be designed on the latest models

That mimic international layouts

In addition to there is Paris mall new capital.

It not only provides educational services to its students,

But also provides various activities, such as:

In addition to Sports fields,

Also tennis courts, basketball.

The level of Africa is completely in the new capital,

As it reaches a height of about 345 meters.

In addition to there are a lot

Of residential units and villas

There are many projects that include villas

For sale in the new administrative capital.

In addition to there are houses of worship

The Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque was built

On an area of ​​106 acres

It is considered as one of

In addition to the largest

mosques in the entire world

It has 4 minarets and 21 domes.

In addition to the mosque can accommodate

Approximately 17,000 worshipers.

It is in a similar way that the new capital

Contains the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ

Which is considered one of the

Also largest cathedrals in North Africa and the Gulf

It was built on 15 acres (7,500 square meters)

To accommodate 1,000 people

In addition to the power station is

Available in new capital,

Equipped with all necessary services

Of the sewage network, water, electricity,

In addition to the power station is one of

Also there is Eastside mall new capital

The most necessary services in it.

In addition to it occupies 175 acres at a price of

Approximately 2 billion euros

In addition to it was launched under an agreement

Between the Egyptian Authority

And the German company “Siemens”.

In addition to it is located on the Ain Sokhna road

And has a capacity of about 4800 megawatts.

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