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The Anakaji Project New Capital Administrative Project is rated as one of the best housing projects launched by Aqar Misr Company, due to the project’s ability to combine magic, civilization, ancient heritage and a picturesque modern touch. The character taken from the Nubia countries in southern Egypt, which is characterized by a high taste, moreover, the prices of the Anakaji compound are very suitable for treatment compared to the services and design.

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Prices and payment plans:

One of the many residential projects in the new administrative capital is the apartments prices of anakaji compound apartments.

It can be said with confidence that it is suitable for a wide base of excellence, sophistication and residential projects characterized by artistic creativity.

This is in response to some of the rumors that confirmed that the prices of the new administrative capital units are beyond everyone’s ability.

The prices of the Anakage project, the administrative capital, broke all the rules and shattered all the wrong numbers and gossip.

Especially when making a small comparison between the price per square meter inside the Anakage project, the administrative capital, and the many services it contains, which have been distributed in parallel within the compound.

Apartments Prices in anakaji

  • Price per square meter in Anakaji, the capital, starts from EGP 10.240, semi finished
  • It is a very fair price according to all these services and designs that show the beautiful Nubian character of Nubia.
  • The heart of Upper Egypt, in the Anakaji Capital Administrative Project, you may find the effect of those countries in which people with dark skin and white hearts live.
  • We find the extent of originality in the construction of buildings and the extent of the tradition that the designers and engineers took into account in establishing the project.
  • Where the Anakaji project, the administrative capital, is one of the first residential projects that combine civilization, heritage and modern touch.
  • In addition to enjoying Anakaji new capital, the wonderful view, where the spread of green spaces that give a state of comfort in the soul.
  •  also distributing critical services and facilities throughout the Anakaji project, the administrative capital, in a way that prevents its residents from leaving it.
  • In order to meet their needs and the requirements of their family, whether basic or recreational, to take a walk and take a rest.

كمبوند اناكاجي العاصمة الادارية الجديدة

Payment Plans for Anakaji Apartments

In addition to the reasonable prices of the Anakaji capital project, the company also took into account the development of payment systems for the project.

To be easy and easy, in order to make it easier for customers to bear the burden of paying the entire amount in one payment.

This makes Anakaji compound new capital, one of the most important and best modern housing projects that were recently established. The payment system is as follows:

  • 10% down payment in advance, another 10% shall be paid upon delivery, and the rest by installments for 10 years.
    The project delivery will be in 2022.

كمبوند اناكاجي العاصمة الادارية الجديدة

Anakaji Compound location:

  • The owner and executing company of the Anakaji Capital Administrative Project considered that its location is very distinctive.
  • This matter is followed in this company in all its previous residential projects, as the location is the title of the project and the first thing the customer asks about.
  • Anakaji compound new capital location is distinguished as well as its close proximity to the most important vital areas, which may make the project site more distinct than others.
  • Anakaji is the administrative capital of the eighth residential district, R8, a lively residential neighborhood.

Among the most prominent features of the Anakaji Capital Project Location are:

  • The project is adjacent to the most vital neighborhood, the diplomatic quarter, which has a large number of embassies.
  • The facades of the Anakaji Administrative Capital project also overlook the green river that extends along the compound.
  • This green river is one of the largest central parks on the world level, not just the Egyptian.
  • In addition, the location of the new project of aqar misr that faces the government neighborhood.
  • This government quarter contains a number of ministries and government bodies in addition to the Presidential Palace and the Opera House.
  • Among the most important things in the government district is the Al Masa Hotel, which is one of the most famous hotels on the international level.
  • The compound overlooks two streets, one of which is 80 meters wide and the other 60 square meters wide
  • As for the width of the project, it is 160 meters, and its length is 600 square meters.

The word Anakaji was chosen for the Anakaji AQAR MISR project because it means my home, which makes the customer feel love and warmth towards his housing unit.

In addition to the feeling of the Nubia spring in all designs of Anakaji compound new capital.

When announcing the reservation date of Anakaji Apartments, he rushed to win one of the housing units of the Anakaji Administrative Capital project.

