Blue vert prices – new administrative capital

Blue vert prices – new administrative capital
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Blue vert prices – new administrative capital was established by the Egyptian Saudi Construction

Corporation, known for its high-end and accurate designs, to allow us the newest integrated

residential real estate project,

To excite our admiration for the quality of the unique and distinctive location selection

and the wonderful designs in high-end residential architecture.

This project includes a variety of residential units from apartments, villas, and various

facilities in payment methods.

Therefore, it is more than just a residential complex that is considered an integrated city

that contains all the luxury services that you wish.

The complex is located in a quiet and lively area next to the important landmarks and facilities,

just 5 minutes away from the Cathedral and near the Al Massa Hotel.

The complex will be precisely at E8 on the Bin Zayed Axis, right in the heart of the R7.

Blue vert New Capital prices and information about it:

Bleu Vert New Capital is one of the largest commercial projects built in the heart of

the New Administrative Capital.

Because it contains many shops, green spaces and amenities by one of the leading real

estate institutions.

Blue vert New Capital Prices is one of the best prices for commercial projects in the New

Administrative Capital.

The project will be on an area of ​​seventy acres and the project has green spaces,

important services and facilities, and the rest is for apartments.

Blue vert prices - new administrative capital

About the real estate outlet and its missed projects:

The Bleu-Vert complex is one of the projects owned by the Saudi Egyptian Commercial

Corporation (SECON),

It is one of the major institutions with long experience in real estate investment projects

since its establishment in 1975.

It is one of the joint projects between the Egyptian State Administration and the Kingdom

of Saudi Arabia with a great capital of one million dollars,

The corporation has implemented many commercial, tourism and real estate projects.

The company’s missed commercial projects include:

  • Founded a good compound, New Cairo.
  • Established a project in Obour City.
  • Founded a project in New Cairo.
  • Established the SECON project in Saudi Arabia.
  • Founded the Dora Assiut project.
  • The Nile Towers were established in Maadi.
  • Founded Damietta Resort project.
  • Established Lake Dream complex.
  • Founded the Alexandria Residence project.
  • Sawari established in New Alexandria.
  • Blue vert prices established the administrative capital and is suitable for everyone.

Location and Blue vert prices – new administrative capital:

It is located in the New Administrative Capital in the heart of the R7 area with the

E8 on the Mohammed bin Zayed axis, next to the many headquarters,

Such as :

  • It is located near IL Bosco and Stella Park.
  • It is next to the Green River and Al Sefarat neighborhood.
  • The prices of the New Capital are available for all investors and tastes.
  • It is located near the government district and Expo City.
  • in addition, It is next to the cathedral and the administrative headquarters.
  • It is located near the Al Massa Hotel and the land of Talaat Mostafa.

Blue vert prices - new administrative capital

Details of the apartments in Blue Vert:

The project was established on an area of ​​seventy acres, divided into villas and residential units.

The project consists of sixty properties or about 1840 housing units of various sizes, ranging

from 150 square meters to two hundred square meters.

There are villas in the project area, as they occupy about sixty% of the project.

While the residential units occupy about forty% of the remaining specialized place for buildings,

The spaces and prices of the New Administrative Capital are as follows:

The areas of the ground floor vary from 150 to 190 square meters.

The areas of the upper floors start from 140 to two hundred square meters.

Blue vert prices - new administrative capital

Services and Blue vert prices – new administrative capital, are as follows:

  • Luxurious apartment designs are available.
  • There are green and similar natural areas.
  • Social club, health club, gym and spa are available.
  • There are children’s places.
  • Nursery available.
  • There are garages.
  • Sports fields are available in large areas dedicated to all sports.
  • There are swimming pools with variable areas to suit adults and youth.
  • BBQ places are available.
  • There is 24-hour security.
  • Artificial lakes and fountains available.

The renewer was keen to put up the abundant amount of prices for apartments within

the framework of the Bleu Vert project as follows:

The meter’s cost starts from 14,000 pounds to 15,000 pounds for fully finished units.

The real estate renewal was keen to provide a large number of payment systems

to suit everyone, as follows:

Available in the Prices of the Administrative Capital, The first payment method

is to pay 5% down payment and another 5% payment after 3 months,

And the rest in equal installments amounting to 7 years.

There is a second payment method by paying ten% as a down payment and the rest in

equal 1/4 annual installments.

5% unit cost payment available as maintenance deposit

The finishing and delivery of units shall be in the year 2022.

Other projects are also of interest (The location of the Blue Vert New Capital project

Bleu Vert New Capital)


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