Bleu Vert New Capital Compound

Bleu Vert New Capital Compound
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Bleu Vert New Capital Compound The project is located on an area of ​​seventy acres in

the heart of the New Administrative Capital and is next to the Green River and distinct vital areas,

It is next to the Al-Masa Hotel, near the embassy district, next to the exhibition district,

near the ministries neighborhood, and next to the airstrip.

The location is located next to the religious monuments, the Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque and the Cathedral.

Available units:

  • Available housing units
  • There is a duplex
  • Standalone villas available
  • There are spaces to start from 190 meters
  • The cost per meter starts from 13,900
  • The apartments are fully finished inside and out
  • The villas shall be finished 1/2 interior and exterior fully finished.

Bleu Vert New Capital Compound

How to pay in the Bleu Vert New Capital Compound:

There are various payment methods in the project, up to 7 years.

The owner of Bleu Vert New Capital Compound :

The commercial establishment, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for Development, will be

“to be” for selling the project, “Bluefir Compound, Blue Vert, the administrative capital.”

Doctor Abdulrahman Al-Harkan, Chairman of the Foundation Council, stated in a sermon

that the project is being built on seventy feddans in the new administrative capital.

I got above them the institution in the framework of the first IPOs of the administrative capital.

The reasons for the total investment projects of the project reach ten billion pounds

during the amendment periods,

The Commercial Corporation has guaranteed its recent investments in the Arab Republic of Egypt

to the Administrative Capital project, as one of the most prominent urban and investment

projects commissioned and attracting capital.

Engineer Mohamed El-Taher, CEO of the company, stated that the corporation had entered

the new administrative capital project.

Its investments have grown in modern cities in the north and south of the Arab Republic of Egypt,

and the corporation has various residential commercial projects on the new cities.

Al-Taher explained that the Foundation has increased an integrated housing project in New Cairo

with an area of ​​68 acres, and a project in the New Assiut town on an area of ​​13.5 acres.

Bleu Vert New Capital Compound

in addition :-

A tourism residential project in Damietta on an area of ​​17.7 acres, and the commercial

establishment contracted with Hilton International to manage a hotel within the scope of the project.

It consists of 110 halls and suites, in addition to the Nile Towers project, which is composed

of two towers, an increase of 23 floors, each of which is the hotel,

The other tower will be a compound of 190 amazing housing units on the Nile.

Mohamed Abdel Hafez, Director of Sales Sector, stated that the Compound Blue Vert project,

the administrative capital, combines two thousand different wonderful residential units.

Available residential units, penthouses, twin houses, villas, duplexes, and various spaces to meet

all investors’ needs.

Which has precedent projects in various regions of the Arab Republic of Egypt, such as:

  • Founded Jayd New Cairo Compound, Riyadh
  • Established Nile Towers
  • Founded buildings of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for intelligence
  • New Alexandria masts were built

Features and services in Blue Vert New Capital:

The design of the Blue Vert New Capital project is characterized by combining abundant green areas

to take care of the environmental aspect and building facades inlaid with blue.

The project enjoys the flow of movement within the project, and the project contains 4 basic

gates to facilitate movement to reach any point in the project

  • There is 24-hour security and guarding
  • Monitoring cameras available
  • There are 5 ports
  • Green spaces available
  • There is a landscape
  • Available Kids Area fully insured
  • There is a gymnasium
  • in addition, There are restaurants and cafes in the New Capital, Blue Vert
  • There are pharmacies that operate 24 hours

Bleu Vert New Capital Compound

The location of the Bleu Vert New Capital Compound:

The location locate in the presence of the mall on the axis of Mohammed bin Zayed,

which is in the south

A social club is available, and the area of ​​the villas has been isolated from the place of buildings,

with great streets supported by abundant trees, just as green areas have been installed to

overlook the highest buildings.

Next to the abundant number of areas within the Administrative Capital:

  • It is by the green river
  • It is located near the Al Massa Hotel
  • in addition, It is next to the embassy district
  • It is located near the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ
  • Be next to Il Bosco immediately
  • It is located near the Suez Road and the local ring.

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