Blue Vert New Capital

Blue Vert New Capital
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Blue Vert New Capital is one of the new and distinctive cities from other new cities and was

considered as a destination for most institutions to establish great commercial projects,

Which supports bringing residents to it from all parts of the world and thus supports the

standing of the republic and its economy and one of the pioneering institutions in the

field of real estate,

The most important of them are the following:

  • Founded a project in Saudi Arabia in Riyadh.
  • I established the Nile project in Maadi.
  • Founded the Durrat Assiut project in the city of Assiut.
  • I created the dreamland project.
  • Blue Vert New Capital established.
  • It has established many other projects in a large number of new cities, and it is one of

the most projects established by that commercial establishment on the land of

the Administrative Capital.

Blue Vert New Capital

Blue Vert New Capital location:

Blue Fire Compound is characterized by its location in one of the tourist locations within

the Arab Republic of Egypt and is located in the middle of the Administrative Capital.

It is on the outskirts of the Green River and next to the Bin Zayed Axis on the

Cairo-Suez Road and is distinguished by its location near most of the old neighborhoods

within the Administrative Capital.

It is located next to the diplomatic quarter

It is near Al Sefarat neighborhood

in addition, It is located next to the government district

It is near the large number of famous landmarks in the Republic.

It is located next to the Medical City

in addition, It is near the fairground and my city

The foundation that owns the project combined the old and the present, as it combined

the old and the new cultural heritage.

Blue Vert New Capital is one of the most distinctive locations within the New Administrative Capital.

Blue Vert New Capital

Characteristics of apartments within the Blue Vert New

Capital project:

There have been many and different shapes of apartments within the range of Blue Vert

New Capital, including chalets, residential units, and villas.

It was divided into about sixty buildings, and each building contains 7 floors and about

98 villas of all shapes, isolated villas, town villas, and twin house villas.

About twenty% was specified for buildings, and the rest was allocated to green spaces

that give a person a feeling of comfort and reassurance.

To find out more about the abundant amount of details regarding apartments and their prices,

the Blue Fire phone numbers continue with us.

Features and services of the Blue Vert New Capital project:

Blue Vert enjoys a large number of services that help to distinguish and advance them,

and the most important of these features are:

  • There is a large proportion, about eighty% of green areas.
  • There are landscapes that allow one to enjoy the beauty of nature.
  • Swimming pools are located in the Blue Vert area to make it easy for people to enjoy their free time.
  • Entertainment places are available for all ages, whether adults or young people.
  • There are commercial centers, malls, and stores that contain all what one would like to buy.
  • The health field is available as it includes an integrated medical headquarters.
  • There is tight security and security available within 24 hours, so to protect and preserve

the safety of customers, just as the Blue Fair Compound keeps surveillance cameras.

  • All the features, services, and more you can find in the Blue Fire Administrative Capital

project are available

Take the initiative to acquire apartments within that unique residence and lead you and

your family to live an enjoyable, urban life.

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