Anakaji compound new capital

Anakaji project new capital Services And Units Spaces:

  • The project has a large number of vital vital services and facilities, which have been distributed in parallel throughout it.
  • This is in order to meet the needs of the residents, including food, drink, clothing and entertainment, which also makes them indispensable to leave the compound.
  • In addition to the relaxing atmosphere witnessed in the streets of the Anakaji project, the administrative capital, as well as calm and sophistication.
  • The project also contains 10 buildings cluster, which is about 800 housing units, the completion of the establishment of 322 units.
  • In the first stage of the project, services were distributed along the compound.

Anakaji new Capital Project Services :

There is no room for mentioning the total defects of the Anakaji compound. Among the most important services available in the Anakaji project, the administrative capital, are:

  • The green areas occupy the largest percentage of the total area of ​​the Anakaji project, the administrative capital.
  • The Commander was built to have two entrances, for the convenience of customers during entry and exit, to prevent crowding.
  • Security and protection facilities were also provided inside the compound through the deployment of security and guard personnel throughout the 24 hours.
  • A large supermarket was also provided, in the middle of the Anakaji project, the administrative capital, with many important food commodities.
  • In addition to the presence of a number of shops, which are located inside the commercial areas and which are home to the most famous international brands.
  • Other spaces are devoted to establishing the most popular restaurants that serve the best hot meals.
  • In addition to establishing the best cafes next to these restaurants for the family’s excursion.

Anakaji new Capital Project Facilities :

  • Also, special garages were allocated for cars of the residents of the Anakaji Capital Administrative Project in order to park their cars in it and not park it in the roads.
  • In order to achieve the highest and the highest levels of luxury, a large size Club House was provided.
  • In addition to the presence of the office and a large cultural center.
  • A large bakery has been established, serving delicious fresh pastries.
  • In addition to having a large pharmacy, it was provided with many important drugs.
  • There is also a large-size laundry in order to care for the clothes of the residents of the Anakaji Capital Administrative Project
  • In addition to providing international schools, it is equipped with the highest level of efficiency.


Anakaji new capital, apartments Spaces

  • As for the areas of Anakaji compound apartments, they are varied and different to suit the largest number of clients and the number of their family members.
  • The housing units themselves varied between apartments of reasonable size and luxury apartments.
  • In addition to the availability of duplex apartments for lovers of discrimination and difference, as well as the presence of the penthouse.
  • All of these units have varying and varying sizes in order to satisfy the largest customer base.
  • The areas of these residential units vary from 106 square meters to 319 square meters.
  • As for the total area of ​​the project, an area of ​​20 acres was allocated for its establishment, and the green areas and services occupied the largest percentage, which is about 81%.
  • While the proportion of buildings and residential facilities occupied only about 19%, with the aim of reducing the proportion of population density.

The owner of Anakaji project new capital background and previous Projects:

  • The establishment of the Anakaji Administrative Capital project dates back to Aqar Misr Real Estate Development Company, and this company was newly established.
  • It is a joint stock company, and it consists of a large number of contracting and real estate investors as well.
  • Despite being modern, she excelled in proving her skill in front of many competing real estate companies in the same field.
  • This is due to its dependence on the elite of the most important, well-known and most skilled engineers in this field.
  • The Anakaji Capital Project is not considered the first of its administrative projects. Rather, it excels in several housing projects before it.
  • Especially in Upper Egypt and within Cairo Governorate in addition to the North Coast.
  • In all its projects, there is a clear expression of taste, simplicity, distinctive design and carefully selected sites.
  • After that, she went on to establish her first projects in the new administrative capital, the heart of Egypt, the new thief.

Among the most important previous projects of the company are:

  • The company built 30% of the towers in Assiut Governorate.
  • It also built many buildings in Fifth Avenue and Heliopolis.
  • it also built 25 villas at the Marassi project located on the northern coast.
  • The company established Fences and Entrances and Land Scape Mivida Project.
  • Establishing about 23 buildings in Compound Stone Residence

All of this raises the curiosity inside you to see the Anakaji project, the administrative capital, closely and on the ground.

You will surely be amazed that the words describe only a few, so if you see green spaces, services and building designs.

Inevitably, you will take the initiative to reserve your apartment unit without thinking long about this, to be one of the winners of this opportunity, whether to live in it or to invest in it.


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