Cairo Medical Center New Cairo

Cairo Medical Center New Cairo
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Cairo Medical Center New Cairo this medical edifice provides the finest medical services, care and attention to clients at the highest level in line with international quality standards.

Cairo Medical Center New Cairo :

The CMC Center’s journey began since its inception in 2017, with a capacity of up to

200 clinics and also specialized centers, as there is a selection of the most skilled and also

the most famous consultant doctors with various specialties,

as well as the trained nursing staff and also qualified to serve patients.

This medical edifice also provides the finest medical services as well as care as well as attention to customers at

the highest level in line with international quality standards,

according to the highest specifications and also the standards allocated in

the medical services sector and also developed for centers as well as complexes.

Information about Cairo Medical Center New Cairo :

Cairo Medical Center Mall, Fifth Settlement, is a full-service medical center in

the Fifth Settlement for all those looking for a suitable place for a medical clinic,

or the establishment of a future project where the mall provides you with all the services and also

the facilities that you may need in order to implement your project in the most vital places in

The Fifth Settlement is close to all services and institutions,

with the highest prices and payment systems that reach several years.

Cairo Medical Center New Cairo

Cairo Medical Center New Cairo location :

CMC Medical Center occupies a privileged location in the heart of

the Fifth Settlement on the North 90th Street,

The commercial center is located on about 6000 square meters behind the Air Hospital – Cairo

Which facilitates the possibility for patients to flock to

the center for treatment because of the ease of transportation and also

the proximity to a variety of services

Cairo Medical Center New Cairo Services :

The CMC Center contains medical clinics as well as the following service units

  • Oasis Specialized Hospital 24 hours a day – minor surgeries
  • Dental Center (Shiny White) _ Dr. Shadi Ali Hussein
  • Dermatology clinics and also laser
  • Eye surgery clinics and cornea transplantation
  • Nose and ear and throat clinics
  • Fat and also thin
  • Laboratory
  • internal clinics
  • Pediatrics and neonatology
  • 24-hour pharmacy services
  • 24 hour coffee shop
  • Commercial International Bank

Cairo Medical Center Units :

It contains a variety of units in order to suit all customers.

Cairo Medical Center New Cairo

Cairo Medical Center New Cairo prices:

The prices of Cairo Medical Center, Fifth Settlement, are among the lowest residential prices in

the real estate field in the New Cairo area,

compared to many services and facilities available within the compound,

which provide a wide range of entertainment and also amenities for

the residents of the compound so that customers enjoy the greatest amount of healthy life as well as comfort As well as luxury.

Payment methods in Cairo Medical Center New Cairo :

The company that owns the project has introduced a distinct set of payment systems in order to suit all customers.

The receipt :

  • Ready for delivery
  • fully finished

The company that owns Cairo Medical Center New Cairo :

Maadi Group is a giant company in the field of real estate development and is keen to maintain its position at

the forefront of companies that apply international architectural standards based on its deep knowledge of

the market and its extensive experience. With most segments of society and diverse tastes,

Maadi Group is characterized by managing its projects by providing after-sales services in order to ensure that all customers’ needs are met after receiving the units,

due to the presence of an engineering department as well as an integrated technician to carry out maintenance and also improve and develop projects on an ongoing basis and

provide security services after delivery to customers by a device Highly efficient administrative

Note that the prices as well as the spaces mentioned in the article are for the first half of 2019, and therefore they are subject to change, and we are keen to update them constantly in order for the customer to be aware of the changes in the real estate market.

Fifth Settlement Location

The Fifth Settlement is one of the areas that fall within the scope of New Cairo,

and is characterized by a distinguished location in the heart of the city near all

the main roads linking the Fifth Settlement area with the neighboring neighborhoods as well as

the various directions within the capital as well as the governorates of the Republic in general,

where the Fifth Settlement surrounds the ring road that Through it,

you can move to all parts of Cairo,

as well as access to highways leading to the various governorates of the Republic.

The Fifth Settlement also borders the NA road that connects it to Nasr City and

the neighboring areas, so people who want to live in

the finest residential neighborhoods and also closed communities without moving away from

the heart of Cairo and its important service,

government and educational landmarks find in the Fifth Settlement the perfect location that meets all their requirements.

Cairo Medical Center New Cairo

Map of the Fifth Settlement

The Fifth Settlement consists of several neighborhoods that contain a bouquet of residential projects in

the Fifth Settlement, which are considered the finest and also the best in terms of architecture and design,

as well as the level of services at the level of Cairo in general,

and we also find many commercial centers that are an important destination for all residents of the region and the surrounding places Rather, visitors come to it from all over the Republic,

such as the huge commercial malls, headed by Cairo Festival City.

Where the Fifth Settlement includes the Downtown area,

which serves as a front for shopping lovers as well as entertainment centers for adults as well as children,

as it includes an integrated area with restaurants and also multiple cafes that offer

the most delicious meals that satisfy all tastes,

and it also contains very large commercial centers as well as administrative centers taken by a larger headquarters Companies across Egypt,

as well as multiple entertainment venues for children.

One of the most important features of

the Fifth Settlement is that it is divided into several classifications in order to suit the various segments of the population. .

Advantages of housing in the Fifth Settlement:

There is an abundance of great features that you can have by living in

the 5th Settlement, since it is closer to the urban nearby cities of Cairo.

Narrow streets, as happens in the 5th Settlement, one of the most landmarks in the place,

which had a good and motivating effect on the turnout of investment and real estate institutions to this place to establish an increase in distinguished businesses,

and thus the demand of buyers and those wishing to settle in the place increased as well.

Cairo Medical Center New Cairo

Cairo Medical Center New Cairo

The 5th Settlement is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Cairo, which is famous for its good reputation for its good planning and the level of infrastructure and services.

The 5th settlement is considered the most important front, which contains with it the large number of malls and commercial centers on an extended level in the place, as is the availability of all recreational and basic services for an integrated and comfortable life.

The foundational structure, services and infrastructure on which the 5th Settlement is built are characterized by development and modernity.

The 5th Compound combines all types of apartments, administrative and commercial with varying spaces in order to suit a variety of needs.

It has plenty of huge malls all over Cairo, such as Cairo Festival Mall, Downtown Mall, especially from entertainment centers such as parks and huge parks such as Family Park, Hyde Park, Magic Planet and Magic Stores.

The 5th Settlement is characterized by its proximity to the most vital methods that connect the parts of Cairo to each other and to the other governorates of the country, such as the Ring Road, the axis of the Field Marshal Tantawi, and the Ain Sukhna Road.

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