Bleu Vert New Capital

Bleu Vert New Capital
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Bleu vert new capital The Blue Vert New Capital is located in the Administrative Capital

in a distinct strategic location directly facing the Bin Zayed South Axis.

It will be in front of the government district and Talaat Mostafa land.

in addition, It is located near Stella Park compound.

It is directly near the Green River, so the project does not separate, and the Cathedral of

the Nativity of Christ is only 5 minutes, and it is near the Al-Masa Hotel.

It is located at E8 on the Bin Zayed Axis at once in the heart of the R7, next to

Bosco at once.

A fifty meters studio is available in the most prestigious neighborhoods of the Administrative Capital.

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The engineering plan and design of the Blue Vert New Capital

project – Bleu Vert New Capital:

The design of the Blue Vert New Capital compound is made up of a number of exquisite

buildings to embrace nature.

There are places for entertainment and ample green spaces for children to play safely.

The Blue Vert New Capital project is considered the latest project.

It is located directly on the southern Bin Zayed axis, facing the government district and

the land of Talaat Mustafa.

Bleu Vert New Capital

Services and features of Blue Vert New Capital – Bleu Vert New Capital:

  • There is 24-hour security and guarding
  • Restaurants and cafes are available
  • There are swimming pools for adults and children, and a covered swimming pool for women
  • Available in commercial stores
  • There are administrative offices
  • Clinics available
  • There are x-ray laboratories and analyzes
  • Gymnastic band available
  • There is a Kids Area and a nursery for the children
  • Garages are available
  • There is security and guarding
  • Gardens available
  • There is a shopping mall for shopping and pleasure

Bleu Vert New Capital

Spaces of Blue Vert New Administrative Capital:

The Blue Vert New Capital project is located on an area of ​​seventy acres.

The project consists of 55 buildings, meaning forty% of residential units and 95 villas,

equivalent to sixty% of villas

The Bleu vert project includes layouts with different units of spaces, as it includes:

There are residential units whose areas start from 146 to 211 meters, while small areas

remain fifty and eighty meters

Available villas start from three hundred meters

Delivery and finishing in the New Capital, Blue Vert, will be fully finished, super lux.

The delivery date is available after 2 years from the contract date.

Bleu Vert New Capital

Blue Vert Prices of the Modern Administrative Capital:

Blue Vert New Capital prices are calculated, suitable for investment in the New Capital.

The value of the meter starts from 14% to 15% in EGP

Small spaces are available, starting from 13,900 to 14,500 EGP.

There are units whose price reaches 2,950,000 EGP.

Villas are available with a variety of prices, starting from 4,630,000 EGP.

The implementing commercial facility for the Blue Vert New Capital project

– Bleu Vert New Capital:

The Saudi Egyptian Commercial Corporation for Reconstruction considers this real estate

development edifice to implement the Blue Vert Administrative Capital project.

Which associate with the name of the best commercial and economic real estate projects

since 1957 AD.

It established through the joint Saudi-Egyptian bilateral cooperation between the

Egyptian Ministry of Housing on the one hand.

The capital expenditures are paid through the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Cash Ministry

on the other hand.

And the implementation of nearly fifty urban projects with financial assets estimated

at 318 million dollars.

Previous projects of the Egyptian Foundation, Kingdom of Saudi

Arabia for Reconstruction:

  • Founded the capital, Riyadh.
  • Established Compound Zahrat Al Obour
  • Founded Lake Dream compound
  • It created a compound that will be Damietta Resort.
  • Founded Durrat Assiut Compound.
  • Created Residences Compound.
  • She founded the Blue Vert project, the administrative capital

Payment and installment systems in the New Capital:

  • Ten% down payment is available and equal installments 1/4 annually over 6 years.
  • There is a 7% repair deposit to be paid upon receipt.
  • The percentage of file preservation in housing units is 16%.

Blue Vert services and features:

  • It is located within the E8 area on the Bin Zayed axis immediately, and it will be in

the area of ​​seventy acres.

  • It includes apartments, residential units, and villas.
  • The Blue Vert compound is in a distinctive strategic location directly facing the Bin Zayed South Axis.
  • It is located in front of the government district and Talaat Mostafa land.
  • The designs of the Blue Vert Compound for the buildings are tastefully designed to embrace nature.
  • There is a large green area so children can play safely.
  • As families can play their young children in the open winds without having to go outside from the house.

24-hour security and guarding available

  • There are restaurants and cafes
  • in addition, There cover swimming pools for adults and children, and for women
  • There are commercial stores
  • Administrative offices are available
  • There are clinics
  • A fifty-meter studio is available in the capital, on the Green River, with a provider of 75,000.

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